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The Best Idea of All by Varsha Seshan
STORY: 5/5

It was a sunny day when I was feeling very bored, so I decided to read the book The Best Idea of All on my Kindle.

The title of this book is short and the book is about a girl gang that decides to make natural colors for Holi.

This book is good for 8-year-old girls and is also very entertaining. It can also be read by children in the age group 7 to 12 years.

First, let me tell you about the story. There are three friends – Saira, Antara, and Tarini. Antara and Tarini are sisters and Saira is the daughter of their domestic help.

One day the girls were chit-chatting when their attention went to a paper in the dustbin. The paper was about making colours for Holi. Antara picked it up and read it.

The Best Idea of All by Varsha Seshan Book Review

After this, Antara gets the idea to make natural colours for the festival of Holi. After listening to this idea, Tarini suggests that she knows one girl who knows a lot of things. That girl is Saira and she will know how to make colours.

The day they got the idea, there were only 4 days left for Holi. After this, they went to Saira’s house and Saira suggested to them how to make these colours.

The story is about their experiment with making these colours. It is also about their friendship and team effort.

The illustrations in the book are beautiful and I find them very charming but the problem is that there are only some illustrations.

The writing is also very good, and the book is entertaining. I loved reading this book.

My favourite character is Saira because she knows a lot of things and her name is very stylish.

My favourite part of this book is when they make a big rangoli on the stage for Holi, and my least favourite part of the book is when Antara tells Tarini about her childhood.

The book is very inspiring to read because, in the end, the girls’ names are mentioned in the newspaper. They become famous, and many photographers come to take their photos.

I finished the book in one day because it was so interesting. I will recommend this book to other children because they will find it entertaining.

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