STORY: 4/5
WRITING: 4.5/5

The book tells the story of Eugene Clark, famously known as The Shark Lady, who because of her work and study of sharks, came to be called as the ocean’s most fearless scientist.

The title is cool, and the book is interesting. The main character is Eugene Clark, who is also my favourite character in the book. This is because she is smart and courageous, and she becomes the first lady to train sharks.

She loves animals, but her favourite animals are sharks. She is also very hardworking because she would study about sharks for fourteen hours daily, from sunrise to sunset. She also became one of the smartest students in her field. Later, her laboratory became her home.

The book also tells us about her childhood days, when her mother took her to the beach in Atlantic City, to swim. Eugene dived into the ocean and saw many fishes. After that, she decided to study about sharks.

The book is professionally written with a nice story and eye-catching illustrations. After reading the book, I got so much information about different species of sharks like Lemon shark, Whale shark, Nurse shark, and Tiger shark. I also gained some other knowledge.

My favourite part in the book is Eugene training the sharks. I also liked it when she sees resting sharks in the ocean.

I will recommend this book to all children between ages 5 to 10, and children who like stories of scientists and biologists. Children who like stories about brave women will get inspired after reading Eugene’s story. The book has facts, fiction, and history.

It took me half an hour to finish the book. But after that, I read it two more times because it is so interesting. My Mama gave this book to me on my birthday, and I liked it so much. You can also gift this book to children in your family.

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