Bharat Madan loves to dance and public speaking is his passion. He is also the undisputed youngest member of Lion’s Club Jaipur Diamond. Between his always-busy schedule, he finds the time to follow his passion and write.

He is none other than Bharat Madan and we, at bookGeeks, got lucky when we got a chance to interview him.

bookGeeks: Tell us something about Bharat as a person.
Bharat: I am an enthusiastic character. I like to describe myself as ‘Dynamic’ in one word. Since childhood, I have been good at sports like Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Badminton, Football and Basketball.

In college, I participated in every co-curricular and extra-curricular competition (won most of them), organised events and was a People’s person. After college, I learnt various dance forms like Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Bollywood and Jazz.

I like to keep myself occupied in creative endeavours and things that benefit people around me.

Apparently, I am the youngest member of Lions Club Jaipur Diamond and engaged in charitable activities like blood donation, tree plantation, distribution of food to the hungry people, organising medical camps, conducting motivational sessions, giving donations, helping differently and specially-abled persons.

I am a big-time gourmet and movie buff. I am not really fond of adventure and travelling. People find me friendly, helpful and charismatic.

bookGeeks: How did you conceive the idea of “Jim Morgan and the Seven Sins”?
Bharat: After my second novel, I really wanted to write something unique and compelling- which people would say is something which ‘Not Every Indian Writes’.

But I didn’t have a story and I wasn’t certain which genre I should foray in. During summers I thought, ‘Why not start writing anyway, let’s see where my mind takes me’.

I am a spontaneous writer, not a planned one. Whatever I wrote was dark and mysterious. At that moment I realised that I had written something about a Sin, one that is mentioned in a few mythological texts of the world.

I had been always fond of Vedic Astrology and somehow I was able to connect that Sin with a planet. I think it was Mars or Venus. I realised that there’s a connection. That moment I discovered my story.

bookGeeks: How was writing “Jim Morgan and the Seven Sins” different from writing your previous books? What kind of different approach and research did you have to do for it?
Bharat: When I was working on my previous books, my focus was on finding the ‘right’ word in a sentence. I had always been known for difficult vocabulary.

People who understood appreciated me and people who didn’t, left my book less than mid-way. I realised that a book is not just a collection of words; it has to connect with the reader with an ocean of sentiments.

I decided that my work will be reader-friendly and I felt that this way I had less pressure on me and I could write better.

For Jim Morgan and the Seven Sins, after I got the idea, I read the Bhagavad Gita, a little bit of the Holy Bible, and read a lot about the seven deadly sins.

I was able to develop a connection between my findings and astrology. It was very difficult though. But in order to make a brilliant book, I had to have strong research backing me.

bookGeeks: Tell us about your life and challenges as a motivational speaker.
Bharat: It is the most incredible feeling in the world when a student comes to me and says, ‘Sir, you inspired me’.

There are so many inspirational figures out there and yet people here give me this privilege. School kids let me enter their world of happiness and I am so grateful to them.

As a motivational speaker, there are two challenges that I face. First, I am young and I am doing something that nobody of my age in Jaipur City is doing.

Sometimes School/College Authorities feel that I cannot deliver because I am inexperienced. So a few don’t give an opportunity to speak.

Second, it is difficult to gain entry into institutions. Without a big name or strong contact, it is as good as impossible for a youngster to get a session of 500 students.

Most of the School Principals are females, so they definitely support. I guess the mother inside of them comes out when I talk to them, and they give me an opportunity.

And I am lucky that the Lions Club has always believed in me and my abilities. Through them, I participate in organizing sessions at various places.

bookGeeks: Who is your favourite thriller author and why?
Bharat: Dan Brown. I am thankful to Samridhi Agarwal who gave me ‘The Da Vinci Code’ to read.

His book was a page-turner. He had so much research behind his work coupled with writing prowess.

Every time I wrote, I remembered his work and I asked myself, ‘Will I turn the page or not of my own work’. When I was convinced, I wrote more.

bookGeeks: What are your other interests outside of writing and public speaking?
Bharat: I love to dance on stage. Although I am definitely out of shape now, I love to learn choreography and perform in a friend’s wedding or function. Good thing I learnt dancing earlier.
bookGeeks: Which is your most dreaded sin and why?
Bharat: Wrath. I respect everyone and I talk politely. I have always tried to do good for people. When someone talks rudely, or shows disrespect to women or does something wrong to me, I become extremely angry.

I believe that when I am good to the world, at least the world can be ‘not bad’ to me. These days, I don’t get angry much. I motivate myself before I motivate others.

bookGeeks: Any new book you are currently working on?
Bharat: Jim Morgan and the…….. (Wait, I won’t reveal the name or suspense. You have to wait).
bookGeeks: A few words from Bharat Madan for his readers.
Bharat: I value your time, feedback and recommendation. When you will pick my book, read it and if you spread the word, you will not know that you’re changing the world.

There are so many institutions who do not invite me to motivate students because I am not famous yet. Your ‘one purchase’ means that I am closer to that position through which people will allow me to do good to thousands of students.

You bring a difference not only to my world but to the worlds of the people who are and will be connected to me. I thank you for this.

bookGeeks: A few words for
Bharat: After I got the review from Sankalpita I realised that she’s a mother. How difficult it would be for a mother of an 18 months young child to manage home, family and give time to a complete stranger to review a book while following her passion.

What you’re doing, will inspire so many. And I will make sure that your passion reaches people.

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