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Late Blight in the Koʻolaus Book Review

Late Blight in the Koʻolaus | Jordan P. Barnes | Book Review

Step into Avery’s world in “Late Blight in the Koʻolaus,” where his mental health journey intertwines with life’s unpredictable turns. As he faces the challenges of a sober home, the narrative becomes deeply personal, urging readers to empathize and contemplate. Jordan P. Barnes weaves a must-read tapestry, rich with Hawaiian imagery and global relevance, encouraging us to reflect on our own understanding of mental health.

Human Acts Han Kang Review

Human Acts | Han Kang | Book Review

In ‘Human Acts,’ the poignant aftermath of Gwangju’s 1980 uprising unfolds in visceral tales of survival and loss. Dong Ho’s mother grapples with profound grief, prisoners endure unspeakable tortures, a publisher confronts relentless censorship, and a lost soul seeks solace. Interwoven narratives expose the enduring scars etched by rebellion, painting a haunting portrait of resilience and the human spirit.

Dark Star by Ranbir Sidhu Book Review

Dark Star | Ranbir Sidhu | Book Review

“Dark Star” unveils the silent struggles of a gifted woman in Punjab, shackled by a lifetime of male dominance. Once cherished for her psychic sight, she now lies alone, powerless, and forgotten, yearning to share her untold stories before the shadows of her past consume her. A tale of resilience and lost dreams.

Lallan Sweets by Srishti Chaudhary Book Review

Lallan Sweets | Srishti Chaudhary | Book Review

Lallan Sweets intertwines the ordinary and extraordinary in Siyaka. Tara’s pursuit of a sweet secret unravels love and purpose. Nikku’s escape from Bangalore’s monotony becomes a journey of self-discovery. Within a small town’s sweet shop, an extraordinary tale emerges—of ingredients, desires, and the sweet surprises life offers.

Veronika Decides to Die Paulo Coelho Book

Veronika Decides to Die | Paulo Coelho | Book Review

In “Veronika Decides to Die,” Veronika’s life takes a dramatic turn when her suicide attempt lands her in a mental hospital. Facing imminent death, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery, finding unexpected connections and love among her fellow patients. As she delves into their unique stories, Veronika gains new perspectives on life’s meaning. A tale of resilience, love, and the profound impact of human connection, this novel inspires us to embrace the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Dirty Laundry by Disha Bose Review

Dirty Laundry | Disha Bose | Book Review

Unveil the secrets lurking behind the pristine façades of ‘Dirty Laundry.’ In this gripping narrative, even the seemingly insignificant characters harbor concealed truths, as a shocking murder disrupts their perfect lives. Meet Ciara, the neighborhood’s Queen Bee, Lauren, the unpretentious mother, and Mishti, the fish out of water, as they grapple with the complexities of motherhood, marriage, and scandal. Get ready for a whirlwind of suspense and revelations in this tale of unraveling lives.

Marriages are Made in Kitchen Tanvi Sinha Book Review

Marriages are Made in Kitchen | Tanvi Sinha | Book Review

“Marriages are Made in Kitchen” sets the stage for a thrilling journey! Medhavi rejects the idea that cooking defines her, while Akash couldn’t care less. Their arranged marriage faces a daunting test during a virus outbreak and lockdown, with no household help. Will love conquer the pandemic’s challenges? This tale explores the essence of companionship and the strength of a relationship in the face of an unexpected pandemic.

Now You See Us Balli Kaur Jaswal Book Review

Now You See Us | Balli Kaur Jaswal | Book Review

Dive into the vibrant world of “Now You See Us” by Balli Kaur Jaswal. In the bustling city of Singapore, Cora, Donita, and Angel, Filipino domestic workers, navigate complex lives. Cora conceals her past, Donita defies her demanding boss, and Angel grapples with a breakup. Together, they form an extraordinary friendship, embarking on a mission to uncover the secrets hidden within Singapore’s elite. Join their captivating journey into a world of intrigue and resilience.

The Play of Justice Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary Book

The Play of Justice | Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary | Book Review

The heart of this tale is what ignites your passion! Bursting at the seams with compelling and charismatic characters, their enigmatic motives and rich backstories, all served up in a tantalizing blend of full-throttle masala entertainment, this book is an absolute gem. The Play of Justice is a captivating entertainer that’s practically begging to hit the big screen—whether as a blockbuster movie or a binge-worthy web series. The narrative is an intoxicating mix of elements that’ll keep readers glued to their screens.

Influential Amara Sage Book Review

Influential | Amara Sage | Book Review

Almond Brown, a mixed-race teen, lives a life under constant social media scrutiny, initially through her mom’s posts, and now featuring her vegan lifestyle. This fame brings rewards but leaves Almond discontent. She never chose it, and it alienates her from friends, fuels anxiety and insecurity. As internet threats grow, she contemplates a clean break, but real-life friends hold the key to her rescue if she realizes it.

Strange Weather in Tokyo Hiromi Kawakami Review

Strange Weather in Tokyo | Hiromi Kawakami | Book Review

Strange Weather in Tokyo follows Tsukiko’s unexpected encounter with her former high school teacher at a sake bar. Their meetings persist, marked by conversations, edamame, cold beer, and a remarkable trip to the mountains for wild mushrooms. As seasons shift, their connection transcends companionship. Amidst spring and autumn, Tsukiko realizes the profound and meaningful solace she finds in Sensei’s company, leading to an evolving bond that defies expectations.

Karan Kakkad Ke Karnamey Anuj Tikku Book

Karan Kakkad Ke Karnamey | Anuj Tikku | Book Review

Once again, the renowned author returns, bringing with him a new true crime novel centered around the infamous serial killer Vijay Palande.
This latest installment, cleverly titled the “Yes Sir I Killed My Dad tetralogy”, aims to emphasize the brevity of each of its three books.
Among this list of gripping reads, “Karan Kakkad Ke Karnamey” takes its place as the third entry, accompanied by “Hanging Palande” and “Kumbharli Ghat Ke Kankal.”