• Love-in-Siesta-by-Avik-GangopadhyayLove in Siesta | Avik Gangopadhyay | Book Review
    ‘Love in Siesta’ is a collection of 8 short stories on human psyche, instinct and emotion. The book makes use of different scenarios from changing time periods that meditate on private vision, opinions, passions and hidden motives that often have explicit, drawn out consequences.Read More
  • From-Russia-With-Love-Anuj-Tikku-Book-ReviewFrom Russia With Love | Anuj Tikku | Book Review
    Expect a book that is a very short read of just over fifty pages. Expect a book that takes you to the devilishly cold country of Russia along with some other eastern European countries. Expect a book that doles out a decent dose of practical advice and travel tips for those venturing into the cold sub-continent. Read More
  • Out-of-Africa-by-Anuj-TikkuOut of Africa: In Zulu Land | Anuj Tikku | Book Review
    Expect a book that talks as much about the wildlife and jungles of Africa as it does about its people, its languages and its distinct culture. Expect a book that garnishes the author’s writing with some interesting looking photographs.Read More
  • Jo-Tum-Kaho-Prashant-V-Srivastava-Book-ReviewJo Tum Kaho | Prashant V Shrivastava | Book Review
    With the subtlest of words, the shayaris in the book, Jo Tum Kaho have the ability to draw out the most intense of emotions from the deepest reaches of one’s heart. The book is passionate, emotional and intense and this is something that inadvertently, makes it entertaining.Read More
  • Love-in-the-Time-of-Whatsapp-and-Other-Stories-Juggernaut-Book-ReviewLove in the Time of Whatsapp and Other Stories | Juggernaut | Book Review
    Love in the Time of Whatsapp and Other Stories is a short and sweet collection of tales that tell us a thing or two about the times that we live in and the way technology has changed the way we love and even find love. Read More
  • Myth-of-the-Entrepreneur-by-Ravi-Kailas-Kathy-GuoMyth of the Entrepreneur | Ravi Kailas & Kathy Guo | Book Review
    Myth of the Entrepreneur is a book that gives us some serious points to reflect on while influencing our thought process for the greater good. Written in a crisp and a no-nonsense manner, the book is as interesting as it is informative.Read More
  • Chronicles-of-the-Mortal-Vishnu-by-Antar-AtreyaChronicles of the Mortal Vishnu | Antar Atreya | Book Review
    The book doesn’t lack entertainment. It has an interesting storyline, an engaging plot and an awesome string of characters however, a little more effort on pruning the excessive descriptions and maintaining an even pace would surely have been great. Overall, it is a decent one time read.Read More
  • Shankara-The-Mansarovar-Odyssey-by-Anuj-TikkuShankara: The Mansarovar Odyssey | Anuj Tikku | Book Review
    While reading Shankara: The Mansarovar Odyssey, expect a book that takes you to the beautiful world of Kailash-Mansarovar yatra and takes you through the entire experience in just 50 pages. Expect a book that also has a lot of pictures to complement the author’s personal experiences of the journey.Read More
  • The-Madness-of-the-Monk-by-Anuj-TikkuThe Madness of the Monk | Anuj Tikku | Book Review
    The Madness of the Monk tells us a fictional story of the author himself. The book narrates his meetings with a mystic “mad monk” whom the author inadvertently keeps bumping into while he is travelling around the scenic Dharamshala and the colonial Shimla. It is in these meetings that the author learns about the seven noble truths of life.Read More
  • The Odyssey of Reunion abhisek paniThe Odyssey of Reunion | Abhisek Pani | Book Review
    The Odyssey of Reunion tells us the story of a man named Murali who was imprisoned in his youth and released from jail in his 60s. Out of the prison, he is like a newborn child lost in this altered surrounding and yet enjoying each moment of freedom, observing and absorbing things afresh.Read More
  • One Monsoon in Mumbai bookOne Monsoon in Mumbai | Anitha Perinchery | Book Review
    One Monsoon in Mumbai is a lengthy and time-consuming read that will appeal to those who enjoy reading thrillers, detective novels regarding big shots and crime fictions. It is a page turner for those who enjoy romantic novels with thrilling twists.Read More
  • Birth of a Duo Chandrayan GuptaBirth of a Duo | Chandrayan Gupta | Book Review
    Birth of a Duo is a short but good read for those interested in crime fiction, detective stories and plots surrounding private investigators. There is a good balance of all things put together. Nothing has been taken overboard. It is this balance that keeps things together in a fast-paced and edgy story.Read More
  • A Drop of You by Krishna ChhetriA Drop of You | Krishna Chhetri | Book Review
    Ghazal, Karma, and Diana are three people whose lives are entangled with each other. What one thinks, says or does has a consequence that eventually affects the other two. Driven by their hearts, their actions are often a result of the emotional turmoil that their mind is going through. Read More
  • That-Thing-About-You-by-AbhaidevThat Thing About You | Abhaidev | Book Review
    That Thing About You does not lack in entertainment. Yes, it slows down in pace at times and makes the reader wonder about where the story is going. But with an honest to heart writing, unpretentious characters, simple narration and a mild dose of mystery, it manages to generate enough interest for the reader to turn pages after pages.Read More
  • Yeh-Hai-India-by-Anuj-Tikku-Book-ReviewYeh! Hai India | Anuj Tikku | Book Review
    Yeh! hai India does have certain things going for it which makes it a decent one time read. A candid conversational style of narration complemented with some very unique travel experiences is what makes this book clickRead More

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