Sankalpita Singh

About Sankalpita Singh

Meet Sankalpita, the bookworm extraordinaire! 📚 With an insatiable appetite for reading (over 100 books annually!), she embarked on her book blogging journey in 2013 to share her boundless love for books. What started as a quirky hobby has blossomed into India's top-tier book blog, bookGeeks – the reigning champion for five consecutive years! 🏆

With a whopping 7,00,000 loyal readers monthly, Sankalpita's blog is like a literary wonderland. 📖✨ But that's not all – she's not just conquering the written word but also ruling the YouTube realm with her channel, bookGeeks India, dedicated solely to the art of book adoration, and boasting a fan base of over 24,000 subscribers! 🎥📚

Her ultimate goal? "To serve a nation through literature." 🇮🇳 With a passion for Indian literature, she's on a mission to ignite the reading spark in both kids and grown-ups alike. 🔥

When she's not nose-deep in a book or typing away, you'll find her brainstorming with her hubby or captivating her 8-year-old daughter with enchanting tales. And every now and then, she indulges her creative spirit through painting and nurturing her garden. 🌻🎨

Join Sankalpita on her bookish adventure as she brings the world of literature to life, one page at a time!