• Spinner of the Twisted TaleSpinner of the Twisted Tale | Rajesh Iyer | Book Review
    Spinner of the Twisted Tale has so many intricately woven tales in between that give you a glimpse into the meaning of life. Each story has an inner meaning which, if read carefully, will bring a positive difference to your life.
  • Page 6 and BeyondPage 6 and Beyond: Let’s Stir the Pot… | Hureen Saghar Gandhi | Book Review
    Page 6 and Beyond can be loosely explained as a series of humorous stories that the author serves to her readers as a mirror to her life in America. Combined with her wit and charm, and an applause-worthy attention to detail, Hureen Gandhi manages to create extraordinary stories out of the most ordinary of things.
  • They Both Die at the EndThey Both Die at the End | Adam Silvera | Book Review
    They Both Die at the End is a YA which revolves around a rather serious issue – death. The book is not as entertaining as it sounds but it does promise an emotional read; a read that will get you thinking about your own priorities in life. It is a book that will appeal to people who are emotional and sensitive readers.
  • College DiariesCollege Diaries: Story Behind the Walls | Gaurav Gupta | Book Review
    The subtitle of the book suggests “story behind the walls” and it is this that College Diaries is precisely about. It is highly insightful into student life and activities that will be relatable to all graduates regardless of which institute they studied from. The plot is highly emotional with multiple climaxes that constantly build up the tension.
  • The Sunlight PlaneThe Sunlight Plane | Damini Kane | Book Review
    What strikes you the most about The Sunlight Plane is its highly relevant social theme – bullying, childhood trauma and child abuse. These three themes bind the book together and the consequences of having their toxic presence in the life of today’s children are discussed in detail in the book.
  • A History of Folktale Collections In British IndiaA History of Folktale Collections In British India | Professor Mazharul Islam | Book Review
    A History of Folktale Collections in British India deals with the Indian folktale collections made by the British civilians, their relatives and the European missionaries during British rule in India.
  • I Lost My SoulI Lost My Soul | Ved Nishad | Book Review
    I Lost My Soul by Ved Nishad is a true love story and is an inspirational read for people who are in love or people who ever lost in love. It is the love story of a guy who loved deeply and passionately. This book is Ved’s own story.
  • The Mother I Never Knew by Sudha MurtyThe Mother I Never Knew | Sudha Murty | Book Review
    The book, “The Mother I Never Knew” by Sudha Murty, is a fictional novel, which talks about human relations. This book has two stories. They both, though based on completely different backgrounds, strike a similar chord of emotion in the readers. This book is like comfort food, which you can always turn to during a cold phase of your life.
  • I Wish I Had Not Married My LoveI Wish I Had Not Married My Love | Ashish Roy | Book Review
    I wish I Had Not Married My Love is a short romantic thriller that I had the opportunity to read recently. The book has a good mix of college romance and murder mystery. To be very specific, it is more of a psychological thriller than a regular murder mystery. With such an interesting story in mind, Ashish Roy surely has good storytelling skills
  • Ascendance Sadhna ShankerAscendance | Sadhna Shanker | Book Review
    For all the science-fiction readers out there, author Sadhna Shanker, through her latest book Ascendance, brings to you a world where the whole setting is foreign and the population segregation bizarre. It has a whodunit factor that answered to the thirst for mystery in me.
  • Tiger Eats Grass, Goat Eats MeatTiger Eats Grass, Goat Eats Meat | Rajan Jayabalan | Book Review
    Tiger Eats Grass, Goat Eats Meat is a collection of 5 short stories each exploring the theme of poverty and struggles of the downtrodden. Almost all of the stories are based in the southern part of India mainly in the states of Telangana and Tamil Nadu. The best thing about the book is its stories.
  • SKEINS Richa GuptaSkeins | Richa Gupta | Book Review
    With a fresh premise, Skeins is scrupulously and absolutely about womanhood. It is about a group of Indian women with diverse credentials and with their baggage, quite literally! They travel to a new foreign land where they explore different sites as well as themselves.
  • Half Burnt Cigarette and a Little Love NoteHalf Burnt Cigarette and a Little Love Note | Vandita Mishra | Book Review
    Half Burnt Cigarette and a Little Love Note is basically the tale of a woman who is torn between two relationships, each important to her. She decides to marry the one who had supported her throughout her graduation and loves her deeply but again, she can’t forget the man she loved and lost, that left her bare and heartbroken.
  • The Mother-in-LawThe Mother-in-Law: The Other Woman in Your Marriage | Veena Venugopal | Book Review
    Through The Mother-in-Law: The Other Woman in Your Marriage, the author tries to take you across the complexities of the married life of eleven Indian women, via a series of interviews. The attempt and purpose of this book, clearly, is to bring out and evaluate the ugly truth of the Indian society, when it comes to life-after-marriage.
  • The Shreds of CharacterThe Shreds of Character | Jasbir S Jagdeo | Book Review
    The Shreds of Character is a contemporary tale of a Sikh family where familial bonds are strained with unending issues of honour and pride. There is a discussion on Indian tradition regarding sex and sexuality and its comparison with western culture from a generalized perspective.

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