PLOT: 3/5

Grab your coffee, sit down and read The Jadoo of Your Love. You are definitely in for a big surprise.

The time I received this book, I never thought much of it. But as I sat down to read it, I gradually realized that I had been terribly wrong about it.

The book not only surpassed my expectations about it but did so beautifully and brilliantly.

At the first look, this book may appear to be one of those 100 bucks-college-romance-poorly-written types, but that does not hold true for this one.

The author writes differently and holds the interest and attention of the reader right till the end.

This book, his second, is intelligently connected with the author’s first – Jab se you have loved me (unfortunately, which I have not yet had the pleasure of reading).

The first book was the story of a girl Ujani, an air hostess by profession, whereas the second is the story about a person who is introduced to the author and prodded upon to write his story by Ujani.

In this way, the author maintains the connection that the readers established with Ujani and her story.

The Jadoo of Your Love is the story of Anurag’s life. The journey of Anurag’s life starts at the time he is in college and happily enjoying his college life with best friend Aditya and love interest Urmi.

With the two closest people in his life, always with him, life is anything but a piece of cake for Anurag. But what stays constant except change, Anurag’s life takes a twisted course and on one fine day, he finds himself without his best friend and without his girlfriend.

As Anurag finds himself learning to survive without those two, he lands with a job in an airline company and starts working as a flight purser.

Being a flight purser, he enjoys money but is often looked down upon his parents, family and neighbours because of his lowly job. Just as Anurag is starting to come to terms with his life in the airlines, a sudden turn of events gets him thrown out of his company and landed into the glamorous and glittering world of Bollywood.

It is here the story reaches its climax and predictably but again differently, Anurag reunites with his best friend Aditya.

The story has a fresh touch to it. The characters of Anurag and Aditya are interesting. Reading The Jadoo of Your Love seems like watching a movie at many times.

The events in Anurag’s life are so disconnected, and yet they are so beautifully woven into this novel that moving from one phase to another seems as easy as breathing.

The climax though predictable is interesting and quite eventful. Altogether, the book deserves 3 out of 5.

With a little more effort in cover designing, the attractiveness of the cover and appeal of the blurb, the book would have fared much better in the market.

I would definitely recommend this book to my readers. Priced at close to 100 rupees, it is definitely a value for money.