• The Light Catcher Sameer ChopraThe Light Catcher | Sameer Chopra | Book Review
    The Light Catcher is an amusing story of a young artist called Purab who, in search of a comfortable life, enters the competitive corporate world. Living in the fast-paced life of a Metro, he is constantly pushed to fulfil his targets and yet is under-represented and seldom recognized for his hard work.Read More
  • Kala Ghoda: The Game BeginsKala Ghoda: The Game Begins | Ashwini Malhotra | Book Review
    Kala Ghoda: The Game Begins had a fast-paced narration as events unfolded one after the other, ending with a drastic change in the hierarchy. I liked the overall performance in the book and believe that readers interested in similar premise may read this thriller and enjoy what the author has to offer.Read More
  • 75 Years: Reflections of my Life and the World around Me75 Years: Reflections of my Life and the World around Me | S. Krishnamoorthi | Book Review
    A staunch believer in the miracles of prayer and God, Krishnamoorthi presents his autobiography from his birth to 2018 in this book – 75 Years: Reflections of my Life and the World around Me. Apart from being a researcher and able administrator, he was also a man of many talents. Read More
  • I Want to Run Away Deepa IyyerI Want to Run Away | Deepa Iyyer | Book Review
    I Want to Run Away is highly dramatic and Bollywoodised and the plot, on the whole, has a sense of a modern retelling of the Jab We Met story though it is not exactly the same. The language in I Want to Run Away is simple and easy to read with minimal spelling or grammatical errors.Read More
  • Gurus: The Story of India’s Leading BabasGurus: The Story of India’s Leading Babas | Bhavdeep Kang | Book Review
    SUBJECT: 4/5 RELEVANCE: 3.5/5 WRITING STYLE: 2/5 ENTERTAINMENT QUOTIENT: 2/5 “Why nine gurus? Well, the Bhagavad Gita has nine times two chapters. The Goddess Durga has nine forms (hence Navaratri). The human body has nine doors. The Natyashastra describes nine emotions. There are nine planets, Read More
  • living hell vivaan shahLiving Hell | Vivaan Shah | Book Review
    A fast-paced noir murder mystery with dark humour that builds on the secrecies of the Mumbai underworld and an accidental hero, Living Hell is at times bafflingly exotic beyond words. Vivaan Shah has an eye for detail like none other.Read More
  • After Annihilation Gauri MittalAfter Annihilation: Would You Want to Survive? | Gauri Mittal | Book Review
    The book is a post-apocalyptic science fiction which tells us the story of a world in the aftermath of a nuclear attack. Though it has elements of dystopian fiction, it also has a hint of many other genres including a generous dose of drama, a decent amount of romance and a great focus on the socio-political power struggles.Read More
  • The Ambrosial HourThe Ambrosial Hour | Kakoli G | Book Review
    The Ambrosial Hour is written in a simple and easy to understand language and hence can be easily picked up by a beginner level reader. Expect a woman-centric book that talks as much about the struggles and labour of being a woman as it talks about the fruits that the said struggles can bring.Read More
  • Kaleidoscope of LoveKaleidoscope of Love | Priyanka Bhuyan | Book Review
    Kaleidoscope of Love is a collection of 10 short stories all based on the theme of love. The book is a rather short read and with just 90 pages, it is easily doable in under 2 hours. Expect a book that delves deeper into the hearts of its many characters in order to find the true essence of love.Read More
  • Amit Galgotia’s Delirious WorldAmit Galgotia’s Delirious World | Gaurang Joshi | Book Review
    Amit Galgotia’s Delirious World is a book that talks about mental health and attempts to delve deeper into the chaotic workings of one’s mind. The book makes use of complex storytelling techniques and is sometimes random and abrupt. When it comes to entertainment, there are a lot of things that appealed to the reader in me. Read More
  • The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie SocietyThe Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society | Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows | Book Review
    The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is a book that talks about books. Expect a historical fiction during the time of the World War 2 which has a bit of everything – drama, romance, friendship, love, betrayal, scandal and most of all books, books and some more books!Read More
  • How to be Future ProofHow to be Future Proof | Pritam Mahure | Book Review
    How to be Future Proof by Pritam Mahure is a book that urges everyone to be more pro-active. Be it an individual, an organization or a government agency, the book has a thing or two for anyone who cares to learn. Expect to take away a variety of learnings.Read More
  • Tell Tale Pug Tail and Everything ElseTell Tale Pug Tail and Everything Else | Iris Grey | Book Review
    Dedicated to the only one who truly fathoms the meaning of love, Tell Tale Pug Tail and Everything Else is written for Grey’s 8-year-old pug “Nuts.” The book is a collection of 40 written pieces most of which are poems. It is highly interesting in its format for the pieces don’t follow a fixed form.Read More
  • Empty WalletEmpty Wallet | Jagadish Jaganathan | Book Review
    Empty Wallet has a pleasant story, however, the blurb did promise a lot but not much was achieved throughout the book. There was no insufficiency of drama but I couldn’t catch on the blurb’s promise of a corporate thriller. It felt more or less like a corporate drama I have heard or read earlier.Read More
  • 30 + EVERYTHING: Tales of a woman in her thirties30+ Everything: Tales of a Woman in her Thirties | Dr. Mridula AM | Book Review
    30+ Everything is a short read which mostly comprises of anecdotes, musings, rantings, funny tales and experiences that are born as a result of the author’s interaction with her surroundings. Expect a generous dose of worldly wisdom, general observations, philosophical musings and well-intentioned gyan.Read More

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