PLOT: 3/5

The Missed Call is the second in the backbencher series.

The first book, The Extra Class, was about Ananya, a girl from the small town of Raipur, and her struggles with her new life in the city of Delhi. Ananya received a cultural shock when she first stepped into her new school – The Presidency School. How she coped up with the stress of a new life and a new school was all that was covered in the first book.

In the second book, the focus shifts from Ananya to Natasha, a girl who gave Ananya a very hard time throughout her first year at school.

Natasha who once was the heartthrob of Presidency Convent lost all her social standing when she started being mean to the newbie Ananya and in the process of making Ananya’s life miserable, herself committed certain mistakes which she landed up paying very heavily for.

Natasha, lost and disheartened, was thus deserted by all and stripped of all her titles at the school. But just as she was getting used to being alone, she is gently and gradually befriended by Shreya, a girl who was once her very good friend in the middle standards.

So what will happen to Natasha? Will she ever be able to get her “numero uno” status back? Will Shreya be able to change Natasha’s malicious nature and heart?

To know this and much about the diabolical but interesting life of Natasha, do read this exciting book today.

As was the case with the last book, in The Missed Call too, the characters rule the day. They are the elements which make the book what it is and provide an almost un-put-down-able allure to it.

The plot too is a welcome shift from Ananya and her story, for I am sure the reader will be delighted to read what Natasha’s story has to offer. The plot is also simple and concise and at the same time very fascinating too.

The narrations are simple and help the reader float through the pages easily.

There is something about the way the author has written it that makes the reader connect with the whole high school drama very easily.

The Missed Call: The BackBenchers #2 is an appealing book and thus I recommend it to all fiction readers. That being said, I also want to tell my readers that I simply can’t wait to bite into the third novel of the series.