PLOT: 4.5/5
WRITING: 3.5/5
EDITING: 2.5/5

“Whatever this system is today, we are not responsible for it. But whatever this system will be tomorrow, that will be made by us. Because we would be driving it. So, we are here today to decide what system we will give to this country in the future. The one which will ensure justice? Or the one that will ensure ‘The Play of Justice’? “

–        Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary, The Play of Justice

Picture birthing a story and cradling it for years, continually refining, nurturing, and allowing it to mature like a fine wine. Then, after over a decade, you release it into the world. Pause for a moment and contemplate the level of patience and devotion required to cultivate something of this nature for such an extended period. Consider the brilliance and grandeur that would emerge from such a dedicated endeavor.

This very brilliance is evident in Dr. Kaushik Chaudhary’s debut work of fiction, The Play of Justice. The author initially conceived this tale as a screenplay in 2009, during his college years at the age of 21. Now, over a decade later, he has presented the same narrative in novel form, and I must take a moment to express what an extraordinary story it truly is!

Who can read?

This book will appeal to individuals who have a taste for crime, thrill, action, and justice. The language level is accessible, making it suitable for even novice readers. Nonetheless, the presence of numerous editing errors and a certain lack of finesse in the writing may deter some potential readers.

What can you anticipate from The Play of Justice?

Prepare for a thrilling and dynamic experience filled with a captivating blend of entertainment, drama, romance, friendship, selfless love, vigilantism, idealism, crime, corruption, suspense, and excitement. This story overflows with entertainment, ensuring that every moment of the narrative is engaging, and it guarantees that readers will remain captivated from beginning to end.

Allow me to introduce you to the unfolding narrative

Meet Sunita Roy, a truly exceptional individual. What sets her apart, you ask? She’s an extraordinary law student, consistently ranking at the top of her class, driven by unwavering idealism. Her deep-rooted fascination with the ancient Indian Nyayadarshana system attests to her intellectual prowess.

In addition to her intellectual gifts, Sunita possesses striking beauty, the envy of many. Her status as the only daughter of one of India’s foremost industrialists adds yet another accolade to her illustrious life. Yet, despite these accomplishments, she remains remarkably humble and seemingly flawless.

However, this idealistic student undergoes a profound transformation into a relentless advocate for justice after being betrayed by the very system she once fervently believed in. This heart-wrenching transformation occurs when she fails to secure justice for her ruthlessly murdered father.

Determined to seek retribution, she embarks on a perilous journey, one that leads her down an unscrupulous path, challenging the very system she had trusted. But will her ruthlessness ever find an end? Is there someone or something powerful enough to steer her back to her original path?

Could the brilliant CBI officer, Akshara Mathur, finally uncover the key to her transformation? Will Rohan, the love of her life, come to her rescue? Or will karma ultimately catch up with her?

To unveil the answers to these compelling questions and delve into a captivating tale, you must immerse yourself in this tantalizing work of fiction.

The way it starts

The book kicks off with a resounding bang! The initial scene establishes the tempo for the entire narrative, and from that point forward, the story accelerates with even greater intensity. This is precisely how beginnings should captivate their audience—bold, unambiguous, and utterly gripping.

The Core Theme

At the heart of this book lies a profound theme centered around law, order, and justice. Within this framework, the author masterfully intertwines characters, subplots, backstories, and the intricate narrative of vigilantism, which serves as a wellspring of riveting entertainment.

Yet, the fundamental underpinning of this theme is the ancient Hindu system known as Nyaya Darshana, one of the six ancient darshanas of India.

Nyaya Darshana holds the distinction of being the origin of the term “justice.” However, the irony lies in the fact that the concept of justice in ancient India vastly differed from our contemporary understanding.

In Nyaya Darshana, justice was synonymous with a profound examination of meaning through evidence—an exploration of the essence of life’s fundamental facets, such as the soul, body, senses, intellect, and mind, among others.

This introspective process was a pathway to uncovering the true purpose and meaning of life, thereby empowering individuals to dispense justice to their own lives and missions.

The Characters

Much has been said about Sunita Roy’s character, and she exudes a unique charm all her own. She stands as a diva in her own right—a commanding individual who possesses a deep understanding of her place in the world and a keen awareness of her capacity to attain anything she desires.

Sunita’s love interest, Rohan, offers a striking contrast to her character and serves as a graceful complement to her multifaceted persona. His actions and selfless love have the power to stir the emotions of anyone, often bringing tears to their eyes.

The presence of CBI officer Akshara Mathur and Sunita Roy’s assistant, Alek Ghoms, further enriches the narrative, adding a delightful touch of complexity to the story. These characters are captivating in their own right, contributing to the story’s depth and intrigue.

What could have been better?

The book falls short in terms of editing, leaving significant room for improvement. Furthermore, substantial refinement in language usage and overall writing is essential to elevate the book to a level of greatness in terms of readability.

What did I love?

The heart of this tale is what ignites your passion! Bursting at the seams with compelling and charismatic characters, their enigmatic motives, and rich backstories, all served up in a tantalizing blend of full-throttle masala entertainment, this book is an absolute gem.

The Play of Justice is a captivating entertainer that’s practically begging to hit the big screen—whether as a blockbuster movie or a binge-worthy web series. The narrative is an intoxicating mix of elements that’ll keep readers glued to their screens.

From the dynamic character arcs and their jaw-dropping transformations to the glitzy world of Sunita Roy, the entangled web of political intrigue and crime, the pervasive corruption, and the struggle against a flawed system, this book is an exhilarating rollercoaster ride.

Brace yourself for selfless love, innocent college romance, and in-your-face plot twists and turns—all masterfully packaged within the pages of this 300+ page adventure!

Can’t wait to read it? Buy your copy of The Play of Justice.