TALES: 3.5/5

“He was a chilly winter morning while she was a hot summer breeze. They met, and that’s how my friend, spring was born”
~ @shambhaviee_upadhyay, Pocketful O’ Stories


Love is a beautiful feeling. It is something that everyone has experienced at least once in their lives.

When you combine love with books you get this beautiful genre of romance, but not everybody is a reader and not everybody has the time to read full-fledged romance novels.

That’s where microfiction comes in. Microfiction is an art form that requires the writer to pen a tale in as few words as possible, often in as little as two or three lines.

I recently had a chance to read a beautiful compilation of romantic micro tales and I simply cannot wait to share my views with you.

Read on to know more about my thoughts on Pocketful O’ Stories, a book of micro tales compiled by India’s bestseller romance author Durjoy Datta.

to expect?

Expect a book that talks about romance in the most innocent and ordinary ways.

Expect a book that you will enjoy on a solitary afternoon or in the company of your loved one.

Expect a book that showcases love from the point of view of hundreds of Indians.

Finally, expect a book that is a collection of over 200 micro tales – each of them being not more than a page long.

concept of micro tales and Pocketful O’ Stories

Micro tales are basically stories that are extremely short, often not more than 3 to 8 lines long.

Writing micro tales is an art because it usually entails saying more with fewer words. This writing form has especially seen a huge surge in popularity on Instagram where many writers connect with their readers and masses through their micro tales.

Pocketful O’ Stories is a one-of-a-kind collaboration by India’s leading perfume brand ITC’s Engage with India’s most popular romance writer Durjoy Datta, wherein they organized a crowdsourced campaign to invite Indian readers and lovers to share their moments of love.

The response they got was quite overwhelming with over 11,200 entries received in just over a month.

In this book, Durjoy has compiled the best of those entries along with a few from his own pen and brought to us a book that tells us tales of romantic fervour infused with just the right amount of passion and innocence.

good are the stories?

All of these micro tales talk about love and yet they are so varied in its interpretation and expression.

There are stories that talk about first love, while others talk about the loss of love; there are some that speak to book lovers while others are for fans of football.

That the stories come from hundreds of Indians who chose to write their own versions of love is something to look forward in the book.

That being said, some of the stories are really good while others can be best termed as mediocre. There are some that will make you ponder over them while there are others that can be easily dismissed.

Below mentioned are few of the stories that spoke to the book lover in me and hence became one of my favourites.

“Locked eyes with a boy in the opposite seat on the metro. Both of us had books in our hands, only his was covered with a newspaper. He smiled and unwrapped the cover to reveal the same title that was in my hands.”
~ Geetika

“It happened for the sixth time that month. That familiar name jumped at her. Every book she issued had been issued by another boy earlier that month. The books were literally leading her to him. ”
~ Durjoy Datta

“Bored at the office party, I spot a guy with a Gryffindor scarf. ‘Accio Potterhead,’ I smiled. ‘Let’s ditch this muggle party?’ he winked.”
~ Khushi Bajaj

overall look and appeal

Pocketful O’ Stories isn’t just a book. It is an experience and hence special care has been taken to make sure that the experience is an unforgettable one.

The overall look and vibe of the book are excellent and it is a collector’s item.

The pages are a deep shade of maroon symbolizing love and their silky texture and glossy finish further add to the overall appeal of the book.

it entertaining?

This book isn’t your conventional read. It is a book that is meant to be slow-read and cherished over a number of days. If you do just that – pick up a couple of stories at a time while sipping your favourite coffee on a lazy evening – you would surely enjoy the journey.

And if this delightful adventure is undertaken on a rainy day then it is all the better. On the contrary, if you rush through it, it wouldn’t be so much fun anymore.

So, heed my words and go immerse yourself in this abundance of romance.

it up

  • If you love romance but are not much of a reader.
  • If you want a perfect romantic gift for a nerd.
  • If you enjoy micro tales.
  • If you want to explore love through the eyes of hundreds of Indians.


  • If micro tales aren’t your thing.
  • If you don’t like romance as a genre.

Can’t wait to read it? Buy your copy of Pocketful O’ Stories using the link below.