The Gita is Haribakth’s life and the Gita is his passion. He is the author of the most meticulously researched book on the Gita, 19th Akshauhini: Algorithm of the Gita.

We got a chance to interview the “Haribakth”. Let us see what he has to say about his passion and work.

bookGeeks: Tell us something about yourself as a person.
Haribakth: My pen name Haribakth says it all. Haribakth is what I aspire to be and Ravindra is what I am. Whether I will turn into Haribakth in this life or it takes aeons???? Only Hari can tell.
bookGeeks: What persuaded or rather inspired you to write 19th Akshauhini?
Haribakth: What is told, what is understood & what is practised are all different and bear no relation to each other. Giving allowance for the gap between theory and practice, what is told and what is understood too are completely at variance with each other. Hence a reconciliation was attempted through this book.
bookGeeks: Has your work experience helped you in your writing? If yes, then how?
Haribakth: My work experience has helped to a certain extent. My Working in a Bank has helped evolve concepts of inflation adjustment vis-à-vis Gita. My sojourn in IT department in Bank has germinated the concepts of the WEB page, URL/Links, and constants/variables in the Gita.
bookGeeks: Can you tell us how 19th Akshauhini is unique and different from other books written on the Gita?
Haribakth: This is for the readers to tell. But I would make an exception and tell it because it has to be told.  It is both unique and entirely different, be it a methodology, approach or the conclusions reached.
  • Follows Gita in letter and in the spirit in adherence purely to what God has said without any extraneous matter and unmixed with any other scripture because I believe literally that Gita is complete as stated in itself, hence the need to consult other scriptures does not arise.
  • Similarly, it is stated in Gita itself that this science is unchanging and imperishable. My book explores how this is so.
  • Further, If Gita is unchanging, doubts arise that it is obsolete and unsuited for modern times as it has not kept up with times. How this argument is flawed is also highlighted in the book.
  • It is also shown how all scriptures are correct. The confusion arises due to wrong interpretation of scriptures.
  • How to interpret Gita (or for that matter any other scriptures) is discussed in the book. The said method is derived from Gita itself thus making it universal and secular in nature.
  • Evolved thumb rule to verify the correctness of the conclusions arrived at which is again sourced from the Gita.
  • Examines present practices/beliefs (Like Caste system, sacrifice, duty etc.) which are presently in social centre stage in light of The Gita.
  • Conclusions reached are entirely different from what is being practised or followed but in consonance with the Lord’s words

Methodologies adopted are

  • Question and answer
  • Analysis
  • Logical Interpretation

Legal concepts, management concepts etc.

bookGeeks: Who is your favourite characters in the Gita apart from Lord Krishna and why?
Haribakth: You have worded the question so nicely because my first favourite is Krishna Himself.  Arjuna & Vivasvan (Sun God) comes next because they have heard the discourse from the Lord directly which reveals about their proximity to the Lord and their possessing of requisite qualification to grasp Gita from Almighty Himself. Next, I like Sanjaya because he too was privy to the entire Gita and has seen and heard the Lord and also knows the workings of the minds of all actors in Kurukshetra War.
bookGeeks: Can you also tell us the role that your daughter has played in shaping up the book?
Haribakth: The entire illustrations including the cover page is attributed to my daughter. I have just spelt out my idea and she conceptualised the drawing and came out with exactly what I had in mind.
bookGeeks: Any new book you are currently working on?
Haribakth: It is in mind but would take time. I intend covering what all I missed out in this book in a new book. Besides, I intend taking up Uma Maheshwara Samvada (Dialogue between Lord Shiva & Mother Parvati) about Gita.
bookGeeks: A few words for your readers.
Haribakth: Thanks for reading my work. I seek your extended patronage. I welcome feedback/comments/reviews which may be posted on Amazon page. Being geeks yourselves, please help spread Gods word by sharing the book and your views with others.
bookGeeks: A few words for
Haribakth: Professional approach, clinical review, heterogeneous group. Feels nice dealing with.

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