Blemishing the Odds | Harish Penumarthi | Book Review

blemishing the oddsPLOT: 3/5
CLIMAX: 3.5/5

There is something about coming of age novels that appeal to the reader and also the teenager in me.

Such books often leave me reminiscing about my own “good old days” and they often leave me deducing the fact that things have not changed much since I did my schooling 11 years back.

The girls and boys are still the same and so are their innocent adventures (or should I say misadventures).

“Blemishing the Odds” is one such book which took me back to my own school days and I simply couldn’t complain.

This is the story of two teenagers Raghav and Trisha. Raghav is a spoiled brat; notorious in his class and known for his consistent dislike of anything academic. Needless to state, his grades tell a lot about his leanings.

He has his own ways of dealing with the repercussions of his non-studious inclinations and hence is often found forging his parent’s signatures on his report card and telling big white lies wherever required.

Trisha is a simple and sweet girl who has had an impact on Raghav that no one has ever had. It is Trisha who helps make Raghav become studious and well-mannered again. It is she who shares all his woes and all his problems.

She is a constant companion for him; a light without whom Raghav will stop being who he is.

“Blemishing the Odds” is a story of their friendship and how that affects both of them. This story is about an immature but pure love.

Raghav and Trisha are friends now but will they forever stay the same? Will they always remain at each other’s side or will something cause them to move away from each other?

To know what happens to Raghav and Trisha, read this innocent love story today!

What I liked the most about “Blemishing the Odds” is its characters. Both Raghav and Trisha are adorable and charming. Their friendship is pure and uncontaminated by the motives of selfishness or self-interest.

I liked the way the author has portrayed the feelings of these teenagers so beautifully.

The writing style of the author is still a little naïve but I am sure with a little more experience, it will improve drastically.

The plot too was a little simple and it would have been more interesting if there were a few other elements or subplots at play.

What I also liked about the book was its climax. That was something really unexpected and totally overwhelming. I simply loved it. It made the book finish beautifully and yet did not give away the mystery.

All in all, “Blemishing the Odds” was a good read and I will recommend it to all lovers of romantic fiction particularly those interested in coming of age novels.

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