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Happiness is All We WantSUBJECT: 4/5

“The most important tools, for having a fulfilling experience, in this journey called life, are our body, mind and soul. As long as we keep these in a balanced, natural working condition, we can be confident of completing the journey, with a smile of satisfaction.” – Ashutosh Mishra, Happiness is All We Want  

My Musings

Even though my corporate life is behind me now, I still remember those tiring days and sleepless nights when a deadline or an important meeting was all that my mind thought about. I am really happy that I make a living out of something that I am extremely passionate about and that those days of corporate drudgery are only a faint memory now. Not everyone can help it though. Unfortunately, many people that I know suffer from anxiety, hypertension and all those dreaded lifestyle diseases that are a gift of the modern way of living.

Happiness is All We Want is a book that intends to educate the people of our generation to bring about a balance in their lives.

The concept in a nutshell

The book tells us about the three main things that make us who we are. Each individual is a combination of a mind, a body and a soul and hence, in the book, Happiness is All We Want, Ashutosh Mishra emphasizes on the importance of nourishing all three aspects of our being equally. The author tells us that often we are so caught up in the things around us that we don’t pay much attention to our body and soul. Our mind is constantly working under pressure and somewhere in hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we forget to live. We simply let out body and soul take a back seat. The author warns us about this dangerous situation for this kind of imbalance is harmful and a big detriment to our happiness.

The writing style of the author

Ashutosh is blessed with the voice of a counsellor and the pen of a storyteller. He combines his excellent knowledge, his understanding of humans and their motives with his storytelling abilities. This is what makes Happiness is All We Want such an informative and entertaining read. Often, when it comes to non-fiction and especially self-help books, it is quite a daunting challenge for the author to make it an interesting read. Ashutosh, however, does it so effortlessly that it is hardly noticeable. He makes use of a number of tools and techniques to erase any signs of monotony and preachiness from his book.

Every chapter, in addition to the basic know-how, includes sections titled practical tips, tech traps, happiness moments, and wake-up stories. These sections are where Ashutosh flaunts his storytelling skills. These sections are mostly short and concise; however, they are the ones that I found most effective and efficient in driving a point home. These small snippets of everyday wisdom are like moral stories that tell us what works and what doesn’t. They combine the wisdom and experience of the author, his friends, family members and all those people whose stories they tell.

In addition to the above, Ashutosh has also included a number of tools and techniques which facilitate summarization and retention of the concepts learned in a particular chapter. At the end of each chapter, the reader is also given a few points to ponder over which engages our mental faculties, thus driving the concepts deeper.

Things which make this book stand out

One thing that makes Happiness is All We Want truly special is the way it combines the knowledge of so many books that a reader will otherwise have to read if he/she truly wants to strike the perfect balance between mind, body and soul. It offers extensive exercises and activities to revitalize each of these facets of our being. From Yoga to prayers, from meditation to jogging, from calorie control to philanthropy, from gratitude to humility, from anger management to Reiki, there is nothing that the book doesn’t cover.

The final verdict

Happiness is All We Want is one book that every individual should read because it gives some very practical and effective ideas that will not only make us a happy person but also a better and healthier individual. In this mad rat race, it is exactly a kind of book that should be read by one and all to really understand the meaning, significance and means of being happy.

Pick the book if

You really want to lead a happy, balanced life and enjoy all the perks of this human life.

Skip the book if

I don’t think skipping it would be a good idea so don’t be shy and give this book a try.

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