• Letters from Kargil Diksha DwivediLetters from Kargil | Diksha Dwivedi | Book Review
    Letters from Kargil: The War Through Our Soldier’s Eyes is that heart-warming story of the Kargil war that had until now remained unknown. In this book Diksha Dwivedi, who lost her father, Major Chandra Bhushan Dwivedi in the fateful Kargil war brings together the untold memories of our heroes.
  • Norwegian Wood Haruki MurakamiNorwegian Wood | Haruki Murakami | Book Review
    Haruki Murakami's Norwegian Wood is one of the most popular books of Murakami and is set in the Japan of the 1960s during the period of student revolution. It’s a coming-of-age dark romance and drama which is melancholic and strangely peaceful at the same time.
  • The Secret of the Red CrystalsThe Secret of the Red Crystals | Sujata Sharma | Book Review
    The Secret of the Red Crystals not only gives a good introduction on the wonder protein called Lactoferrin but also tells us a lot about various other scientists and their discoveries like Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen and his X-Ray, Maire Curie and her discovery of radium.
  • Nair Told and UntoldNair Told and Untold | Mohan Nair | Book Review
    Nair Told and Untold is a short story collection which comprises of 15 short stories mostly set in the southern part of India in the beautiful state of Kerala. All the fifteen stories have a central character called Nair. This gentleman called Nair is always taking up different roles, occupations, and personality.
  • The Land Of Flying LamasThe Land Of Flying Lamas & Other Real Travel Stories From The Indian Himalaya | Gaurav Punj | Book Review
    The main reason that I will recommend The Land Of Flying Lamas is that it will acquaint you with the unexplored 90% of the Himalayas that only 10% of the tourists go to. A fact that Gaurav Punj has managed to drive is that 90% of the tourists going to the Himalayas go to only 10% of the places.
  • Giran Priceless MemoriesGiran Priceless Memories | Sahil Miglani | Book Review
    The magic of Giran lies in the varied themes that it explores. Most of the shayaris speak of the beauty of love, the pain of separation and abstract topics such as Uphaas (Mockery), Parchhayi (Shadow), Manzil (Goal), Andhere (Darkness), Sawera (Morning), Gham (Grief) etc.
  • Dead to Them by Smita BhattacharyaDead to Them | Smita Bhattacharya | Book Review
    Dead to Them is the story of Moira Madhwa, who is a young and successful woman who lives in Mumbai. One fine day she goes missing without leaving any clue whatsoever. As the days go by, people start looking for her, but each person who is out there searching for Moira is doing so for his/her own selfish reasons.
  • Life and Other Near-Death Experiences by Camille PaganLife and Other Near-Death Experiences | Camille Pagan | Book Review
    Life and Other Near-Death Experiences tells us the story of Libby whose world is shattered when she comes to know two things– (1) she is suffering from cancer, and (2) her husband of nearly two decades is a gay. Shell-shocked she flees from Chicago and takes refuge in a desolate Carribean island where the promise of sun-kissed sands and a hot guy brings her some respite.
  • Risen by Cole Gibsen Blood Eternal #1Risen (Blood Eternal #1) | Cole Gibsen | Book Review
    Charlie isn’t really happy with the way her life is going. She lives with her aunt in an isolated cabin in the woods which much to Charlie’s disappointment is far away from everything she cares about – civilization, friends, and life. Her life changes when one day her aunt is kidnapped by vampires and Charlie has no clue whatsoever.Until now, she never knew that vampires existed.
  • Frailty and Valour by Vidya Bhushan SinghFrailty and Valour | Vidya Bhushan Singh & Dr. Sudhir Singh | Book Review
    Prashant and Priya, an elderly couple are traveling to Delhi. A chance encounter brings them closer to a young and talented police officer, Anamika Singh. During their stay in Delhi, they realize that there is more to the story of Anamika than what meets the eye. As Prashant starts reading Anamika’s diary, her past is laid bare to the reader.
  • empire by devi yesodharanEmpire by Devi Yesodharan | Book Review
    The story of Empire by Devi Yesodharan is based in the 11th century Chola Kingdom at a time when they are at their mightiest and richest. When a Greek pirate ship sails in to loot the wealth of the Cholas, it is brutally defeated and forced to pay a compensation; a payment that includes a twelve-year-old girl, Aremis.
  • A Journey to YonderA Journey to Yonder | Nidhi Kaur | Book Review
    The best part of A Journey to Yonder is Nidhi’s unique usage of both poetry and prose in describing her life to the reader. She frequently shifts between the two, intelligently using them for maximum impact. I love how she is able to write such a passionately worded memoir in just under 150 pages.
  • A Beautiful ConclusionA Beautiful Conclusion | Abhish | Book Review
    Prajat is a young man whose life changes when his home along with most of his small town is destroyed in a massive earthquake in Rajasthan. With nothing left to do there, he leaves for Delhi and gets employed in a dubious looking setup as a “Social Media Hitman” a.k.a a “Troll”.
  • Nathuram Godse The Hidden Untold TruthNathuram Godse: The Hidden Untold Truth | Anup Sardesai | Book Review
    Nathuram Godse: The Hidden Untold Truth tells the story of Nathuram right from his birth, his growing up days, his association with Hindu Mahasabha and RSS, his relationship with Veer Savarkar, his growing resentment towards Gandhi and finally, his murder of Gandhi.
  • Owls in the FamilyOwls in the Family | Ruskin Bond | Book Review
    Owls in the Family mostly revolves around the small-town life and presents before us a world long forgotten. For many of us urban dwellers, it is as good as a getaway from the chaos of city life as a short vacation.

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