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Heartstopper Alice Oseman Book Review

Heartstopper | Alice Oseman | Book Review

Embark on the poignant journey of “Heartstopper,” where Charlie and Nick navigate love, friendship, and self-discovery. This graphic novel series beautifully explores the complexities of adolescence, offering a compelling narrative and stunning illustrations that captivate the reader from start to finish. A must-read for anyone seeking a heartfelt story.

Five Survive by Holly Jackson Book Review

Five Survive | Holly Jackson | Book Review

“In ‘Five Survive,’ six acquaintances set out on a 31-foot RV journey from Philadelphia to Gulf Shores for Spring Break. When they lose phone service and take a wrong turn, they become unwitting pawns in a deadly game orchestrated by a hidden killer, facing an uncertain fight for survival.”

Influential Amara Sage Book Review

Influential | Amara Sage | Book Review

Almond Brown, a mixed-race teen, lives a life under constant social media scrutiny, initially through her mom’s posts, and now featuring her vegan lifestyle. This fame brings rewards but leaves Almond discontent. She never chose it, and it alienates her from friends, fuels anxiety and insecurity. As internet threats grow, she contemplates a clean break, but real-life friends hold the key to her rescue if she realizes it.

Never Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher Book Review

Never Never | Collen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher | Book Review

Charlie Wynwood and Silas Nash, once close friends turned something more in high school, experienced a sudden memory wipe, leaving them disoriented and lost. They were alone in this peculiar predicament, their memories vanishing simultaneously. Despite brief recollections, their memories would reset every 48 hours. In their quest for answers, they must swiftly reconstruct their past and confront the hidden secrets that tore them apart, racing against time for the truth.

Delirium Lauren Oliver Book

Delirium | Lauren Oliver | Book Review

There was once a time when love was considered to be a good thing. It was welcomed and celebrated. But that was until the scientists found its cure. Earlier people never understood the dangers of love. The disasters that it brings and the way it controls your entire being. This love – a deliria – offers no respite, no hope for those who are inflicted. But things have changed now. Scientists have finally found the cure for love. All the residents of the United States are encouraged, or more so compelled to take the cure when they turn eighteen.

With the Fire on High by Elizabeth Acevedo Book

With the Fire on High | Elizabeth Acevedo | Book Review

Emoni Santiago’s life has been anything but easy. A high school senior now, her struggles seem to never end. Getting pregnant in high school, raising a daughter with her grandma’s help, and juggling school and work have pushed her ambitions into the backseat. But no matter how tough the going gets, she knows that what needs to be done needs to be done. Now, an opportunity is knocking at her door, and she has to gather the courage to fight for her dreams, set the fire on high, and start cooking.

The Do-Over by Lynn Painter Book Review

The Do-Over | Lynn Painter | Book Review

Emilie Hornby is your regular teenager with regular problems. When things go horribly wrong on a particular Valentine’s Day – what with her catching her boyfriend cheating on her, being delivered heart-shattering news on the home front, and being told that she actually did not make it to the scholarship that she had been looking forward to – things could hardly go any more downhill. So, when the day is finally over, she is glad that it is. Except, it isn’t.

A Good Girl's Guide to Murder Holly Jackson Book Review

A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder | Holly Jackson | Book Review

Five years ago, a school girl named Andie Bell was murdered. The police and the town knows that the killer is Sal. But not Pippa, she believes there is more to the story than meets the eye. The real killer is still out there, living his normal life, but as Pip comes closer to the truth, something or someone is spelling danger for her. A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is a YA mystery/thriller that should not be missed. Not in any circumstances.

We Were Liars by E Lockhart Book

We Were Liars | E. Lockhart | Book Review

The Sinclairs are an ideal family, a well-respected and celebrated family who are not just wealthy but also perfect in every way possible. Each summer the family spends time on their private island. But on the 15th summer year, something happens to Candence, an accident that results in her memory loss. This is the story of a friendship that turns cataclysmic, of relations that become ruinous.

Mystiq Lynk by Abhishek S Malve Book Review

Mystiq Lynk | Abhishek S Malve | Book Review

If it is to be described in a single sentence, then the narrative of Mystiq Lynk brings two very different worlds together. The eerie atmosphere of the plot is hard to decipher, full of suspense, and always keeps the reader on the edge. The narrative plays on the emotions of the reader by spreading the feeling of fear, terror, and suspense and concealing a lot to reveal only that which cannot be easily guessed.

The Upside of Falling by Alex Light

The Upside of Falling | Alex Light | Book Review

Becca is seventeen and a nerd. After her parents’ messy divorce and her dad’s estrangement, her belief in love and dating is gone. Brett is one of those popular guys. Dashing, charming, captain of the football team, whom everyone wants to be friends with. When he overhears Becca’s conversation about a mystery guy, he decides to jump in, and reveal himself as that mystery guy.