PLOT: 3/5
WRITING: 3.5/5
Themes: Humour, Satire, Social Media, Journalism, Contemporary Women's Fiction

“Oh, Natasha, what a charmed life you’d led! If your death had seemed sad and tragic earlier, it seemed positively unfair now. You of the sun-kissed skin, the accountant’s brain, the enviable home, the five million friends and the best romance origin story ever, you did not deserve to drown at the age of forty-four in a partially clean city lake.”

–      Nidhi Raichand,   Moms in the Wild

A book that is witty, satirical, women-centric, mysterious, thrilling, and also fun. You must be joking, right? Well, that’s exactly what is served in this book by Nidhi Raichand. 

I am always on the lookout for new voices in the Indian literary scene, and I am glad that I discovered this young talented author, for she had me hooked throughout the book, and right till the very end.

This is exactly the kind of read I was looking for, and I am so happy that I picked it up. Crazy, fun, glamorous, wild, and mysterious – but all of it in a light-hearted way.

Needless to state, I managed to finish Moms in the Wild in two sittings straight. Yes, I was that invested in the story and that uninvested in carrying out the more urgent tasks of the day. 

But I am jumping ahead, let me take you back to the plot of the book.

The story as it goes

Meet Sneha Talwar, the ambitious young reporter with a penchant for idealism. 

Her latest assignment? To profile the fascinating Natasha Babani, an environmental activist and multi-talented mommy-influencer who has valiantly devoted the past year to the Herculean task of purifying a once-putrid lake.

But just as Sneha gears up to uncover Natasha’s extraordinary tale, a shocking twist disrupts her plans—Natasha’s lifeless body is discovered, gently floating in the very lake she fought so hard to restore. 

Undeterred by this tragic turn of events, Sneha swiftly shifts gears and continuously pursues information about Natasha. What unfolds is a captivating journey into an intriguing “mommy universe,” a realm teeming with its own distinct rules, rivalries, and scandals.

What to expect?

In Moms in the Wild, expect a book that fearlessly explores the realms of darkness, brims with uproarious wit, and weaves a sharp and incisive narrative. Delving into the relentless realm of social media and journalism, this tale leaves no stone unturned.

From the trials and tribulations of first jobs to the heartbreak inflicted by shattered idols, the many complexities of female friendships, and the wild rollercoaster ride that is motherhood. 

It is a book that navigates the labyrinthine paths of ambition, motherly rivalries, fake vs real, and maternal chaos with a wicked sense of humor.

Even though the book is about a murder and one might think of it a murder mystery, one couldn’t be more wrong. For the book is anything but that.

The writing 

The book’s writing effortlessly flows, allowing readers to devour it in just a few sittings. While the plot may not be overly complex, the story progresses through the intricate lives of its characters. The book derives much of its action from the everyday events that unfold in the lives of the main characters.

Rather than being uproariously funny, the book exudes dark and witty humor. It offers a delectable indulgence as it delves into the private lives of these affluent, fiercely competitive mothers. Similar to our intrepid reporter Sneha, readers find themselves irresistibly drawn into their world, with no easy means of escape.

The article penned by Sneha, comparing Mommies to jungle animals, stands out as the most scandalous and undoubtedly the most impactful and brilliant piece of writing in the entire book. It delves deep into the human psyche, offering profound insights that are both visceral and raw, delving into the darker aspects of reality.

If there’s one compelling reason to grab hold of this book, it unequivocally lies within the pages of that article.

The characters

Each character in the book is skillfully crafted, leaving no room for any mere additions. Every individual, I emphasize, absolutely every one of them, serves a purpose beyond mere decoration. While not all may be essential to the progressing plot, each contributes to the overall entertainment value of the book.

Natasha Babani, observed solely through the perspectives of those who knew her, emerges as a captivating enigma. The author has masterfully woven an air of mystery and reverence around her, showcasing her remarkable talent in creating such a compelling and elusive character.

In the end

Moms in the Wild is audaciously dark, hilariously witty, and narrates a razor-sharp tale, delving deeper into the cutthroat world of social media and journalism

In her debut book, Nidhi has achieved what many authors may take decades to do – she has served us with writing that is unique, fresh, entertaining, and addictive.

Can’t wait to read it? Buy your copy of Moms in the Wild using the link below.