PLOT: 3/5
CLIMAX: 2.5/5

The Great Snapping Turtle Adventure is one of those children’s book that I recently had the pleasure to read while being on my children’s fiction spree.

It is a cute little story of a short little crabbing trip which stepdad Fred takes his children Max and Charles to.

Having a really good experience of crabbing, Fred decides to take the two of them to “the end of the world” which Elliot Island is often referred to as.

As they are out for a fresh and happy day, they don’t expect to come across anything awkward or weird.

But that is only until they meet an old woman on the road to Elliot Island, holding a rather giant snapping turtle. The old woman offers them the turtle which they very gladly accept before moving forward in their journey.

As they move forward they come across a rather strange sight in the graveyard. There is a tombstone marking the grave of the same old woman (whom they had just met) with the date of her death hidden in the ground.

As they move further, the journey becomes all the more strange and adventurous.

So what will they find about the old woman? What is the secret of the grave? What more adventures will this short little trip bring them?

To know this and much more about the kid’s crabbing adventure, read the cute little book today!

The Great Snapping Turtle Adventure as already mentioned is the story of the children’s day out with their dad and it follows a simple plotline which, throughout the book, is graced by sweet little adventures including a visit to the graveyard, visit to the button factory, fishing crabs, looking after the giant snapping turtle and even coming across an old ghost.

All these are more than sufficient to excite and hook the reader until the end of the book. Max and Charles are charming, smart and intelligent and have all the qualities of good child protagonists.

The book is written in a breezy style and the even with the ghost and the strange grave episode, the overall tone of the book is not a horror but an adventurous one.

I overall enjoyed the story and loved reading every bit of it. Saying this I would end this review and would recommend The Great Snapping Turtle Adventure to all the children.