• Yeh-Hai-India-by-Anuj-Tikku-Book-ReviewYeh! Hai India | Anuj Tikku | Book Review
    Yeh! hai India does have certain things going for it which makes it a decent one time read. A candid conversational style of narration complemented with some very unique travel experiences is what makes this book clickRead More
  • I-Also-Slept-With-Rashmi-Verma-love-Thon-BookI Also Slept with Rashmi Verma | Love Thon | Book Review
    The story of I Also Slept with Rashmi Verma is based in a New Delhi college campus where the author is hopelessly in love with a girl called Rashmi Verma. She is shown as a loose character who just about sleeps with everyone except the author. Read More
  • Blogging-for-Diamond-by-Anuj-TikkuBlogging for Diamond | Anuj Tikku | Book Review
    With not much research to boast about and only the author’s own experience to its credit, Blogging for Diamond is a book that can be read as an add-on read in addition to other books but certainly not as a standalone read on the subject.Read More
  • A-Man-From-Mandu-by-Manoj-V-JainA Man from Mandu | Manoj V Jain | Book Review
    Tarini needs a purpose in life. After losing her job, reputation and colleagues over a scam, the ambitious Tarini needs a challenge and a project to occupy her life. Coincidentally, on a trip with her best friend, she meets A Man from Mandu and he becomes her product for wager as she starts to make a God-man out of him. But how far Tarini and the Man from Mandu, Dhawal will go to prove a point?Read More
  • Where-Will-Man-Take-Us-Atul-Jalan-Book-ReviewWhere Will Man Take Us? | Atul Jalan | Book Review
    Where Will Man Take Us? is a book that delves deeper into how technology is changing us and will continue to change us in the coming years. Read More
  • One of Us is Lying Karen M McManusOne of Us is Lying | Karen M. McManus | Book Review
    One of Us is Lying is a book that makes good use of a tight-knit plot, an awesome string of complex characters, racy narration, easy to understand language, and an overbearing sense of mystery to bring to us a book that is excessively high on entertainment.Read More
  • Give Your Heart a Break Anuj TiwariGive Your Heart a Break | Anuj Tiwari | Book Review
    Give Your Heart a Break by Anuj Tiwari is a book that helps break stereotypes and instils new age wisdom in the Indian psyche. Expect a book that is easy to read and that talks about some very important and relevant social themes like mental health, depression, domestic abuse and harassment.Read More
  • Between You and Me Atul KhannaBetween You and Me: Flight to Societal Moksha | Atul Khanna | Book Review
    Between You and Me talks about the many things that are wrong with today’s India – society, politics, economy, constitution, institutions, bureaucracy etc. Also, expect a book that focuses more on solutions and the path ahead than reflections on the past and criticisms of the current.Read More
  • Crazy Rich Asians Kevin Kwan Book ReviewCrazy Rich Asians | Kevin Kwan | Book Review
    Crazy Rich Asians is an ideal mix of romance, comedy and some good old family drama. That the book is about Singaporeans and Chinese makes it all the more interesting. Essentially what it offers is a unique peek into the high-flying world of ‘Crazy Rich Asians’.Read More
  • Tulsiprasad Bandhopadhyay: The Next MLA!Tulsiprasad Bandhopadhyay: The Next MLA! | Sudeep Satheesan | Book Review
    Tulsiprasad Bandhopadhyay: The Next MLA! is a book that is unique in content and manages to tickle a funny bone or two in the reader. Expect a book that is a political satire but one which plays on a much lighter note than a reader would usually expect.Read More
  • Vivien’s Heavenly Ice Cream ShopVivien’s Heavenly Ice Cream Shop | Abby Clements | Book Review
    Vivien’s Heavenly Ice Cream Shop by Abby Clements is about ice creams, two sisters, and a great and unforgettable summer. Expect a book that is as much about finding love as it is about being together as a family. In a nutshell – expect a book that is chick-lit to its core.Read More
  • Verity Colleen Hoover Book ReviewVerity | Colleen Hoover | Book Review
    Verity by Colleen Hoover is a haunting psychological thriller that explores the darkest and the murkiest depths of a human mind. Expect a fast-paced book that is mysterious, borderline spooky, sinister and scandalous. Also, expect a book that has just the right dose of forbidden romance in it.Read More
  • Prisoner of Yakutsk : The Subhash Chandra Bose Mystery Final ChapterPrisoner of Yakutsk | Shreyas Bhave | Book Review
    Written about the mysterious death and disappearance of Subhash Chandra Bose, the book takes us into the world of sinister ploys, unspeakable findings, a gangly group of spies, treacherous sell swords and a bunch of highly dangerous but patriotic Indians.Read More
  • A White Amongst the BlacksA White Amongst the Blacks | Shefali Kumar | Book Review
    A White Amongst the Blacks is an interesting book whose storyline based on a love story between a black man and a white a girl. Though the story is about deep love, it mainly focuses on the union of a father with his daughter and how the daughter abolishes racism.Read More
  • Technically I Love YouTechnically I Love You | Piyush Gupta | Book Review
    At a moderate pace, Technically I Love You is a good three-hour read. The book is an honest attempt at presenting a beautiful story. Despite the fact that the story and characterisation is a bit cliched, yet it is the style of presentation that makes the book interesting with a happy ending.Read More

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