• 50 Secrets to a Fantastic Life and Career: Be the Best Version of You50 Secrets to a Fantastic Life and Career | Venkatesh Athreya | Book Review
    The main focus of 50 Secrets to a Fantastic Life and Career is on enhancing our strength rather than crying over our weakness, but it does not neglect the power of habits leading to great achievements. This book is meant for those who are unaware of their personality and true potential to succeed.Read More
  • Divyastra nimish tannaDivyastra | Nimish Tanna | Book Review
    Divyastra is an easy and quick read not because it has a simple cliché plot but because it manages to hook the reader right from the very beginning with the help of a racy narration and an enticing plot. Expect a book that promises adventure cloaked in mystery.Read More
  • They Go to Sleep SaugataThey Go to Sleep | Saugata Chakraborty | Book Review
    Worth reading from cover to cover, They Go to Sleep is interesting on a whole new level. There are a total of twelve short stories in this collection. It is a well-compiled assortment of tales about ordinary people going about their everyday lives until they fall into extraordinary situations and how they deal with these circumstances.Read More
  • The Panchatheertha Part 1The Panchatheertha Part 1 | Rajiv Mittal | Book Review
    The Panchatheertha is a satirical revision of sections 1 and 2 of The Panchatantra written by Vishnu Sharma. What holds the plot together is the manner of storytelling that Rajiv Mittal aces to perfection. The story unfolds with a moderate pace and in a gradual, though not necessarily chronological, manner.Read More
  • Remodel Your SoothsayerRemodel Your Soothsayer | Jayanta Bhaumik | Book Review
    Remodel Your Soothsayer is not about why one should believe in Astrology and other similar subjects but it is an attempt to improve and expand one’s perception of the forces at play. Through the book, the author tries to address certain aspects attached to the mystical unseen world.Read More
  • Heart of the TigerHeart of the Tiger | Deepa Kantamaneni | Book Review
    Heart of the Tiger follows the story of Ella, a brave, resolute, young woman in her struggles and sacrifices to save Oakwoods, an ancestral legacy. This bequest has a precious place in her heart, the heart which will roar like a tiger if any foe dare to harm it.Read More
  • Life in the Sunshine SathishLife in the Sunshine | T. Sathish | Book Review
    Life in the Sunshine claims to be an autobiography of an unknown cricketer. This unknown cricketer is Sat who breathes and lives every moment of his life for cricket. He is an uncanny follower of the game and shares a fervour for the sport with his friends.Read More
  • It's Up To YouIt’s Up To You | Anju Dhawan | Book Review
    Dedicated to her late father Shri Ram Das Chawla who has influenced her most with his rare and inimitable qualities, It’s Up To You is an inspiring read on the need for taking action in an age where protest and self-representation are at its peak.Read More
  • Au Contraire, MademoiselleAu Contraire, Mademoiselle! | Indrani Mirajkar | Book Review
    Au Contraire, Mademoiselle! is a complicated story of a complicated young woman. Expect a book that is not your regular read but one that challenges you as a reader. Also, expect a book that is bound to break stereotypes and stir a few feathers here and there.Read More
  • The Light Catcher Sameer ChopraThe Light Catcher | Sameer Chopra | Book Review
    The Light Catcher is an amusing story of a young artist called Purab who, in search of a comfortable life, enters the competitive corporate world. Living in the fast-paced life of a Metro, he is constantly pushed to fulfil his targets and yet is under-represented and seldom recognized for his hard work.Read More
  • Kala Ghoda: The Game BeginsKala Ghoda: The Game Begins | Ashwini Malhotra | Book Review
    Kala Ghoda: The Game Begins had a fast-paced narration as events unfolded one after the other, ending with a drastic change in the hierarchy. I liked the overall performance in the book and believe that readers interested in similar premise may read this thriller and enjoy what the author has to offer.Read More
  • 75 Years: Reflections of my Life and the World around Me75 Years: Reflections of my Life and the World around Me | S. Krishnamoorthi | Book Review
    A staunch believer in the miracles of prayer and God, Krishnamoorthi presents his autobiography from his birth to 2018 in this book – 75 Years: Reflections of my Life and the World around Me. Apart from being a researcher and able administrator, he was also a man of many talents. Read More
  • I Want to Run Away Deepa IyyerI Want to Run Away | Deepa Iyyer | Book Review
    I Want to Run Away is highly dramatic and Bollywoodised and the plot, on the whole, has a sense of a modern retelling of the Jab We Met story though it is not exactly the same. The language in I Want to Run Away is simple and easy to read with minimal spelling or grammatical errors.Read More
  • Gurus: The Story of India’s Leading BabasGurus: The Story of India’s Leading Babas | Bhavdeep Kang | Book Review
    In Gurus: The Story of India’s Leading Babas, expect a book that talks about India’s leading gurus in a rather unimpressive manner. In fact, unimpressive is a much humble word because the book, in the treatment of most of the babas, is as condescending as it gets.Read More
  • living hell vivaan shahLiving Hell | Vivaan Shah | Book Review
    A fast-paced noir murder mystery with dark humour that builds on the secrecies of the Mumbai underworld and an accidental hero, Living Hell is at times bafflingly exotic beyond words. Vivaan Shah has an eye for detail like none other.Read More

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