• Please Let Me Go by Caitlin SpencerPlease, Let Me Go | Caitlin Spencer | Book Review
    Please, Let Me Go is the true story of the decade-long struggle of a 14-year-old child who was forced into prostitution, sex trade and human trafficking because she was young, naïve and, meek. The language of the book is simple and the author speaks candidly.
  • The Rise of Rama vijay sodhiThe Rise of Rama (The Ramayana Epics #1) | Vijay Singh Sodhi | Book Review
    The Rise of Rama tells us the original story as it goes in the Ramayana. It is not a mythological fiction but true mythology. The book takes some creative liberty and reimagines certain conversations but that’s pretty much it. Apart from this small distinction, the story remains unaltered.
  • Mumblings from the DepthMumblings from the Depth | Jithu Biji Thomas | Book Review
    Mumblings from the Depth is a collection of 21 short stories each accompanied by a succinctly apt piece of prose. From the Nazi Germany of the 1940s to Iraq under Saddam Hussain, from the streets of America to the jogging parks of India, this book is bound to take you on a fictional mini-tour.
  • Finding Your G-Spot In LifeFinding Your G-Spot In Life | Geetika Saigal | Book Review
    Finding Your G-Spot In Life by Geetika Saigal is a self-help book “written for all of us, whether you’re just starting out your life or wishing to change it”. The book holds true to this little promise – anyone can read. The solutions that the author gives aren’t unrealistic and ideal – most of them are quite doable.
  • Anon Bhavani IyerAnon | Bhavani Iyer | Book Review
    Anon has an excellent plot line which spans decades, cities, multitudes of people and yet amongst all this swarm, it is able to retain the core elements of the book. Notwithstanding so many surprise plot twists, Anon remains a hundred per cent about writing and how it can make or break somebody.
  • Thorns of LoveThorns of Love | Beena Sunil | Book Review
    Go for Thorns of Love if you are someone who often gets played at love. Through this story, the author lists out all the signs to look for, in order to identify a toxic relationship, while also telling you the do’s and don’ts of love. It is a solid life lesson to those who are often tricked into unhappy relationships.
  • The Awakening of an IndigoThe Awakening of an Indigo (Part 1) | Vikram | Book Review
    The Awakening of an Indigo is the story of Vikram, a successful lawyer who also possesses some unique powers and unusual occult and psychic abilities. However, he is often troubled by his special powers as he sees and experiences things which others can’t.
  • Native Officialdom in Western IndiaNative Officialdom in Western India | Abhijit Sirdesai | Book Review
    Native Officialdom in Western India provides an interesting understanding of the Watan system and how it affected the socio-economic and political system in Western India. Through this book, Abhijit Sirdesai attempts at discussing the role and chain of command of the Maratha hereditary officers.
  • Desert FlowersDesert Flowers | Paul Pen | Book Review
    Desert Flowers a unique story of lies, deception, love, hope and justice. It is powerful and sad and is different from every other book that I’ve read. It is a slow thriller which becomes deeply emotional towards the end and manages to bring out emotions that you never knew existed.
  • The Last Attractor of ChaosThe Last Attractor of Chaos | Abhinav Singh | Book Review
    The Last Attractor of Chaos is a spy thriller with a metaphysical twist. It is a good read that any crime thriller reader may enjoy. The story starts with action-packed sequences that pull the readers right into the plot. Credit must be given to Abhinav Singh for not letting the attention of the readers drop.
  • Age of AzmoqAge of Azmoq: The Valantian Imperium | Rajamayyoor Sharma | Book Review
    In this book, the writing was simple, comprehensive, interactive. I would go so far as to say it was the ideal kind of writing I look for in dystopian or science fictions: perfectly explanatory (to a layman like me) but also lively. The same sort of writing carries on throughout the book.
  • Say No to HappinessSay No To Happiness | Madhu Namboodiri | Book Review
    Say No To Happiness discusses various aspects of life and the way of addressing any hurdles that cross our path. Madhu Namboodiri deliberates on the basic element in the human world that is the source of all the unhappiness and failures; the hindrance in our path to living a “dream life”.
  • My Feathered FriendsMy Feathered Friends & the Book of Poems | Sunil Bhatia | Book Review
    My Feathered Friends is about the different places the author travelled to and how he met the varied feathered creatures with their unique characteristics and perspectives who provided valuable insights to him, and through him, to the readers. It is a book that even young readers can read, understand and enjoy.
  • Rose of SarajevoRose of Sarajevo | Ayse Kulin | Book Review
    Rose of Sarajevo is set during the 1990s which shook the entire nations of Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Slovenia. The war that ensued saw millions of Bosniaks being tortured and murdered in the name of ethnic cleansing. This story is of one such family who lost their everything in the war.
  • The Last NomadThe Last Nomad | Heramb Sukhathankar | Book Review
    The Last Nomad narrates the life events of a boy called Rahul who suffers from selective mutism and is denied decent medical treatment due to the superstitious nature of his parents. The slums of India is portrayed in minute details. Heramb delves on the subjects of unemployment, poverty, alcoholism and corruption.

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