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It has been a couple of centuries since AI transformed the lives of humans, and three hundred years ago that the Great Digitization took place. It is in such a world where our protagonists, two brothers – Atul and Rohan work and live. While one is cautious, the other risks everything in high-stakes games. When Arcadia crashes, their lives are thrown into chaos, In a world that is completely run online, what happens when everything goes off?

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A Fistful of Love, all of 214 pages, comprises of around 50 small essays whose topics range from love, attachment, marital relationships, problems and inconveniences, kindness, love language, human desires, cheating in relationships, marriage and its truths, desires, and its DNA, personal fulfillment, destiny and free will, tolerance, eternal truth, faith, realization, etc.

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Innovative, thought-provoking, and timely, this book serves as a practical guide to future-proofing your career in a post-pandemic world. It challenges conventional career choices and emphasizes the importance of rethinking education’s functionality. With a pragmatic approach, the author ensures holistic organizational growth and employee satisfaction for long-term business success.

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