PLOT: 4.5/5

After a long time, I got the opportunity to read a fantasy thriller.

This is a rather rare genre amongst the Indian authors and hence not many people want to dabble their hands in such a difficult genre.

But Bharat Madan must surely be an exception for he decided to write his third book in this genre.

“Jim Morgan and the Seven Sins” is the story of Jim Morgan, a best-selling author based in New York, who is visited by none other than God himself and is told about the seven sins that he had committed in his previous life.

He is then given an ultimatum by God. Either find out what his sins were and set them straight or be banished to hell forever.

Jim hardly has a choice except to accept what God has told him to seek out.

He is given a further clue about his previous life when he is told that the answers and the keys to figuring out his past sins lie in his 6 bestseller books which he has written in this life.

But that is not as easy as it seems. To be able to save himself from hell, he will have to venture into a deadly past where a sinister man is hungry for his flesh.

He will have to take a leap of faith and put to use his creativity and imagination in order to comprehend the story of his previous birth.

So will Jim Morgan be able to do this?
Will he be able to beat his nemesis in this time-bound race?
Will he be able to open the secret chamber of seven planets and get back his normal life?
Or will he be banished perpetually to what we know as hell?

To know this and much more about what happens next in this entertaining story, read the novel today!

The plot of “Jim Morgan and the Seven Sins” is tight-knit and well-executed.

There are many times when the subplots seem complex but Bharat Madan has managed to retain the reader’s interest even throughout these complexities.

Like I’ve already mentioned, I also liked the author’s brave attempt at such a difficult genre. The character of Jim Morgan is very deep and inspiring and I loved reading about him.

I also enjoyed Bharat’s portrayal of God. Even the ruthless killer “Nameless” was very convincing in his diabolical role.

What I also enjoyed was the fast pace action-oriented writing style of the author. That was indeed impressive and did a lot to pique and retain the reader’s interest.

The frequent changing of place and time also helped to keep this book from being monotonous. Bharat is a master of words and his words convey a lot.

The language, though fairly rich, is not very complicated and the author is able to express a lot through the magic of words.

This is a rare scenario as I usually find authors getting lost in a redundant usage of difficult words without actually positively contributing to the book.

Bharat, in this case, has managed to use such language exquisitely and engagingly.

The climax too is fairly decent and the entertainment quotient (as can be understood from my prior words) is definitely worth stellar ratings.

My only qualm with the book is that the author did not separate the present and the flashbacks by the way of chapters.

Most of them are done in the same chapter and on the same page. Separating such changes in the timeline by the way of chapters further accentuates the thrill and mystery of a novel and that enhances the reading pleasure.

That being said, everything else was spectacular and I rate “Jim Morgan and the Seven Sins” 4.5 out of 5 stars while recommending it to all my readers.

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