• The Mother-in-LawThe Mother-in-Law: The Other Woman in Your Marriage | Veena Venugopal | Book Review
    Through The Mother-in-Law: The Other Woman in Your Marriage, the author tries to take you across the complexities of the married life of eleven Indian women, via a series of interviews. The attempt and purpose of this book, clearly, is to bring out and evaluate the ugly truth of the Indian society, when it comes to life-after-marriage.
  • The Shreds of CharacterThe Shreds of Character | Jasbir S Jagdeo | Book Review
    The Shreds of Character is a contemporary tale of a Sikh family where familial bonds are strained with unending issues of honour and pride. There is a discussion on Indian tradition regarding sex and sexuality and its comparison with western culture from a generalized perspective.
  • Why I Scream in VerseWhy I Scream in Verse: At the World | Isha Snehal | Book Review
    Why I Scream in Verse: At the World is a collection of 50 poems which are segregated into 3 different categories – A Woman’s Journey, Social Clauses and And we Rise. If you are just getting into non-romantic poetry this might be a good book for you because the author’s simple yet powerful writing makes for an effortless read.
  • The Girl in Room 105The Girl in Room 105 | Chetan Bhagat | Book Review
    The book is basically a crime mystery in the garb of a romantic drama. Surely, there is a bit of both (romance and drama) but the suspense overpowers them in a big way. What I absolutely loved in this book is its strong plot. If there is one thing that appears to have taken a good amount of effort and thinking, it is the plot.
  • Rolling in the DarkRolling in the Dark | Pooja Upadhaya Mishra | Book Review
    Rolling in the Dark is the story of a woman’s relentless pain and sorrow, her several sacrifices and her unwavering determination to survive just for her child. It is the story of an ambitious, young girl Meera who is forced to marry rather than pursue her higher education. Bottling her wishes within her, Meera enters her married life unaware of what lies ahead.
  • Paradise Towers Shweta Bachchan NandaParadise Towers | Shweta Bachchan-Nanda | Book Review
    Along with a decent dose of family rivalries, cultural clashes, friendly animosities, clandestine affairs and emotional melodramas, Paradise Towers has just the right kind of humour to add to the already spicy mix. It doesn’t tell us the story of one or two protagonists but that of a society (neighbourhood) as a whole.
  • Tarikshir The Awakening Khayaal PatelTarikshir: The Awakening | Khayaal Patel | Book Review
    Tarikshir: The Awakening by Khayaal Patel is a massive entertainer; one that is sure to leave you spellbound with all that it has to offer. It’s a fantasy novel that draws heavily from our mythology and history. Like a cherry on top, it has elements of thrill and mystery as well. This book comes as a much-recommended read from me.
  • Lonely Hearts Prakkash SatputheLonely Hearts | Prakkash Satputhe | Book Review
    Lonely Hearts is the story on one of the prevailing situations in India – the practice of alienating people in their old age. It may be due to a daughter moving to her marital home after marriage or a son traveling abroad for studies and job. Lonely Hearts provides a simplistic narration of modern life and its consequences on familial relationships.
  • Identity Quest (Dvidha Series #1)Identity Quest (Dvidha Series #1) | Seshadri S | Book Review
    Identity Quest is a pure fantasy novel; a fantasy based in India, with Indian characters and Indian settings. The book talks of an ancient order of beings that have secret powers. The order has existed for thousands of years. These beings exhibit supernatural powers and are called Dvidhas.
  • It Was a Happy Trusting World, ThenIt Was a Happy Trusting World, Then | Vilas Kale | Book Review
    It Was a Happy Trusting World, Then is a book by Vilas Kale which talks about a hitchhiking trip that he took, along with his two cousins, in the year 1971 to the Middle East and Europe. Planned on an impulse and carried out despite extreme budgetary limitations, the trip proved to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for this Indian trio.
  • From Monkeying to ParentingFrom Monkeying to Parenting | Parminder Kaur Sharma | Book Review
    From Monkeying to Parenting is basically a mini-guide for those parents who find it tough to balance work with children. It is also meant for those parents who are looking for some very specific answers to questions like how to make homework easy for kids? How to manage tantrums? How to address hyperactivity in kids? How to manage bullying amongst kids?
  • Inkredia - Luwan Of BridaInkredia – Luwan Of Brida | Sarang Mahajan | Book Review
    Inkredia – Luwan Of Brida is a tale of adventure, friendship and love – bonds we share as a human being; it is a tale of good vs evil. It sets the bar pretty high for aspiring writers for their first book because, generally, in their first books writers get sloppy but Sarang has done a commendable and appreciable work with Inkredia.
  • Heart Quake by Ishita DeshmukhHeart Quake | Ishita Deshmukh | Book Review
    The book is typically a romance however it isn’t one of those overly cheesy and cringe-worthy romances that leave you irritated. What sets Heart Quake apart is its unique setting in the aftermath of the Bhuj earthquake. Heart Quake isn’t about “love at first sight”; instead it tells us the story of a love rekindling after 10 years of separation.
  • The Perfect Us Durjoy DattaThe Perfect Us | Durjoy Datta | Book Review
    The Perfect Us is the story of a married couple wanting to take the next step forward in their lives i.e. getting pregnant and having kids. It talks about the issues and struggles which would-be parents face. It also talks about the inevitable changes that creep in a marriage/relationship that has lasted 10 long years.
  • Pyjamas are ForgivingPyjamas are Forgiving | Twinkle Khanna | Book Review
    Pyjamas are Forgiving is a drama whose story revolves around love, marriage, infidelity, longing and divorce. There is a good message to be learned from the book especially when it comes to falling and giving yourself in love. Love is a beautiful thing but when it comes at the price of losing oneself, it’s never worth it.

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