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Pralay: The Great Deluge by Vineet BajpaiPLOT: 4.5/5

“Hardly anyone referred to the River of the Wise as the Saraswati anymore. Her name had changed and stuck. She was now the Rakt-Dhaara – The Blood River.”

My Musings

I am ardent fan of historical fiction. I am irrevocably in love with the works of Ashwin Sanghi and Dan Brown. I first noticed Harappa – Curse of the Blood River in the Amazon bestseller list and since it was available in the Kindle unlimited section, I eagerly downloaded it. Having read the first book in the Harappa Series, there was absolutely no way that I could have kept myself away from the book 2 in the series. Hence, I ended up downloading and reading Pralay: The Great Deluge on the very day that it was released.

What is the book all about?

The Harappa series tells us the story of Vidyut, a charismatic young man who is in fact the last devta on this Earth. In this book, Vidyut continues to unravel the mystery surrounding the lost city of Harappa and in the process, gears up for the challenge that awaits him.

A very sinister organization called the New World Order is keen on eliminating Vidyut and for this they entail the services of two evil souls – the feared Italian Mafiosa, Maschera Bianca and the most diabolical tantric, Trijat Kapaalik. As Vidyut continues to learn about the world’s greatest conspiracy, he is unknowingly drawn into a fierce battle – one which might even end his life. So, will Vidyut be able to gear up to the challenge? What is the world’s greatest conspiracy? Who or what is the New World Order?

The plot is tantalizing

The plot of the book is tantalizing. The story takes us from the Harappa of the 1700 BCE to the Council of Nicaea (Modern day Turkey) of 325 AD and finally to the Banaras of 2017 AD. The geography spans from the fertile plains of Harappa to the cold dry lands of the Northern mountains to the areas across Hindukush and finally to the present-day Rome.

This frequent change of geography and time, combined with Vineet’s exceptional writing skills makes for a great entertainer. Further, the book also has a number of engaging sub-plots which keep the readers interest on.

A plethora of dynamic characters

Pralay: The Great Deluge has a massive and impressive cast of characters. Apart from the main characters of the last devta Vidyut, the great Surya of Harappa – Vivaswan and the great Matthadeesh of the Dev-Rakshasa Matth – Dwarka Shastri, there is a spectacular string of characters which grace the pages of this exceptional book. I loved how there is so much variety in each of the characters. Be it the beautiful Tara, or the enigmatic blue-man Matsya, or the feared tantric – Trijat Kapaalik, all the characters are equally powerful and dynamic.

Vineet writes like Dan Brown

What I liked the most about Vineet’s writing is his ability to get the reader hooked on, right from the very start. Every page unleashes a new twist, a new mystery and this makes it impossible to put the book down. He quite effortlessly makes use of some of the world’s greatest conspiracy theories and incorporates them in the story to pen a captivating read.

Not just that, there are a lot of social and moral lessons to take from this book too. For example, when Vidyut clarifies about the origin and purpose of the erstwhile “Varna Vyavastha” (The Caste System) to Damini, it is quite clear that he is in fact enriching his readers with his knowledge. Further, new knowledge is gained when he talks about names such as Ramassess II, Alexander, Illahi Baqsh, Jaichand and many more.

A climax to kill for

Just like the first book, Harappa – Curse of the Blood River, this book too leaves the reader at a cliff hanger. The book ends at such a high and important juncture that it almost feels like watching Game of Thrones – the dread of waiting for the next episode (in this case, the next book) is real.

An extraordinary entertainer

Overall, Pralay: The Great Deluge is a fantastic read and a great entertainer. Vineet’s exceptional writing combined with a tantalizing plot and an impressive string of characters makes the book a splendid read.

What I did not like

There was absolutely nothing that I did not like in this book.

Pick it up if

I would recommend this book to each and every book lover. Even if you are not into historical fiction and thrillers, this book is just the perfect one to get you into the genre.

Also, if you are looking for a great entertainer – a 5 star read, you should be adding this book to your reading list.

Skip the book if

I would not suggest skipping the book at all. However, if you are quite sure that you don’t like historical and mythological thrillers, it will be best to stay away from the book.

Can’t wait to read it? Buy your copy of Pralay: The Great Deluge from the link below!

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  1. First of all as everyone is saying that he is equivalent to Dan Brown, he is not. The book is good, story is good, author knows how to make every one curious but he is not even near Dan Brown. Problem is that there are superstitions in story and unnecessary details which makes it boring.


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