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Identity Quest (Dvidha Series #1)

PLOT: 4/5

My Musings

Though I have always enjoyed reading fantasy, somehow, I haven’t picked up many fantasies this year. Until I started reading Identity Quest, I hadn’t even realized that my voracious reading of other genres was not letting me pick up fantasy novels.

Thankfully, the respite from the onslaught of romances and thrillers came in the form of this very interesting fantasy novel. Read on to know my thoughts about this book and why I think that this book should be picked up by lovers of fantasy fiction.

What to expect?

Identity Quest (Dvidha Series #1) is a book that is meant for readers who enjoy fantasies. It is much different from other historically or mythologically inspired fantasy books that are flooding the literary circles these days.

This book is pure fantasy; a fantasy based in India, with Indian characters and Indian settings. What more can an Indian fantasy lover ask for?

In a nutshell, it is a book meant for Indian readers. One suggestion that I would explicitly give to my readers would be to overlook the poorly designed and unappealing book cover. The cover doesn’t really do a good job of tempting a reader to pick the book up. And this was the only issue that I had with Identity Quest.

What is the story like?

The book talks of an ancient order of beings that have secret powers. The order has existed for thousands of years and has quite easily blended in the world of humans.

These beings exhibit supernatural powers and are called Dvidhas. They live on Earth and help restore the balance between the various forces that govern the universe and its many worlds. They maintain peace between the different worlds and keep humans safe.

Strange circumstances lead to events that have never been witnessed in human history. There are evil beings turning up everywhere on the Earth. Humans are being slaughtered and civilization as we know it is coming to an end.

Amidst all this chaos, the responsibility to take charge and establish peace again falls upon the young Dividhas. But are the young amateurs with their little or no training, prepared to take on the evil that befalls the Earth?

How good are the characters?

The characters of the book are well written. As is the case with most fantasies, all of the major characters are young teenagers.

I like the way the author has assembled a wide variety of characters. Most of them are still discovering their powers and destinies.  And it is fun as a reader to experience their transition from amateur teenagers to young heroes.

Let’s talk about the author’s writing style

Seshadri writes in simple language and in an easy breezy style. He relies on action and adventure to make the book interesting to the reader.

The vivid imagination of the author when it comes to the other worlds adds a good amount of novelty and uniqueness to the book.

There is never a dull moment in the book and once you get the hang of things it is difficult to let go of the thrill and entertainment that Identity Quest promises page after page.

Is the climax good?

Identity Quest ends on a cliffhanger. The intense mystery that surrounds that characters and baffles the readers throughout the book is revealed in the end, albeit only partially. This partial concealment only makes the craving for the next book much more intense.

To sum it up, the climax of the book does justice to not just this book but its sequel too.

It all boils down to the entertainment quotient

Identity Quest is a book that always leaves you guessing. Since this is the book one of the Dvidha series, new characters and plots are introduced throughout the book.

Also, the world in which the Dvidhas live is quite fascinating and elaborate. It’s a complex world full of its own mysteries which are best discovered slowly.

As lovers of fantasy fiction, most of the books we read are by foreign authors and set in foreign or alien lands. Here is a book that is as Indian as its readers, and it tells us a fascinating story full of adventures and mysteries.

The final verdict

Overall, Identity Quest is a book that creates a fantasy universe that is vivid yet believable. In my opinion, it has all the right ingredients to make it a good fantasy novel – charismatic yet confused characters, a multi-world universe that is beautiful and quite inventive, a gang of do-gooders who win your heart, evil and diabolical forces with an aim to obliterate all things good, elements of surprise and mystery and finally a tight-knit plot and a compelling narrative which holds all of it together.

Pick up the book if

  • If you love fantasies.
  • If you like the idea of a fantasy fiction set on Indian soil.
  • If you enjoy teenagers as protagonists in your fantasy.
  • If you want to try a fantasy that is different and also equally entertaining.

Skip the book if

  • If you don’t enjoy fantasy fiction.

Can’t wait to read it? Buy Identity Quest (Dvidha Series #1) from the link below.


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