PLOT: 3.5/5
CLIMAX: 3.5/5

It had been quite a long time since I had read a decent chick-lit book. So when a request to read “It Must’ve Been Something He Wrote” in exchange for an honest review came, I was totally in for it.

The reason – the title and the cover. They are both catchy and appealing while at the same time they also project a feel of fun and frolic.

Just like the cover, the book too is a perfect blend of chick lit, romance and humour. Now, what more can a reader want?

“It Must’ve Been Something He Wrote” is about a young literary buff Amruta Adarkar (or Ruta as she is lovingly called by one and all).

Amruta who is a literature graduate finds herself a job in the prestigious publishing house PH. While Ruta is still coming to terms with her new life and the new job, she comes across Jishnu Guha, a cheesy romance writer who writes exactly the kind of novels which Ruta hates.

But as luck would have it, both Ruta and Jishnu frequently cross paths and Ruta has no choice but to bear with him.

So what has fate in store for both of them? Will Ruta ever be able to love Jishnu’s writing? Will Ruta mellow down in front of her boss M? Or will she fight back and prove her mettle? And what about Ruta’s other interests? Will her love for writing take a back seat?

To know this and much more read this roller coaster of a novel today.

I simply adored Nikita’s writing style because as already stated it is full of fun, life and humour. Nikita Deshpande blends the three elements – humour, romance and chick-lit in the right doses.

The story, unlike many other contemporary romance stories, (which are based in the same office, college, school settings) is based in a publishing industry setting and as I was venturing further into this cove of unrestricted wit and hilarity, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the ways of today’s Indian publishing industry.

The characters are all adorable. Ruta is an absolute doll and so is Jish (well, not exactly a doll).

Even his supposed attempts at glamour (his constantly stirring his perpetually gelled hair, his obsessive love for selfies etc) comes out as cute and endearing.

Seeing Jish from Ruta’s eyes will make you laugh to no end. Even I could not stop myself from giggling every now and then.

I also loved Jyo and Bunts – they make one fierce and unstoppable couple, not to mention the fact that they are the ultimate epitome of exactly how one’s best friends should be.

“It Must’ve Been Something He Wrote” is neither lengthy nor short and it is sometimes hard to believe that this is indeed Nikita’s first novel.

The story moves at a perfect pace throughout the book. It starts out brilliantly, maintains the pace in the middle part and ends perfectly. It is neither too mushy nor erotic. In other words, it is just perfect.

I definitely see Nikita as having great potential as a writer and simply cannot wait to read the next book from her kitty.

In the end, I rate “It Must’ve Been Something He Wrote” four out of five stars while recommending it to all my readers.

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