SUBJECT: 3.5/5

My Musings

Ads with Adages is a very different and unique kind of book that came my view for review. I had consciously taken a decision to read as many non-fictions as I can this year. Hence when this book came my way for review, I was happy to accept a copy.

What is the book all about?

Ads with Adages attempts to create humor through the many conversations that happen between a sales manager and an ad manager. There are 77 such situations and each of the conversation is linked to or revolves around an adage. Many of these adages are quite popular and are frequently used in day to day conversations. A few of these include (1) Penny Wise, Pound Foolish (2) Time and tide wait for none (3) Pen is mightier than sword among many others. In order to make you understand how these adages are used in the conversation-based scenarios, let me illustrate by quoting an example from the book.

Adage – If you snooze you lose

Scenario – Ad Manager of an electronic lock company mocks at his rival firm

Ad Manager – I want to show a video, where the watchman doesn’t sleep fearing locks can be broken easily.

The entire book is full of such conversations and sometimes monologues (as in the case above).

The Writing Style

The writing style of the author is aimed towards creating humor out of the given situations. Though it felt like there is subtle humor in the author’s imagination when it comes to penning it on paper, the effect is lost. Also, there is a lot which the book lacks in terms of a coherent approach to writing.

Also, the book starts very abruptly. There is no introduction explaining the concept of the book to the reader. Until the book in question is a fiction book, I think it is a must on the part of the author to include a small intro highlighting what the book is all about.

What is Missing?

The book is written very randomly – there is no formal structure in place. The book ends as abruptly as it starts. Also, the book has a lot of editing mistakes and is written in an SMS style language. Using u instead of you and such mistakes are easily seen throughout the book.

Final Verdict

Overall, the book is a read which will appeal to a very niche category of readers. People who can’t stand poor editing will do better to refrain from it.

Can’t wait to read it? Buy your copy of Ads with Adages from the link below.