PLOT: 3.5/5

There is always a huge reader base available for self-help and inspirational books but what if such a book comes with an added bonus of a story.

Well, I can’t say that I have never heard of such a book as I have just finished reading one.

The Suitable Inheritor by Pushpendra Mehta is a book which seeks to inspire, which seeks to help and which seeks to motivate you to pursue your true destiny and all this while reading an interesting story. What can be better than this?

Michael Elliot is a relationship coach based in Chicago who, one day dreams a strange dream.

In the dream, a beautiful woman is talking to him and leads him to the Pacific Ocean while whispering that the ocean will one day help him discover his true destiny.

Soon, Michael gets invited to Peru by another eminent relationship coach Andrew Smith.

Initially, Michael is sceptical as to why his competitor is inviting him but he soon decides to accept the invitation thinking he has nothing to lose. Once in Peru, Michael soon understands that this can be a once in a lifetime opportunity for him.

Andrew is getting old and wants to find a suitable heir for his business; Michael is ready and more than willing.

But as he will soon find out, he will be seduced by Dorothy; a lady who he has never met but whom he has to come to love through Andrew’s description of her.

Andrew, who credits his success to Dorothy, and is equally enamoured by her, has no idea of her current whereabouts.

Seduced by the image of Dorothy which Andrew has painted, Michael sets out to seek her but in the process gets involved with another woman.

Will he be able to love both? Who will win him over? And who will he choose?

To know all this and much more about this interesting story which spans not one, not two but three different continents – read this amazing book today.

I liked the way Pushpendra Mehta has shaped the storyline of The Suitable Inheritor. It is simple and yet a little sophisticated.

The characters are the USP of this book and this story. The elusive Dorothy is as seductive as one can be. I loved the way the story spans 3 different continents and I also loved the way Michael is made to pick between the two loves of his life.

The subtle love triangle which emerged in the latter part of the book was also interesting to read about. That made the book tick in the romantic quotient as well.

The Suitable Inheritor, in the end, proves to be satisfying read and I would, therefore, rate it three and a half out of five stars. I end this review by recommending this book to all my readers. I am sure that you will find it as interesting as I did.

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