• The Jewel of VishnuThe Jewel of Vishnu | R.K. Singh | Book Review
    The Jewel of Vishnu is the story of Arul, a clueless teenager, who has a powerful amulet and must use every means possible to save his village. I would recommend the book to anyone interested in an adventurous and fantastical journey set in an Indian locale.Read More
  • Loophole Games Smarak SwainLoophole Games | Smarak Swain | Book Review
    Loophole Games is a discourse on different Tax Avoidance Strategies at work. Smarak Swain, the author, explores how corporate organizations affect countries through their fabricated mechanisms. He narrates true stories on Profit Shifting, Money Laundering, Sham Transactions, Tax Havens and Base Erosion.Read More
  • Diluted Vishal KumarDiluted | Vishal V Kumar | Book Review
    With a mild blend of humour and a lot of twists, Diluted is a tale of the untold dilemmas when it comes to matters of the heart. Set at a little over 3 hours, Diluted is a serious test of patience for the reader who has to go through unnecessary details before they get to the main points.Read More
  • Port717 Raymond D SilvaPORT717 | Raymond D’Silva | Book Review
    As exquisite as the book cover looks, this sci-fi book is a must read for all lovers of science fiction, futuristic novels, investigative plots and all those who enjoy reading in general. The language of PORT717 is fabulous and brilliantly clean just like the plot. There are no spelling errors what so ever.Read More
  • The Astral Surge Nirmal Ranganathan Book ReviewThe Astral Surge | Nirmal Ranganathan | Book Review
    'The Astral Surge’ is a realization and exploration of the relationship between the Awareness and the Unknown. Well researched and also, thrilling at times, the book ponders on the amalgamation of nature and artificial intelligence, on mutation and formation of Super Humans and, the impact of such a development on the whole of Creation. Read More
  • India Positive New Essays and Selected ColumnsIndia Positive: New Essays and Selected Columns | Chetan Bhagat | Book Review
    Expect a book that is written in a simple language; one that is especially tailor-made for readers who are looking to get a basic idea of the current state of India (mostly the last 10 years 2009 to 2019) – political, social and economic wise.Read More
  • From Dusk to Dawn by Ritika MadaanFrom Dusk to Dawn | Ritika Madaan | Book Review
    Ritika Madaan’s From Dusk to Dawn is a book in which she narrates to us the story of a child abuse survivor, Daniel Thomas. Expect a book that is a rather short read (less than 100 pages). Also, expect a book that is written in a rather simple way but makes up for it with a story that is both gripping and moving.Read More
  • Antarctica DiariesAntarctica Diaries | Anuj Tikku | Book Review
    Expect a book that is a travelogue about the world’s most remote continent – Antarctica. Expect a book that gives you an idea of what Antarctica is really like? how to get there? how much does it really cost? how perilous the journey is? what kind of precautions does one need to take? etc.Read More
  • The Kumbh TravelogueThe Kumbh Travelogue | Anuj Tikku | Book Review
    The Kumbh Travelogue is basically a book that talks about the author’s travels to the holy celebrations of the Ardh Kumbh. The book takes us to the holy city of Prayagraj and lets us experience its distinct flavour and vibe through the author’s own experiences.Read More
  • Survival anuj tikkuSurvival | Anuj Tikku | Book Review
    Anuj Tikku's self-help book specifically talks about survival and gives practical advice when it comes to battling the lowest phases of our lives. This book has a lot of anecdotes from Anuj’s own life when he tried to battle his sorrows and bounce back to life.Read More
  • Not A Different StoryNot A Different Story | Amy Reads | Book Review
    Not a Different Story is worthy of being serialised as it bears all aspects of a theatrical plot. If read at a stretch,it may be completed within 4-5 hours. The book will be highly enjoyed by those who like reading family dramas.Read More
  • Travelthon TalesTravelthon Tales | Anuj Tikku | Book Review
    Travelthon Tales takes you from the Taliban stronghold of Afghanistan to the spiritual valleys of Uttarakhand, from the desolate cemeteries of Ukraine to the dense jungles of Bandhavgarh. It is a collection of tales, both fiction and nonfiction.Read More
  • Greed Lust AddictionGreed Lust Addiction | Ravi Dabral | Book Review
    Ravi Dabral’s Greed Lust Addiction is a book that is more like a self-help book doling out life mantras than a crime fiction with a mysterious and dramatic bend. Expect a book that has some lessons to teach on almost all aspects of a person’s life – be it personal, professional, political, social, environmental etc.Read More
  • Kamadeva The God of DesireKamadeva: The God of Desire | Anuja Chandramouli | Book Review
    Kamadeva: The God of Desire is a mythological fiction that tells us (albeit fictionally) the entire story of Kamadeva, legendary God of love. So, expect a mythological fiction which takes you on a roller coaster ride that is the life of Kamadeva.Read More
  • The Confidence Game Why We Fall for It Every TimeThe Confidence Game: Why We Fall for It . . . Every Time | Maria Konnikova | Book Review
    The Confidence Game: Why We Fall for It . . . Every Time by Maria Konnikova is a book primarily written about human psychology, blended with engaging and intriguing real-life stories of confidence tricksters and scam artists.Read More

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