• Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens AgendaSimon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda | Becky Albertalli | Book Review
    When you pick up Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, expect a simple yet captivating young adult read about a sixteen-year-old coming-of-age gay who is yet to come out to his friends and family. The struggles of coming out that he faces are legit and the book is very articulate in expressing the dilemmas of his mind.Read More
  • Blogging for GoldBlogging for Gold: A to Z of Blogging | Anuj Tikku | Book Review
    Blogging for Gold is a book meant for bloggers. This book will be appreciated by anyone who runs a blog or anybody who aspires to be a blogger. Anuj Tikku writes in an easy breezy manner while covering a wide variety of topics on blogging. The book very aptly covers the “A to Z of Blogging”.Read More
  • An Offbeat Yellow BackAn Offbeat Yellow Back | Aditi Bakshi | Book Review
    While picking up An Offbeat Yellow Back expect a read that is a mixed bag. As the subtitle aptly puts it, this is a book with a genre. There are a lot of musings, a few anecdotes and even fewer tales that the book tells us. But let that not deter you from giving this book a try because it’s an incredibly relatable one and especially so for working women.Read More
  • Jasmine Days BenyaminJasmine Days | Benyamin | Book Review
    Benyamin’s Jasmine Days is a book that will appeal to serious readers. What it sometimes lacks in pace is more than made up by its beautiful story and setting. Since the book is set in the backdrop of the Arab Spring of 2011, it can essentially be called a socio-political drama.Read More
  • Being ReshmaBeing Reshma | Reshma Qureshi with Tania Singh | Book Review
    Being Reshma possesses all the qualities of a good memoir - strong content, an honest voice, simple & unpretentious language and a deep social message. It has the power to bring about a change and if nothing, it will go a great deal in spreading awareness about acid attacks and what can be done to prevent them and help the existing survivors.Read More
  • Ashok and the Nine UnknownAshok and the Nine Unknown | Anshul Dupare | Book Review
    Ashok and the Nine Unknown might just be around 224 pages but the storyline has enough space for action, drama, romance, horror, mystery and magick, mingling with each other and forming notable moments. It is richly grounded on historical facts as we know them and even myths recounted through generations.Read More
  • Magic SquareMagic Square | Salini Vineeth | Book Review
    Magic Square has elements of various genres in subtle doses. It has a little drama, a mildly exciting mystery, a life-changing journey, a sombre dose of romance and friendship. No melodrama, no playing it up – just a simple and entertaining story. The book is a short story. Just over 60 pages, it can technically be classified as a novella.Read More
  • A White Trail: A Journey into the Heart of Pakistan’s Religious MinoritiesA White Trail: A Journey into the Heart of Pakistan’s Religious Minorities | Haroon Khalid | Book Review
    A White Trail is a book that should be read by everyone who believes in equality and the right to freedom of religion. It should be read by everyone to understand how Pakistan really treats its minorities. The author uses simple and easy to understand language. He relies a lot on first-hand data through oral interviews.Read More
  • Falling in VengeanceFalling in Vengeance | R Prakash | Book Review
    Falling in Vengeance is basically a short story that spans just 26 pages. It is a crime fiction but it has a surprise element that is quite uncommon in your regular murder mysteries. Expect a simple read that can be easily read in less than an hour.Read More
  • The Sameness in a Consistent ChangeThe Sameness in a Consistent Change | Sujay Malik | Book Review
    Dedicated to everyone cruising along in this journey of life, The Sameness in a Consistent Change is a book on nostalgia and memory. At a stretch, The Sameness in a Consistent Change is a good 60-minutes-read but it can barely be read at a go. It takes time for the ideas to seep in.Read More
  • Trials and TribulationsTrials and Tribulations | Dr. Prajwal Kumar | Book Review
    A diverse range of poems together form the book called Trials and Tribulations and it is rightfully titled because the poet Dr. Prajwal Kumar tries to convey the personal struggles and experiences that Life presents in front of every individual. It was fascinating to glimpse into the poet’s perception and view the World through his eyes.Read More
  • The Old Man and the SeaThe Old Man and the Sea | Ernest Hemingway | Book Review
    I picked up The Old Man and the Sea because I am participating in an Instagram readathon in which the prompt was to read a book that is a part of a “100 books to read in a lifetime” list. Needless to state, The Old Man and the Sea frequently graces many such lists and was therefore a good option.Read More
  • Hate in the time of MalariaHate in the Time of Malaria | Balu George | Book Review
    Hate in the Time of Malaria is a collection of five screenplays that stands for the idea of inversion and apposition. Comedy is the basic strain that flows through these tales. The stories are built up to multiple climaxes and several twists in the narrative structure.Read More
  • If I am Born Again Lord PleaseIf I am Born Again Lord Please… | Shopone | Book Review
    Unlike many other poetry books that I read, If I am Born Again Lord Please does not include a lot of poems. It does have a couple of them but all the poems in this collection are connected. What makes this book stand out from other poetry books is that in this book, the poet uses 7 different poems (and a few illustrations) to tell us a story.Read More
  • Isles of Mambo and Other StoriesIsles of Mambo and Other Stories | Alok Karkera | Book Review
    Isles of Mambo comes with a social message in each story like a moral that can be taken away from each of them. It is a collection of 12 short stories beginning with the story Twelve. While a reader may mistakenly think that the stories begin in a rather predictable fashion, they move into broader dimensions and cannot be easily guessed.Read More

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