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8 Rules of Love by Jay Shetty Book Review

8 Rules of Love | Jay Shetty | Book Review

In ‘8 Rules of Love,’ inspired by Vedic principles and texts, the author blends ancient wisdom with modern insights. Drawing from the rich heritage of Vedic philosophy, readers discover timeless truths about love, relationships, and self-discovery. Explore profound teachings that resonate across cultures and generations.

Reflections A Collection of 5 Minute Essays Uma Rajagopal Book Review

Reflections: A Collection of 5 Minute Essays | Uma Rajagopal | Book Review

Within the pages of ‘Reflections: A Collection of 5-Minute Essays’ by Uma Rajagopal, readers embark on a poignant journey through the author’s life experiences. Focusing on themes of motherhood and womanhood, this book offers universal insights, encouraging us all to embrace life’s ups and downs and find our passions. With relatable anecdotes and a personal touch, it’s a heartwarming, thought-provoking read, celebrating the beauty of life’s small moments and the power of self-discovery.

Wide Canvas Anil Annaiah Book

Wide Canvas | Anil Annaiah | Book Review

In “Wide Canvas” by Anil Annaiah, simplicity takes center stage, echoing the timeless adage that it is the pinnacle of sophistication. This book’s elegant prose captivates, as the author’s thoughts are etched onto its pages, ready to sprout seeds of inspiration within readers’ minds. With a blend of simplicity and sophistication, Annaiah’s work becomes a fertile ground where ideas find root and flourish.

The Peace Approach Alok Tripathi Book

The Peace Approach | Alok Tripathi | Book Review

Happiness, an elusive concept, seems to slip away the harder we strive for it. However, the solution lies not in ceaseless pursuit, but rather in comprehending it from within ourselves, in the small joys that enrich our everyday existence.
Coincidentally, this is precisely the objective of my recent read, “The Peace Approach” by Alok Tripathi. The book aspires to help us grasp the essence of happiness and incorporate its practice into our daily lives.

Energize Your Mind Gaur Gopal Das Book

Energize Your Mind | Gaur Gopal Das | Book Review

A best-seller as soon as it was released and noted as a ‘must read’ by Jay Shetty, this book is a way to a whole new outlook towards life, facing challenges, and getting in touch with the inner energy and power of our mind that will help us to achieve greater control. The theme of the book revolves around the individual mind and its myriad possibilities, capacity, and abilities.

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran Book

The Prophet | Kahlil Gibran | Book Review

Inspired by the long tradition of Oriental mysticism and philosophical monotheism, The Prophet is Lebanese-American writer Kahlil Gibran’s magnum opus. He was also an artist and a poet who gained international repute through the depth of his creations that rattle the soul and evoke spiritual awakening.
The Prophet is crisp yet profound with terse and compact anecdotal sayings. At the core of this book is wisdom that is enriching because of a deep understanding of life and human nature

How to Write a Book in 8 Days by Priya Kumar Book Review

How to Write a Book In 8 Days | Priya Kumar | Book Review

Divided into ten chapters, How to Write a Book In 8 Days explains the process of writing a book, right from the most basic level to the most advanced form. The book also goes on to mention the tough world of publishing and lists out in-detail steps on how to find a good publisher, a short but effective analysis of self-publishing, and other critical and hidden aspects of publishing in detail.

Chrysalis 101 Anecdotal Stories by Sanjay Lohani Book Review

Chrysalis – 101 Anecdotal Stories | Sanjay Lohani | Book Review

In a world that is constantly changing at an ever-increasing pace, it is imperative that we change and this need for growth-oriented change cannot be better explained than through the author’s own words,
“Sometimes we are stuck in a rut, not being able to evolve to the next state despite commitment, intention, and lots of hard work. We perhaps do not yet have the awareness, capacity, or the skill set to move to the next level.”

The Art of War by Sun Tzu Book

The Art of War | Sun Tzu | Book Review

Meticulously written with old takes on an otherwise contentious topic like war, written to highlight the multi-dimensional implications of its central topic, The Art of War is an ancient Chinese text which is better termed a treatise written by Sun Tzu, who was a 6th-century warrior philosopher. Terse, crisp, and epigrammatic, the teachings of this text remain utterly significant, relatable, and relevant to modern-day readers.

When Women Lead by Julia Boorstin Book Review

When Women Lead | Julia Boorstin | Book Review

Julia Boorstin, the author of When Women Lead, has herself worked in a highly power-imbalanced environment as a reporter at CNBC. For this book, she interviewed various women in business about the discrimination they faced and how their leadership changed things. Workplace discrimination is not limited to the boardroom alone; it is in fact the reflection of the pervading gender norms in the world.

Live Before Yiou Die by Neeraj Rai Book

Live Before You Die | Neeraj Rai | Book Review

With its novel concept, simple writing, motivating and deeply reflective content, Live Before You Die is a must-read recommendation for every reader who is willing to grow and motivate himself. It is meant for every one who is on a quest for self-discovery and self-betterment.

How to Become Rich by Devdutt Pattanaik Book

How To Become Rich | Devdutt Pattanaik | Book Review

In the book, How To Become Rich, the author Devdutt Pattanaik, has written about twelve indispensable lessons that he has learned from Vedic and Puranic stories. This book is for everyone who is always curious to know about wealth and how to earn it. These lessons must be taught to children so that the world becomes more aware of the right ways to become wealthy.