Humour Books

Moms in the Wild Nidhi Raichand Book

Moms in the Wild | Nidhi Raichand | Book Review

Meet Sneha Talwar, the ambitious young reporter with a penchant for idealism. Her latest assignment? To profile the fascinating Natasha Babani, an environmental activist and multi-talented mommy-influencer. But just as Sneha gears up to uncover Natasha’s extraordinary tale, a shocking twist disrupts her plans—Natasha’s lifeless body is discovered, gently floating in the very lake she fought so hard to restore.

The Greatest Enemy of Rain Stories by Manu Bhattathiri Book

The Greatest Enemy of Rain Stories | Manu Bhattathiri | Book Review

The Greatest Enemy of Rain Stories a collection of 14 short stories that come in a wide variety of flavors and themes. Expect a book that delves into the ordinary, the mundane, and the most regular of humans. Expect a book that revolves around the most peculiar of traits that these unassuming monotonous humans exhibit.


When I Was Husbandless | Ritika Madaan | Book Review

When I Was Husbandless by Ritika Madaan is a short and simple read. Expect a book that will make you take a trip down the memory lane. Expect a book that finds humour in everyday situations and finally expect a book that would relate to you as a woman.

The Panchatheertha Part 1

The Panchatheertha Part 1 | Rajiv Mittal | Book Review

The Panchatheertha is a satirical revision of sections 1 and 2 of The Panchatantra written by Vishnu Sharma. What holds the plot together is the manner of storytelling that Rajiv Mittal aces to perfection. The story unfolds with a moderate pace and in a gradual, though not necessarily chronological, manner.

Dissected Naveen Kakkar

Dissected | Naveen Kakkar | Book Review

Dissected by Naveen Kakkar takes us on a fun-filled roller coaster ride that is a medical college. It shatters our many pre-conceived notions about medical students and life at the campus. The book is a rather short read written with a generous dose of wit and humour.

Hate in the time of Malaria

Hate in the Time of Malaria | Balu George | Book Review

Hate in the Time of Malaria is a collection of five screenplays that stands for the idea of inversion and apposition. Comedy is the basic strain that flows through these tales. The stories are built up to multiple climaxes and several twists in the narrative structure.

Forget Not to Laugh

Forget Not to Laugh | Jayanta KR. Mallick | Book Review

Forget Not to Laugh is an odd collection of 260 jokes mostly on Sardarjis all under 158 pages. Despite all the fun, Mallick comes with a noble cause. The book closely explains the scientific needs behind laughing on a daily basis. The author’s intention behind writing this collection is to make people aware of the scientific benefits of laughing.