PLOT: 4/5

I was already in love with the book “Skeins” once I read its blurb. It is about a group of Indian women with diverse credentials and with their baggage, quite literally!

They travel to a new foreign land where they explore different sites as well as themselves. I was really fascinated by the journey that lay ahead and the book didn’t disappoint me in any way.

So, the storyline follows 16 women, mostly unknown to their fellow passengers at the start of the trip, all of whom decides to take a group tour for their own personal reasons whether it be exploring new places or discovering local cuisines, to indulge in shopping or just take a break from their daily hectic or monotonous life. Each woman has a story to tell and I could relate to these strong characters to a large extent.

Skeins” is an interesting story that unfolds on the eve of the tangling of the skeins of life of sixteen Indian women from varied backgrounds, with unique histories. It reflects on the experiences of a woman, her values, morals, responsibilities and obligations.

The story shows how a woman advocating for the rights of others may let her better-half refute her freedom from agony and solitude. How the death of an individual doesn’t mean an end to his impact on his living partner. It also discusses relationships between a mother and daughter whose relations are detached and strained as well as between two who comfort and protect each other at all times.

Richa Gupta, the author, brilliantly explores certain contemporary issues whether it be about the independent individual identity or economic independence or even isolation at old age and abuse and domestic violence against women. While enlightening on these issues, the author stress on the importance of self-expression and the concept of self-respect.

The author describes how a supportive environment can help an individual dig out her buried wish and realize her potential to an optimum level.

This tour provided the exact situation that triggers a cataclysmic effect on similar lines. It was amazing to witness the grit of these women as they tried to solve their problems while also helping others.

Over Bacalhau and Bolo-rei they shared a special time and a feeling of camaraderie as each impacted the other’s lives through various interesting and even humorous events.

cover art, though simple, accurately captures the storyline where the
intertwined lives of these characters create a beautiful story that I enjoyed

The blurb of “Skeins” intrigued me and the splendid narration didn’t let my hopes down. From the boarding of the airplane itself, I enjoyed the journey along with the vibrant characters of the book who meet during their journey through Spain and Portugal in a women-only tour and by the end of the trip have helped each other extensively.

With a fresh premise, “Skeins” is scrupulously and absolutely about womanhood. And it is further decorated by the various sceneries and monuments.

For a reader like me, it is a complete package as I can indulge in the heat of the foreign land while embracing this book in the comfort of my armchair!

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