PLOT: 4/5

Who doesn’t love a good mystery? It’s a great way to make a dull afternoon interesting or to turn a tasteless night into a fun one.

I personally enjoy the genres of crime, thriller, and mystery. They promise a kind of thrill which is rarely delivered in any other genre.

I recently got a chance to read a thriller by an Indian author and I happily accepted the opportunity.

“Recollecting the End” by Himanshu Rai is the story of Amar who is a Police Commissioner in Delhi. He comes across a complicated case which involves a few people whom he knows personally.

With each new discovery, the case turns more complex with no possibility of unravelling the mystery being in sight.

The case takes Amar from his comfort zone in Delhi to the bustling and chaotic city of Kolkata and from the small town Malda to the very beautiful Dalhousie.

So, what will happen to Amar? Will he be able to solve this mysterious case? And who are the people involved in this case?

To know this and much more about the story of Amar and this never-ending case, read this exciting and mind baffling novel today!

The best thing about this book was the author’s ability to manage a good mystery in just over 150 pages.

Often people unnecessarily complicate the plot and the story by penning pages after pages; not knowing where to stop.

But that was not the case with this book, Himanshu has managed to write a complete mystery with all the necessary elements in place and done so in less than 200 pages.

Another beauty of this book is the fact that it has the ability to retain the element of suspense. It fools the reader into believing that they already know the end but in the last couple of pages, it throws them off guard.

The story takes a completely different turn and that is what makes “Recollecting the End” totally unpredictable.

The writing style of the author is fast-paced and there is a lot of action happening after every couple of pages. The element of thrill and mystery is maintained throughout the book and there isn’t a single dull moment that I can recall from my reading experience.

Written in an easy-breezy style and just over 150 pages, the book can be done in a single sitting of 2-3 hours and what else do you need on a boring Sunday afternoon? If not this!

I also enjoyed the characters of this book. Amar is a character which commands respect and adoration and who will stay with you even after you’ve finished reading the book.

I also enjoyed the character of Suri who was Amar’s subordinate and his go-to man. Other characters were mediocre and forgettable.

The initiative of placing a few pictures here and there was a pleasant surprise, though I wish the pictures were of better quality. There were too dark for my liking.

The worst thing about the book was its cover and title. Whereas the blurb did a good job of getting me excited for the story that was to unfold, the cover was in bad taste.

By no means, it looked like a cover of a thriller novel. Even the title was lacklustre and unpleasing.

That being said, overall, I found “Recollecting the End” to be a pretty good read and I will encourage all my readers to try this new author and read his exciting new novel today!

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