PLOT: 3.5/5

Seldom does it happen that you find books that entice you to read by their appearance.

Priyadarshini Narendra’s You Never Know When You’ll Get Lucky has a fantastic cover and I say this because I read this book because of the cover.

The cover and the content beautifully complement each other. The blurb defines Kajal as a sassy, “never-afraid-to make-an-idiot-of-herself-in-public” copywriter who decides to put her love life on hold to focus on her career and this is when, after making umpteen mistakes to find the right guy, she accidentally meets her prince charming.

She has a lot of choices in love as well as a collage of problems!!! In this book, the author presents a story of 21st Century; about a woman who is independent, glamorous, shuttles between Delhi & Mumbai and also moving back and forth between her mind and her heart.

Kajal, a typical career woman, works in an advertising firm as a copywriter. She is in search of her Mr Right and knows her wine and parties pretty well.

But can life ever be straightforward? Nah!

She meets a guy, Sid, at a wedding; gives him her number; forgets telling her name and then forgets him because he stays in Mumbai and she’s in Delhi.

In the course of getting a promotion, after she bags a prized campaign, she meets Sudhir – a guy in front of whom she had earlier embarrassed herself, but now has found a connection that is hard to let go off.

Events occur such that she spends considerable time with him and they fall in love in Mumbai. But she needs to go back to Delhi where she lives and works. Torn in between work and love, whom does she choose?

“Luck has its own sweet way of dealing with troubles.
After all, you never know when you’ll get lucky!”

The concept of this book is nothing new but the treatment is fresh and captivating. The story moves at a good pace and the plot gets Bollywoodish at times.

The narration is witty, riveting and fresh with quite a few laugh-out-loud moments and corny lines that all chick-lit fans love.

Kajal is an excellent protagonist who is vivacious, cheerful, sassy, a complete fashionista and sparky. She holds the story together with all her lovely antics.

On the negative side, Dhir’s character could have been a little more prominent. Sometimes the innumerable secondary characters with extended backstories seemed pointless, but overall, it is a very good package.

It is a modern-day romance, with contemporary pitfalls, situations and wholly believable characters.

Final word: A lovely time pass read for a romantic rainy day. If you like reading Chick-lits, do not miss this.