• Age of AzmoqAge of Azmoq: The Valantian Imperium | Rajamayyoor Sharma | Book Review
    In this book, the writing was simple, comprehensive, interactive. I would go so far as to say it was the ideal kind of writing I look for in dystopian or science fictions: perfectly explanatory (to a layman like me) but also lively. The same sort of writing carries on throughout the book.
  • Say No to HappinessSay No To Happiness | Madhu Namboodiri | Book Review
    Say No To Happiness discusses various aspects of life and the way of addressing any hurdles that cross our path. Madhu Namboodiri deliberates on the basic element in the human world that is the source of all the unhappiness and failures; the hindrance in our path to living a “dream life”.
  • My Feathered FriendsMy Feathered Friends & the Book of Poems | Sunil Bhatia | Book Review
    My Feathered Friends is about the different places the author travelled to and how he met the varied feathered creatures with their unique characteristics and perspectives who provided valuable insights to him, and through him, to the readers. It is a book that even young readers can read, understand and enjoy.
  • Rose of SarajevoRose of Sarajevo | Ayse Kulin | Book Review
    Rose of Sarajevo is set during the 1990s which shook the entire nations of Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Slovenia. The war that ensued saw millions of Bosniaks being tortured and murdered in the name of ethnic cleansing. This story is of one such family who lost their everything in the war.
  • The Last NomadThe Last Nomad | Heramb Sukhathankar | Book Review
    The Last Nomad narrates the life events of a boy called Rahul who suffers from selective mutism and is denied decent medical treatment due to the superstitious nature of his parents. The slums of India is portrayed in minute details. Heramb delves on the subjects of unemployment, poverty, alcoholism and corruption.
  • Happiness is All We WantHappiness is All We Want | Ashutosh Mishra | Book Review
    Happiness is All We Want is a book that intends to educate the people of our generation to bring about a balance in their lives. Each individual is a combination of a mind, a body and a soul and hence, Ashutosh Mishra emphasizes the importance of nourishing all three aspects of our being equally.
  • wedding pickleWedding Pickle | Neha Sharma | Book Review
    Wedding Pickle will appeal to the masses but more so to the female readers. Neha’s writing style combines romance and chick-lit in an almost effortless way. Her strength as a writer lies in making the book appeal to a large number of readers with the help of a story which celebrates women and their flaws.
  • Feral Laxmi HariharanFeral (Many Lives #1) | Laxmi Hariharan | Book Review
    Feral (Many Lives #1) is the story of a young girl Maya who lives in a world where humans and hybrids co-exist. She is a human but has been brought up by a group of hybrids living in Bombay. After learning this, she sets out in search of her true parents. What she uncovers in the process is truly surprising.
  • Treasure Trove of ZodiacsTreasure Trove of Zodiacs | Tanuj Lalchandani | Book Review
    In Treasure Trove of Zodiacs, Tanuj Lalchandani elucidates that an individual’s personality is determined by a whole bunch of astrological factors, and zodiac signs play a very small part in it and are only the building blocks in learning the science of astrology.
  • Unforeseen: A Battle for His Daughter's LifeUnforeseen | Chandan Sen Gupta | Book Review
    Chandan Sen Gupta's Unforeseen is the story of a simple family who has hardly ever moved out of their native village in Rasoolpur, Pakistan and are now bound to run around India to avoid the law forces as well as the terrorists who are trying to kill them.
  • रणक्षेत्रम प्रथम खंडरणक्षेत्रम : प्रथम खंड । उत्कर्ष श्रीवास्तव । पुस्तक समीक्षा
    रणक्षेत्रम: प्रथम खंड की रचना उत्कर्ष श्रीवास्तव ने की है। यह कहानी हमें ले जाती है एक ऐसे काल में जहाँ असुर, देवता, नाग तथा मनुष्य एक साथ निवास करते हैं। यह उस युग की कहानी है जहाँ वामन अवतार द्वारा राक्षस महाबली को पाताल भेजने के उपरांत असुरों का मानव जाति पर दबाव काफी कम हो चुका है।
  • My Mute GirlfriendMy Mute Girlfriend | Himanshu Rai | Book Review
    Most of the college romances that I read touch upon a college goer’s daily life but does so only superficially. In Himanshu Rai's My Mute Girlfriend, however, the readers also get to relive those days of college life in a better manner. The thing that sets this book apart from others is its “true story” tag.
  • Sorrow That You KeepSorrow That You Keep | Ruvindra Suthasarani | Book Review
    Sorrow That You Keep is the story of love and separation captured beautifully in a language which is soothing to the mind and melodious to the heart. Just under 80 pages, it manages to indulge the reader in a way many other books fail to. It is that book which you read not for entertainment but for its life lessons.
  • The Unhealthy LoveThe Unhealthy Love | Avijit Chakraborty | Book Review
    The Unhealthy Love is everything you’d like from an exciting, fast book. Romance, delight, mystery. It starts with just the right amount of intrigue where you wonder about the characters as they slowly unravel. There is no need to worry about pace or balance since the flow of the story take care of that.
  • The Gory Story of Genghis KhanThe Gory Story of Genghis Khan | Nayanika Mahtani | Book Review
    The Gory Story of Genghis Khan is a children's book for 9 years and above. It is beautifully illustrated with black and white sketches of Genghis Khan and his subjects' life under his rule. It also talks about the prevailing culture, the traditions, the value system, and lives of daily people.

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  • Ancient Travellers who Travelled Through IndiaTravelogues by Ancient Travellers who Travelled Through India
    While the timeline of ‘ancient’ world isn’t clearly defined, the range generally referred to is 700 BCE to 500 AD. During this period, few books were written that were either travelogues i.e. first-hand accounts or compilation of experiences of other visitors.