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Love at Facebook by Nikita Singh

PLOT: 3/5
CLIMAX: 3.5/5

If you would have ever browsed through the virtual lanes and alleys of Flipkart’s online bookstore, you must have surely come across the name of Nikita Singh, the young teenage author, who now has multiple bestsellers to her credit.

Having never read a Nikita Singh before, I purchased this book recently and was eagerly waiting for a chance to read it. The wait soon paid off, and I read this cute little novel and was quite impressed by the magic of it.

Vatsala Rathore is a nineteen-year-old teenager who is always surrounded by her friends Jaanvi and Ankit. In her first year of graduation, Vatsala is fond of cars and heartthrob cricketer Dhoni.

Though admired by all, Vatsala has the special attention of Ankit, who seems to be irrevocably and uncontrollably in love with her.

Though well aware of this development, she instead falls for Ronit Oberoi, an upcoming VJ, who chats with her occasionally on Facebook.

Smitten by Ronit’s awesomely good looks and hunky personality, she wants things to move faster between them, but not all things go as planned and Vatsala ends up being confused as ever.

So who will win Vatsala’s heart? Will Vatsala ever get the attention and love of Ronit? Will Ankit declare his love for Vatsala and let her know how he feels about her?

To read more about this sweet little story of love and friendship, go and buy a copy of Love @ Facebook.

The USP of Love @ Facebook lies in the way it appeals to the younger generation. With more and more relationships being formed online and with more and more people spending their leisure hours on Facebook, the theme “Love @ Facebook” has become a common phenomenon and has become something which everyone can easily relate to.

Though the book is not that aptly titled, (you will get to know this, when you discover the end) it hits off with today’s generation and appeals to their tastes.

I simply loved the character of Ankit. He is the guy whom any girl can fall for. Complete with good looks, brains and sincerity, he sure is your go-to guy in case of any difficulty.

Vatsala’s character though immature at times appeals to the audience. With her never-ending state of confusion and serious boy trouble, she faces what most girls face today.

The story is kept simple and aptly so. The Facebook conversations interspersed between paragraphs add to the unique appeal of the book.

All of 207 pages, Love @ Facebook is a short and sweet read suitable for all teenagers and even chick-lit lovers. For others, though, I doubt they will find it any good.

Keeping in mind the age of the author (she is nineteen years old) and the fact that this is her debut novel, I give this book a three and a half stars and recommend it to all chick-lit and light read lovers.

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