• It Was a Happy Trusting World, ThenIt Was a Happy Trusting World, Then | Vilas Kale | Book Review
    It Was a Happy Trusting World, Then is a book by Vilas Kale which talks about a hitchhiking trip that he took, along with his two cousins, in the year 1971 to the Middle East and Europe. Planned on an impulse and carried out despite extreme budgetary limitations, the trip proved to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for this Indian trio.
  • From Monkeying to ParentingFrom Monkeying to Parenting | Parminder Kaur Sharma | Book Review
    From Monkeying to Parenting is basically a mini-guide for those parents who find it tough to balance work with children. It is also meant for those parents who are looking for some very specific answers to questions like how to make homework easy for kids? How to manage tantrums? How to address hyperactivity in kids? How to manage bullying amongst kids?
  • Inkredia - Luwan Of BridaInkredia – Luwan Of Brida | Sarang Mahajan | Book Review
    Inkredia – Luwan Of Brida is a tale of adventure, friendship and love – bonds we share as a human being; it is a tale of good vs evil. It sets the bar pretty high for aspiring writers for their first book because, generally, in their first books writers get sloppy but Sarang has done a commendable and appreciable work with Inkredia.
  • Heart Quake by Ishita DeshmukhHeart Quake | Ishita Deshmukh | Book Review
    The book is typically a romance however it isn’t one of those overly cheesy and cringe-worthy romances that leave you irritated. What sets Heart Quake apart is its unique setting in the aftermath of the Bhuj earthquake. Heart Quake isn’t about “love at first sight”; instead it tells us the story of a love rekindling after 10 years of separation.
  • The Perfect Us Durjoy DattaThe Perfect Us | Durjoy Datta | Book Review
    The Perfect Us is the story of a married couple wanting to take the next step forward in their lives i.e. getting pregnant and having kids. It talks about the issues and struggles which would-be parents face. It also talks about the inevitable changes that creep in a marriage/relationship that has lasted 10 long years.
  • Pyjamas are ForgivingPyjamas are Forgiving | Twinkle Khanna | Book Review
    Pyjamas are Forgiving is a drama whose story revolves around love, marriage, infidelity, longing and divorce. There is a good message to be learned from the book especially when it comes to falling and giving yourself in love. Love is a beautiful thing but when it comes at the price of losing oneself, it’s never worth it.
  • The Blue Moon DayThe Blue Moon Day | Santhosh Sivaraj |Book Review
    The Blue Moon Day is a collection of 5 short stories which are bound together by a common thread. Individually, they are tales of 5 different men who managed to change their lives. Collectively, they are tales which answer many unasked questions – What is the meaning of life? What is happiness? How can it be achieved?
  • navarasa vinaya patilNavarasa | Vinaya Patil | Book Review
    Short and sweet, Navarasa contains all the essence – of love and hate, of wonder and horror, of drama and humour. At times witty and funny and at other times gripping and endearing, I thoroughly enjoyed this potpourri. I believe that it is a suitable light read for any reader looking for a collection of short stories.
  • Ae Zindagi: SafarnamaAe Zindagi: Safarnama | Sweta Mandal | Book Review
    Ae Zindagi: Safarnama is a collection of short poems which are written in a combination of Urdu and Hindi. The poems or shayaris, as it is more appropriate to call them, speak about a young woman’s struggle in today’s world. The book sends out a strong message for those who have lost all hope and are falling apart under societal pressure.
  • Sea Prayer Khaled HosseiniSea Prayer | Khaled Hosseini | Book Review
    Sea Prayer by Khaled Hosseini is a short read consisting of only 48 pages. It is an illustrated read full of beautiful watercolor illustrations which do a wonderful job of creating a strong impact. The beauty of Sea Prayer lies in its ability to stir human emotions and make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Handwritten Letters in the BookstoreHandwritten Letters in the Bookstore | Rimple Sanchla | Book Review
    Handwritten Letters in the Bookstore is said to be India's first musical novel. It is a good attempt to discuss past as well as emerging music genres and styles and the impact of music on the minds of the people; it is a good attempt to encourage handwritten letters over digital relationships.
  • T21 In Downs LaneT21 In Downs Lane | Utpal Kant Mishra | Book Review
    T21 in Downs Lane is an attempt to provide insight into the life of people with special needs. Not a grand heroic narrative, the book focuses on the daily struggles that the protagonist faces as he suffers from Down Syndrome. Emotional and perceptive, this book gives a broad perspective into the lives of people who are marginalised and side-lined
  • Everyone Has a Story 2Everyone Has a Story 2 | Savi Sharma | Book Review
    Everyone Has a Story 2 talks about love and friendship and how important they are in one’s life. It also talks about the struggles that creep in a relationship whenever it is time to take the next step forward. Overall, the book does encourage perseverance and not losing hope but that’s pretty much it.
    The Least Favorite Child is the story of Rivka, who at the tender age of six was sent away by her parents to a military training school in compliance with their country’s conscript law. The book is an ideal one for lovers of action and war reads. The narration is made real by a lot of descriptions of the scenes and the weapons and technology.
  • Avatar of ProtectorAvatar of Protector | Chetan B. Thakkar | Book Review
    Avatar of Protector is a modern-day mythological fiction that promises a good amount of action and adventure. I love how sci-fi elements like space travel, high tech vimanas, supercomputers of the future and other such things also find their way into the story. Children will definitely enjoy it as it has just the right dose of action and adventure

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