PLOT: 4.5/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

“Some things are important enough to cause a little drama.”

–       Beth O Leary, The Wake-Up Call

After thoroughly enjoying “The Flatshare,” I was eager to explore more of Beth O’Leary’s literary creations. Her ability to craft unique and engaging story premises had left a lasting impression on me.

Thus, it was only natural that I delved into her latest work “The Wake-Up Call”, and I’m thrilled to report that it lived up to my high expectations. O’Leary’s knack for crafting relatable characters and weaving compelling narratives makes her an author whose books I’ll continue to eagerly devour.

Plot of The Wake-Up Call

Izzy and Lucas hold the roles of front desk managers at the Forest Manor Hotel. Until now, they’ve ensured that their shifts do not overlap. However, a change is on the horizon. During their busiest season of the year, with a wedding just around the corner, disaster strikes when the roof of Forest Manor collapses, requiring urgent repairs.

The hotel was already struggling financially, and now, with this major renovation, Izzy and Lucas must put their differences aside. They need to work together, share shifts, and perform a miracle to save their beloved hotel, which means more to them than just their jobs.

In an effort to contribute, they decide to explore the lost and found items accumulated over the years. Among these items, they stumble upon wedding rings left behind by previous guests. Rather than selling them, Izzy recognizes their sentimental value.

They make it their mission to find the owners of these rings, and their efforts are rewarded. A competition ensues between Izzy and Lucas, each striving to locate the owners and secure their jobs once the holiday season concludes.

As they engage in this high-stakes race, their past grievances loom in the background. What initially drove them to despise each other may be masking deeper emotions. True feelings surface, and their defenses begin to crumble as they navigate the intensity of their rivalry.

My thoughts on the book

Firstly, I was immediately drawn to the plot – arch rivals working the front desk at a struggling hotel, and now, during the holiday season, they must join forces to save both the hotel and their jobs.

I found numerous enjoyable elements in the book. It captivates from the start, with Izzy and Lucas quarrelling over decorations, setting the book’s tone. The story is peppered with humor, prompting genuine laughter. The proposal scene for one of the guests is heartwarming, and Izzy and Lucas’s antics during that moment are delightful. The gradual shift from enemies to lovers, with ongoing banter, keeps the hope of the hotel’s survival alive.

Izzy, with her free-spirited, adventurous, and can-do attitude, provides a perfect contrast to Lucas’s grumpiness, who secretly pines for her. The chemistry between them is rife with angst, culminating in a satisfying conclusion.

The supporting characters, notably Mrs. SB and Poor Mandy, play essential roles in advancing the story. Mr. Townsend serves as the perfect guardian angel throughout. The epilogue offers a fitting conclusion.

The only drawback was the prolonged miscommunication between Izzy and Lucas, given their status as grown-up colleagues. Despite several opportunities to clear the air, it’s left unresolved until the very end. Nonetheless, “The Wake-Up Call” has become my new favorite by Beth O’Leary, and I highly recommend it.

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