PLOT: 3.5/5
CLIMAX: 3.5/5

Divided into 49 chapters of almost equal lengths, Rage of the Immortals by Kanika is a rather lengthy read meant for all ages. It, however, will especially appeal to those with inclinations towards adventure tales, complex multi-climax plots, and fantasy fiction.

The book begins with an introduction about a postulation, wherein the reader is asked to assume that the universe that we reside in may have had alternate theories of inception. Hence, the Big Bang theory is placed in a whole new light with Baby Universe as an orphan, conceived with new-born laws of gravity that gave way to the second sentient being in the Universe, that is the first emotion. Giving a new meaning to the Big Bang, the novel opens in New Nyssa. Hope is all there is in such a post-apocalyptic world.

The book cover is exquisite, and the title is apt for the novel. The title makes sense once the novel draws towards its end. This acts as a bonus, adding to the entire reading experience of this fantasy fiction world.

The plot is about Lt. Sefina, the central character who ends up being kidnapped. Taken to the Underworld as the deputy bodyguard of Cifer, she is introduced to this fantastic new world of magic, drama, and novelty. This presents a new opportunity for her to learn some tricks of the trade, but little does she know that she is bound to this job for a lifetime by her Boss Cipher.

Lily, Bub, Akuma, and Asmi are Cipher’s team. In contrast, Atom is the ruler in Heaven, although the plot negates the presence of any God or Godlike power. Instead, these supernatural characters embody essences of powerful emotions and values that make them their own Gods.

In all of these, humans find a small place too, and that is seen in the love story of Kara who is a human, and Cipher who is a fantastical being.

Nonetheless, the plot has way too many characters and way too much happening in it at all times. The plot twist occurs when Cipher gets captured by a character called Moss.

The author puts in a lot of effort explaining the incidents and the stances taken by the characters while giving voice to their vulnerabilities and their choices. It is these decisions that make them so close to how humans feel, thus adding to the relatability factor.

There are a lot of human values that are inherent in every character, with one overpowering value that becomes their defining trait. Though, largely the characters are full of chivalry, rage, fortitude, vigilance, and strength. They all are an exciting bunch of characters who each have a role to play, though this makes for an excessive plethora of characters in the novel.

This strains the memory of readers, having to remember a lot of names that are slightly unusual, though perfectly fit for the fantastical world that has been befittingly created in this novel. 

The language is simple to follow, though at times rather too cool and casual for a novel. The short sentences within small paragraphs allow for ease of reading which makes it easy to follow the fantasy world.

The writing style is rather jumpy, with several plot twists taking place one after the other, making the book a bit hard to follow initially. Though once the pace catches on, the sequences of events flow one after the other, but that doesn’t take away from the episodic plot.

The plot of Rage of Immortals is extremely lengthy and difficult to grasp, which is a good thing considering that it cannot be easily guessed. The unpredictability of the plot makes for a story about making important choices, not so easy to make, and requires a lot of intuition, conviction, and the difficulties or rather consequences of making wrong decisions.

The plot is new and innovative. It takes a lot of imagination and wit to hold up the suspense of a novel this lengthy. Additionally, the angle of mixing up the world as we know it with fantastic elements makes for a great and exciting read.

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