PLOT: 3/5
CLIMAX: 2.5/5
OVERALL: 3.5/5

My Musings

Its been quite long since I last read a fantasy series. I was hoping that picking this book up might help my fantasy reading and fortunately, as it turns out, I wasn’t wrong in my assumptions. Arya Rajam’s A Dual Dragoned Throne is a saga that spreads over multiple kingdoms, vast number of characters and many decades. Read on to know what I think of the book and how was my experience of reading it.

What to expect?

Expect a fantasy that tells us the tale of a coming-of-age princess. Expect a lengthy read that takes you on a good vs evil adventure. Expect a book that is written in a lucid language and one which shows a lot of promise.

Who can read?

The language used in the book is simple and fluid which makes it a decent pick for a beginner level reader.

Let’s talk about the storyline

Aurora is the princess of Caelisia, a kingdom of relative prosperity ruled by one of the most benevolent kings of all times – King Lorien. Aurora, King Lorien’s only child is betrothed to the Prince of Thigacia but for some reason, she isn’t very keen on marriage. She has her mind somewhere else, for she is the chosen one.

The purpose of her life lies elsewhere but she doesn’t know of it yet. When she finally discovers the path that she is meant to tread she will have to undertake a journey of extreme hardships and struggles. The quest will be a unique one for on it rides the future of not just the Kingdom of Caelisia but also of the whole wide world.

Mysterious are the ways of fate for when dark forces threaten to take over the entire world, the responsibility to nib the evil in its bud will lie on the delicate shoulders of Aurora. But she will have to move fast or it will be too late to redeem the world from the clutches of the evil sorcerer.

A Dual Dragoned Throne is the coming of age story of an iron-willed princess who will go to all lengths to save the world that she dearly loves.

How good are the characters?

The characters are probably the best part of the book. They all manage to create a lasting impact on the readers. I particularly liked the way the character of Aurora is molded. She isn’t your stereotypical princess (the much clichéd beautiful and dainty version).

She is plump and average looking, isn’t as sure footed as a warrior princess should be, is sometimes curious and sometimes confused and unlike most other princess destined for great things she isn’t very ambitious about her future. She is skeptical and indecisive just like any of us.

In other words, she is believable, relatable and much closer to her readers than many other fantasy princesses one may read about. I also deeply admired the character of Gaia. She is a fierce warrior and is unwavering in her loyalty to the princess, not to forget the strange aura of mystery that she surrounds herself with. I am totally looking forward to reading more of Gaia’s story in the next book.

How good is the writing style?

I like the way the author has panned out the story across multiple kingdoms and, multiple decades with a bunch of interesting and dynamic set of characters. Fortunately, she refrains from paying too much attention to details. The book isn’t unnecessarily descriptive and that’s a good thing. Instead the focus is more on the adventure-filled journey. Special weightage has been given to action scenes and that totally makes sense with a story like this.

I also love how even small characters are given interesting back stories. They aren’t just brushed under the carpet as is often the case in many other books. My one qualm with the writing is that at certain places the foreshadowing is a little more than necessary. Another thing that could have been avoided is the linear approach to storytelling. The book reads like a simple linear story that lacks the finesse of an experienced writer.

What about the language?

The language is simple and flowy but at the same time it isn’t the ‘plain jane’ sorts. It is modestly rich but it does not take away the limelight from the plot.

Let’s talk about the climax

The climax is one thing where the book disappoints mildly. It ends on a rather simple note without any noticeable hook luring the reader towards the next book in the series. As a reader, I’ve grown quite accustomed to “the trap” and not finding it in A Dual Dragoned Throne was just a tad bit disappointing.

Is the book entertaining?

For someone who loves the allure of fantasy universes more than anything in the world, the book does have something to offer. Dynamic and larger-than-life characters trapped in dangerous and often life-threatening adventures set against the background of a possible good vs evil apocalypse is something that surely promises a decent dose of entertainment.

In the end

In the end, A Dual Dragoned Throne is a book that shows a lot of promise. Despite the plot being very linear in its approach, the book has a lot to boast of. It is a decent one time read for anyone who is looking to explore new Indian voices in the fantasy fiction space.

The final verdict

Can be read.

Pick it up if

Skip the book if

  • You don’t like fantasy fiction.
  • You don’t like lengthy reads.
  • You are looking for the next Harry Potter.
  • You are looking for a five-star read.

Can’t wait to read it? Buy your copy of A Dual Dragoned Throne using the link below.