Mystiq Lynk | Abhishek S Malve | Book Review

PLOT: 4.5/ 5
CLIMAX: 4.5/5

If it is to be described in a single sentence, then the narrative of Mystiq Lynk brings two very different worlds together. The eerie atmosphere of the plot is hard to decipher, full of suspense, and always keeps the reader on the edge. The narrative plays on the emotions of the reader by spreading the feeling of fear, terror, and suspense and concealing a lot to reveal only that which cannot be easily guessed.

This is the first book in the Mystiq trilogy by Abhishek Malve. The plot is complex, full of twists and turns, and endlessly enticing with revelations all through the end. The plot revolves around a boy and a girl who are almost the same age though not remotely related in any manner until an incident brings them together.

These characters are Johnny and Sara whose lives are simultaneously unravelled in the narrative when they receive some suspicious and mind-boggling gifts. Johnny is a freshman in college who receives a package that reveals an electronic console. Nothing is suspicious about it except the symbol ‘X’ engraved at the centre of the console.

Similarly, Sara also receives a letter on her 21st birthday that mentions that she is the heir to her grandmother’s property. However, the source that sent the gifts is unknown. The link that Johnny and Sara have, and that the world is coaxing into a formation, is the mysterious aspect of the plot. The multiple twists and turns serve to enhance the multiple climaxes of the plot which have several highs and few lows.

Other than these two, the plot does not have too many characters. This makes the characters plain, simple, and well-rounded. They are not flat characters and they have the ability to undergo developments and adaptability to changes. This keeps them grounded and patient to delve deep into the mysteries that are bombarded their way.

In Mystiq Lynk, the characters are like the scaffolding on which the plot is held up. They give the right amount of leverage to build up the plot and help in taking it to greater heights. However, the most important point remains the volatility and imaginative creativity of the characters. While Josh may seem like he is tagging along with Sara but he too plays an important role as Sara’s foil who provides support to her and makes important comments that take the plot further.

The lucid, moderately paced but suspenseful writing style is interesting. Malve builds up the issues of contention in the plot, revealing and not revealing a lot at the same time. He enjoys playing this tantalizing game of keeping his readers on the edge and the mystery piles up in a setting that seems more like it is located in some Western location like in contemporary America.

The narrative uses an ample number of dialogues and these dialogues have dual functions. They help build the characters by showing the different sides of the characters and serve to take the plot further. The overall use of language, vocabulary, or terminology is simple which makes the book easy to follow and an entertaining read for intermediate level of readers.  Inception and Unusual Encounter are some very engrossing chapters to name a few.

There is a lot of focus given to typographic detailing such as that which is noted in the unique style of writing Mystiq and Lynk. Similarly, page breaks or change of scene or location is designated by a symbol that is a combination of letters T, C, and K. The same is seen on the cover page in the manner in which ‘K’ is written in the title’s second-word Lynk. The knotted connections made between ‘y’ in Mystiq and ‘k’ in the title hint at the mystery and suspense that is to follow.

The book is worthy of being made into a movie as it has all the elements of horror fiction and YA thriller.

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