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Ink and Scales: Journeying Through the Mythos of Books and Dragons

“Ink and Scales” takes you to enchanting realm where books and dragons collide! This article delves into the fascinating parallels between these iconic elements of literature. Through 10 evocative quotes, discover the shared magic, adventure, and timeless wisdom that both books and dragons offer to readers worldwide.

Best Indian Fantasy Novels

Best Indian Fantasy Novels: Unveiling the Crème de la crème of 2023

In this article, we have curated a selection of four extraordinary Indian fantasy novels, all freshly published in 2023. These literary gems represent the pinnacle of Indian fantasy writing for this year, showcasing the evolution and expansion of the genre in India. These books are a testament to the boundless creativity of Indian authors, offering readers a portal to captivating new worlds.

Delirium Lauren Oliver Book

Delirium | Lauren Oliver | Book Review

There was once a time when love was considered to be a good thing. It was welcomed and celebrated. But that was until the scientists found its cure. Earlier people never understood the dangers of love. The disasters that it brings and the way it controls your entire being. This love – a deliria – offers no respite, no hope for those who are inflicted. But things have changed now. Scientists have finally found the cure for love. All the residents of the United States are encouraged, or more so compelled to take the cure when they turn eighteen.

The Ashes of Hope Celestia Chronicles by Anagha Ratish Book Review

Celestia Chronicles: The Ashes of Hope | Anagha Ratish | Book Review

The saga of Celestia is no more a fairy tale. No more it is harmless pixies and fun-filled characters. This time it is dark and sinister with an underlying sense of foreboding.
The throne of Emberglass that Adaire and her likes wanted to snatch away from evil Queen Zyra’s clutches has once again fallen into evil. From one evil queen to another. Perhaps that was how the saga was always meant to be.

The Deal in Akmud Ekta Sinha Book

The Deal in Akmud | Ekta Sinha | Book Review

This work of fiction is doubly fictitious and based in a dream-like land with elements that are fantastical and other worldly. It is a story that revolves around the idea of evil and explicates the manner in which evil thrives by being a sort of parasite.

Poonachi by Perumal Murugan

Poonachi | Perumal Murugan | Book Review

Poonachi is a black female goat, handed over by an unknown person to an old man. She is said to be the seventh goat in her litter which is quite rare and exceptional. The mystery man who hands it over to the old man believes she is special. The old man takes Poonachi to his home where he already has other goats.


The Witches’ Pit Adventures | Ishita Padiyar | Book Review

Upon her arrival in Germany, Sally soon finds new friends in Sarah, Olive, and Olivia. Together with them, she sets out to explore her surroundings.
Imagine their surprise when they discover a secret witches’ pit in Sally’s garden. Curious and intrigued, they decide to inspect the pit and find themselves in imminent danger.

Celestia Chronicles Fire and Water by Anagha Ratish

Celestia Chronicles: Fire and Water | Anagha Ratish | Book Review

Adaire is a young girl who loves books. Her favorites are fantasies that transport her to the world of magic and acquaint her with all sorts of magical and mystical beings.
Imagine her surprise and delight when she is pulled into a magical world not much different from the ones that she reads about.

Rage of the Immortals by Kanika

Rage of the Immortals | Kanika | Book Review

Rage of Immortals is about Lt. Sefina, the central character who ends up being kidnapped. Taken to the Underworld as the deputy bodyguard of Cipher, she is introduced to this fantastical new world of magic, drama, and novelty. Yet unknown to her, she is bound to this job for a lifetime by her Boss Cipher.


A Dual Dragoned Throne | Arya Rajam | Book Review

For someone who loves the allure of fantasy universes more than anything in the world, the book does have something to offer. Dynamic and larger-than-life characters trapped in dangerous and often life-threatening adventures set against the background of a possible good vs evil apocalypse is something that surely promises a decent dose of entertainment.

The-God-Who-Loved-Motorbikes-by Murali-K-Menon-Book-Review

The God Who Loved Motorbikes | Murali K Menon | Book Review

The God Who Loved Motorbikes is not just a book. It is a feeling; it is a journey in itself that is so wondrous and yet sometimes so incongruous. It is a battle fought in tandem with a never-ending quest for an elusive god – not the god who loved motorbikes but the god of all motorbikes.


Chronicles of the Mortal Vishnu | Antar Atreya | Book Review

The book doesn’t lack entertainment. It has an interesting storyline, an engaging plot and an awesome string of characters however, a little more effort on pruning the excessive descriptions and maintaining an even pace would surely have been great. Overall, it is a decent one time read.