SUBJECT: 3.5/5

Although writing a book is not just about skill and more about a will to share a story or a lesson through words. But if something is done professionally, then it has an evident impact on the minds of people. More so, when the said thing is done with the intent to bring about a positive change in the world.

And this is exactly what we witness in Priya Kumar’s How to Write a Book In 8 Days. Divided into ten chapters, the author explains the process of writing a book, right from the most basic level to the most advanced form.

How to Write a Book In 8 Days is full of many practical and useful tips and the author interestingly shares these tips. She has written about writing in-depth, right from learning the language, being a reader, and such early aspects of writing a book, in the first chapter of the book.

The second chapter is about telling the reader who is reading the book and is willing to write a book, that every book has a hidden and often untapped potential of becoming a bestseller. She also explains how everyone is a character and how a stage is supposed to be built.

The book is not just meant for those who wish to write a book but is also for someone who wants to write just for passion and not to publish. It is here that the author pens some passionate and heartfelt advice for budding writers.

With plenty of personal experiences and opinions about writing and publishing a book, Priya writes with utmost honesty about the entire process especially the process of publishing, which is where most budding and aspiring writers become clueless and directionless. All the tips mentioned therein are meant as guiding steps for such readers and aspirants.

Further, sound tips and advice about how to make the book a bestseller is also mentioned in great detail.

For those ready to take the leap of faith and dive right into the writing process, the book comes with a small set of warnings and advice. For most people, sleep would be the first barrier in the writing process, but after steady practice and a determined mindset, the writing would flow uninhibited in such a way that one can easily accomplish writing a book in just eight days.

The writing style is lucid and the pace is gripping which makes the book both interesting as well as informative. The rest of the text is aptly complemented with short relatable quotes that turn out to be a good source of motivation and inspiration.

Another chapter talks about starting anytime, anywhere, and is mostly intended to motivate you to finish what you started. This particular chapter is striking because of its use of few but powerful words that go a long way in bringing about a sense of purpose and direction. Not just that, but how to write everything in the most amazing and fun manner is also a part of the content.

One of the most crucial pieces of advice that one comes across is about a zone that most authors find difficult to navigate. This is finding, identifying, and most importantly protecting one’s own creative zone. For it is easy to be influenced by external influences but what should really matter is staying true to your originality.

The book also goes on to mention the tough world of publishing and lists out in-detail steps on how to find a good publisher, a short but effective analysis of self-publishing, and other critical and hidden aspects of publishing in detail.

Apart from tips on becoming a professional writer and writing a book in just eight days, the author has included information that would be of great help to individuals in all aspects of life and all professions. 

As the author is a motivational speaker, her charms and skills as a motivational speaker also find a way into her book. The text is full of wisdom and courageous pieces of advice.

For those people who wish to write a book, and are clueless about how to get on with the process, this book would prove to be a sure gem. The author has approached factual and realistic facts and experiences and has done it impressively.

To sum it up, Priya Kumar is the epitome of positivity. As a learner, listening to her feels magical and motivational. It won’t be too farfetched to call her a magician, for she is a magician with her words. 

Needless to state, How to Write a Book In 8 Days is an amazing read and whoever chances upon it would surely have a lot to learn from the practical tips, suggestions, and lessons that the book is full of. Not just that, reading the book would also bring about an awareness of how to become a wonderful human being.

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