PLOT: 3/5

From the author of gripping love stories, Preeti Shenoy, who has penned the award-winning book “When Love Came Calling,” comes yet another heart-touching romance novel about three characters and their intertwined lives. “All The Love You Deserve” serves as a sequel to “When Love Came Calling,” but it can also be read as a separate, independent book without any prerequisite knowledge of the previous publication.

The story of All the Love You Deserve

The plot revolves around Puja and Arush, who are in a committed relationship with each other. Despite their commitment and loyalty, they find that different time zones and the challenges of a busy life create a distance between them that cannot be easily bridged physically. This also creates an emotional distance between their hearts and the affection they hold for one another.

The twist in the plot comes in the form of a third character named Sujit, who happens to be Puja’s ex-boyfriend. He desires to reconcile with Puja by seeking her forgiveness for past mistakes that soured their relationship. He hopes to make necessary amends for personal growth, overcoming struggles in his turbulent present and past sorrows that deeply trouble him.

The pandemic exacerbates their issues, problems, and difficulties due to movement and travel restrictions. It leads to delays and increases the gaps in face-to-face communication.

In this entire process of finding the courage and means to address their issues, each of the three characters must discover their higher calling, what suits them best, and how they can go about the unforeseeable future.

Between handling family responsibilities, relationships, and personal priorities, they realize the challenges of adulthood: facing responsibilities while maintaining a positive outlook. Hence, the story revolves around these characters and the fate of their love lives, despite life’s obstacles.

My thoughts about the book

The characters are well-rounded with a lot of dimensional depth that makes them highly relatable. They are life-like and easy to follow in terms of their responses to the situations. In fact, to a great extent, they are realistically drawn in the way in which they respond, think of other possibilities, tackle the situation, behave, and interact.

They also remain true to their family backgrounds and educational qualifications which is reflected in the maturity with which they deal with the issues of restricted time, increasing distance, and emotional ups and downs. This allows them to deal with every situation in a mature and sensible manner without losing their cool or going overboard with the sudden turning points that occur out of the blue and take them aback.

Yet, they remain resilient, though slightly disturbed at times. Jolted by the suddenness of some happenings, these characters have deeply emotional aspects to their personalities, which help readers connect with them and empathize with their experiences.

What is also interesting to note is that these characters are given ample space and are dealt with in a manner that allows them to grow with the progression of the narrative.

The writing style of the book spans different perspectives of the author, yet it remains coherent and clear. Instead of causing confusion, this approach enables a better and more in-depth character analysis of the individuals involved.

The language of the book is simple, with a writing style that is lucid and straightforward. This eases the reading process allowing the focus to remain on the multi-faceted characterization that intertwines with the complex plot.

The plot twists are upheld by the lucidity of the language of the book, which is rich with the presentation of complicated emotions in a simplified manner. This doesn’t imply a disregard for the complexity of the situations or diminish the struggles faced by the characters with lengthy descriptions.

Rather, the narrative always highlights the incidents that occur in the storyline to lay emphasis on the struggles of the characters and how they deal with them.

With a charming book cover and a love triangle that pans across nearly 250 pages, this book is a must-read for Indian romance enthusiasts.   

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