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Are you looking for some good Paranormal and Indian Horror books to read? bookGeeks has one of the largest collection of reviews of Indian Horror Books and Novels written by authors like Ruskin Bond, Indra Das and Manish Mahajan.

All our reviews are professionally done and the methodology we follow is logical but simple. We divide our book reviews into 5 categories:

1. The Plot: This is the main idea behind the book.
2. The Characters: The main actors in the books.
3. The Writing Style: The readability and language flow.
4. The Climax: The end.
5. The Entertainment Quotient: Overall enjoyability of the book.

2 Min Read

In “My Roommate Is a Vampire,” struggling artist Cassie Greenberg’s quest for affordable housing leads her to a seemingly too-good-to-be-true Craigslist ad. Skeptical but intrigued, she encounters Frederick J. Fitzwilliam, an enigmatic man from another era. Their unique connection blossoms through charming handwritten notes. When Cassie stumbles upon a mid-day vampire gathering, Frederick reveals his secret: he’s a vampire awakened after a century. Will Cassie accept his proposition, changing her life forever?

32 Min Read

Embark on a Haunting Journey into the Realm of Indian Horror! Every family, city, and tribe carries tales of the unknown, passed down through generations, all reinforcing a common truth—the existence of the paranormal, poised to devour anyone daring to cross its path. Yet, our human nature harbors an insatiable curiosity, forever seeking answers to the enigma. What better way to satiate this thirst than through the chilling pages of horror books?

1 Min Read

The Children on the Hill is a mystery-laced horror that will take you to the world of psychiatry and asylums, children and monsters, and the people who create them. It weaves the horrific scientific era (of insane experiments on live humans) together with the adventures, mysteries, and fantasy worlds of children. It effortlessly combines the past and the present, all linked with monstrosities of a level that are difficult to imagine in this world and time.

9 Min Read

कथानक का आरंभ ट्रेन से होता है जिसमें दो मित्र सिद्धार्थ और रुद्र यात्रा कर रहे हैं। वे कानून के अध्ययन के लिए कोलकाता जा रहे हैं। सिद्धार्थ खिड़की के सहारे वाली सीट पर सो रहा है तभी आधी रात में उसे अपने पैरों के पास एक खूबसूरत लड़की बैठी हुई दिखाई देती है। इसके बाद कहानी में रहस्य और रोमांच प्रारंभ हो जाता है। हॉस्टल में अनेक रहस्यमई और डरावनी घटनाएं घटित होने लगती हैं।

1 Min Read

The story begins on a January day in 2020 when Prasong Songchon books a special massage for his wife Rutna at The Paradise Thai Massage Parlour. This is exactly when weird and ghastly things start to happen for no particular rhyme or reason. It becomes his object of pursuit – this reason behind the paranormal encounters, and at the same time, it also becomes the central theme of the book. 

1 Min Read

If it is to be described in a single sentence, then the narrative of Mystiq Lynk brings two very different worlds together. The eerie atmosphere of the plot is hard to decipher, full of suspense, and always keeps the reader on the edge. The narrative plays on the emotions of the reader by spreading the feeling of fear, terror, and suspense and concealing a lot to reveal only that which cannot be easily guessed.

1 Min Read

1984 is not just an anxious story about the state and the use of its unfair means to do as it pleases, but also about human relations with one another. A story where parents can’t trust their own children, a colleague can’t sit with another colleague, a story about extensive inequality, and a story of an utter betrayal by your own instincts.

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