The Least Favorite Child is the story of Rivka, who at the tender age of six was sent away by her parents to a military training school in compliance with their country’s conscript law. The book is an ideal one for lovers of action and war reads. The narration is made real by a lot of descriptions of the scenes and the weapons and technology.
  • Avatar of ProtectorAvatar of Protector | Chetan B. Thakkar | Book Review
    Avatar of Protector is a modern-day mythological fiction that promises a good amount of action and adventure. I love how sci-fi elements like space travel, high tech vimanas, supercomputers of the future and other such things also find their way into the story. Children will definitely enjoy it as it has just the right dose of action and adventure
  • The Full CircleThe Full Circle | Namrata Gupta | Book Review
    The Full Circle by Namrata Gupta is an easy read and would be perfect for new readers. It is a mix of romance, drama and mystery. Though the drama and romance far outweigh the mystery elements, the book puts forth a delectable combination that is both refreshing and entertaining.
  • The Scarlet TurbanThe Scarlet Turban | Shreyas Adhikari | Book Review
    A book of this sort is a promise of exciting adventures, fights that make you hold your breath and deaths you will lament over. Be rest assured of every one of these when you pick up The Scarlet Turban. The story of a brave warrior and his companions, a winding journey, the wise words of mentors and a single focus: revenge.
  • From Emptiness to HappinessFrom Emptiness to Happiness | Dr. Sandhya Mohan | Book Review
    From Emptiness to Happiness narrates the story of a compassionate and impulsive anaesthesiologist, Dr. Riya, and her tryst with love. Riya meets Samith and through their story, the reader gets a glimpse into the lives of medical professionals, their doubts, insecurities and decisions.
  • The Upside of UnrequitedThe Upside of Unrequited | Becky Albertalli | Book Review
    The Upside of Unrequited is a YA Fiction by Becky Albertalli. It revolves around Molly Peskin-Suso, a chubby teenage girl suffering from self-image issues. Molly has a gorgeous twin sister Cassie who has always been a winner at the dating game and this too doesn’t do much to boost Molly’s morale.
  • Yes, My Accent is RealYes, My Accent is Real | Kunal Nayyar | Book Review
    Yes, My Accent is Real is full of tales rich with experiences and wisdom which will be helpful to many people who are struggling with the cultural shock of moving to America. It will also be helpful to aspiring actors and people who plan to move to America for college or job.
  • the cryptic key seshadriThe Cryptic Key | Seshadri S | Book Review
    The Cryptic Key is a modern day mythological thriller. It promises adventure, as well as fantasy and people who love the idea of quests and treasure hunting, will surely find it a good read. It gives you an altogether new approach to look at Indian mythology and its ancient customs.
  • The White Tiger and Other Stories Ruskin BondThe White Tiger and Other Stories | Ruskin Bond | Book Review
    The book is a collection of 9 short stories which have been compiled by Ruskin Bond. The collection includes stories not just written by Ruskin Bond but also by other eminent authors like Arthur Conan Doyle, Alice Perrin, Bram Stoker, Rudyard Kipling, C.A. Kincaid etc.
  • Who Are You Stranger by Shweta GrewalWho Are You Stranger? | Shweta Grewal | Book Review
    Who Are You Stranger? is a romantic thriller. The book is interesting and even though it has certain issues, I remember always looking forward to the next page – page after page. It is one of those reads that work best when one isn’t a regular reader and picks up books only once in a while.
  • You Cannot Have All the AnswersYou Cannot Have All the Answers | Deepa Agarwal | Book Review
    The one thing that makes You Cannot Have All the Answers so different from other short story books on the market is its unique theme. All of the stories are about women and in one way or another, the book brings to limelight the various issues that plague a woman.
  • Making a PoemMaking A Poem | Vihang A. Naik | Book Review
    The unique selling point of this book is its theme. The book is a collection of poems on poetry. All the poems are written about either a poet or a poem. Overall, the book tells us that poems and poetry are a tricky thing. Pick up Making a Poem if you are looking for something strikingly unusual in your reading.
  • Please Let Me Go by Caitlin SpencerPlease, Let Me Go | Caitlin Spencer | Book Review
    Please, Let Me Go is the true story of the decade-long struggle of a 14-year-old child who was forced into prostitution, sex trade and human trafficking because she was young, naïve and, meek. The language of the book is simple and the author speaks candidly.
  • The Rise of Rama vijay sodhiThe Rise of Rama (The Ramayana Epics #1) | Vijay Singh Sodhi | Book Review
    The Rise of Rama tells us the original story as it goes in the Ramayana. It is not a mythological fiction but true mythology. The book takes some creative liberty and reimagines certain conversations but that’s pretty much it. Apart from this small distinction, the story remains unaltered.
  • Mumblings from the DepthMumblings from the Depth | Jithu Biji Thomas | Book Review
    Mumblings from the Depth is a collection of 21 short stories each accompanied by a succinctly apt piece of prose. From the Nazi Germany of the 1940s to Iraq under Saddam Hussain, from the streets of America to the jogging parks of India, this book is bound to take you on a fictional mini-tour.

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