PLOT: 3.5/5

In the mood for a good romance, I piously sat down looking for options to read on my kindle.

After a much tiring search and self-inflicted dilemma, I zeroed in on Nadia Lee’s Vengeful in Love by Nadia Lee.

Going by its blurb, the book promised to be everything which a girl craves for in good romance fiction and I, already impressed by the carefully and enticingly worded blurb, made up my mind to go with it.

Vengeful in Love by Nadia Lee is book #1 in the series “Hearts on Line”.

The story revolves around a sensational and intelligent girl Natalie Hall and a handsome and suave business tycoon Alex Damon.

Natalie is a senior financial analyst at one of the many companies run by Alex Damon and he is a boss who hardly busies himself with the day to day operations of his many organizations.

So, when all of a sudden, Alex seems to show a keen personal interest in Natalie, she is left quite puzzled.

Natalie, though reserved in her manner and hard to impress, slowly but steadily falls for the charms of the handsome young man, but little does she know, that all the advances and the so-called flirting has little do with a sincere interest and more do with revenge which Alex Damon is hell-bent on taking.

This revenge stems from Natalie’s connection with the Rodales and Halls.

Natalie is the adopted daughter of the Rodale family and is the goddaughter of Emily Rodale, and Rodales and Halls are the two families responsible for the ruin of Alex’s dad’s empire and life.

Now, Alex, suspecting that Natalie’s employment in his firm is just way to spy on his business, is keen on teaching Natalie and her whole family a good lesson for life.

So will Natalie find out the truth about Alex’s intentions? Will she cross her boundaries and give in to Alex? Is Natalie actually spying on Alex’s company and selling business secrets? Who is genuine and who is not? Were the Rodales actually responsible for the downfall of Alex’s dad? What will happen to the spark which is ignited between Natalie and Alex?

To know this and much more about this thrillingly interesting story of Alex and Natalie, grab a copy of this delicious book today!

The best selling point of Vengeful in Love is its storyline and the thrill it makes the readers experience at the end of each chapter and each page.

The genuineness of Natalie’s characters and her innocence makes the readers sympathize with her and feel her pain.

Whereas, on the other hand, the toughness and the persona of Alex Damon are enough to make any girl fall in love with him. Natalie’s Asian heritage also makes an interesting deviation from the regular female protagonists of similar romance novels.

The part where Alex shops for Natalie in Hong Kong and the gift that he chooses was indeed very heartwarming.

Overall, the book is a good read and I will recommend it to all chick-lit and romance lovers.