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Live Before You Die by Neeraj Rai
CONCEPT: 4.5/5

Mortality or death, more often than not, is spoken of as a negative term. Its mention is always avoided and its discussion almost bordering on taboo.

Now, imagine one’s surprise at discovering a non-fiction self-help book that teaches you how to live through the concept of death.

Got you thinking, right? Well, I had the same thoughts too.

How is it even remotely possible to learn about life through death? 

How could I improve myself by understanding death? 

How does my mortality help me grow?

As the subtitle of the book, Live Before You Die, reads, it seems that the book really is ‘an unconventional guide to awaken your hero’. So, why not gain some new insights by stepping into the world of mortality and awareness?

If you are as curious and eager to learn more, read on to know more about Author Neeraj Rai’s book Live Before You Die and my experience of reading it.

What to expect?

Expect nonfiction self-help that teaches you a thing or two about life through the concept of impermanence of life. Expect a short and crisp read of under 200 pages.

Live Before Yiou Die by Neeraj Rai Book Review

Who can read?

I read my fair share of non-fiction self-help and most of the books that I read have at least a few common threads that bind them to some other works. If that’s not the case, they at least tend to share a common theme with other books.

What surprised me the most in the case of Live Before You Die is that the book stands in a different category altogether. Another thing to be appreciated here is that the book can be read by just about anyone irrespective of their reading levels.

It would be as helpful to a beginner as it would be to a regular reader. The concept is novel, and the language is easy. The writing is crisp, and the pace is much faster than most other books in the genre.

Let’s delve deeper

The book comes divided into three sections (Section A – Introduction to the Gift, Section B – Master Your Inner World with Awareness of Impermanence, and Section C – Unleash Your Hidden Hero). The book has ten different chapters, with each of them focusing on a different step.

Just like the famous words of Anna Quindlen which say –

“Knowledge of our own mortality is the greatest gift God ever gives us.”

The book also makes us understand the concept of our mortality and tells us how its awareness is actually a gift to us. It also helps us to get rid of the fear of death and in the process, teaches us to hate less, love more, avenge less, forgive more, complain less, appreciate more, talk less, and share more.

The writing 

Every chapter comes neatly divided into different sections. Each of the chapters starts with a thoughtful and inspiring quote from famous personalities and leaders. The sections and sub-sections are kept short to ensure that the book is short and it retains the reader’s interest. There is ample use of bullet points and lists. Examples from real life have also been included to drive home the learnings in a better and more permanent manner. At the end of each chapter, a succinct but extensive summary helps summarize the major learnings through bullet points.

Live Before Yiou Die by Neeraj Rai Book

What did I love?

What I love the most about reading Live Before You Die is that it guides one in not just the professional, practical, and growth sphere but also the spiritual, philosophical, and overall self-improvement sphere.

If you are whiling away your time, doing nothing, contributing nothing, the book sets in motion alarming bells urging you to get rid of your inertia and value your time. For though its potential is infinite, time itself is finite.

Now, one would think that the book is meant to create panic and anxiety, but that’s surprisingly the exact opposite of what it does. It instead creates a sense of gratitude, gratitude for being alive, gratitude for every new day that comes, and gratitude for the opportunity and promises that every new day brings. In that sense, the book helps us shake off our lethargy while motivating us to use our time effectively and productively.

On an even higher level, it pushes us on a better path, ridding us of our fears, breaking the shackles of our mental baggage, and propelling us on the path of meaningful action and thought. On the higher plane, it makes us aware of the concept of meditation, conscious and unconscious mind, the power of the universe, etc.

In the end

In the end, with its novel concept, simple writing, and motivating and deeply reflective content, Live Before You Die is a must-read recommendation for every reader who is willing to grow and motivate himself. It is meant for everyone who is on a quest for self-discovery and self-betterment.

Can’t wait to read it? Buy your copy of Live Before You Die using the link below.

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