The Astral Surge | Nirmal Ranganathan | Book Review

The Astral Surge Nirmal Ranganathan Book Review

PLOT: 3.5/5
OVERALL: 3.5/5

The Story

Ron Osborne, a scientist, and Catherine Osborne, a clinical psychologist are siblings. They have been exposed to nature and have formed a deep, sensitive connection with the Universe.

But, one of them is fuelled by the darker realm whereas the other is pressed on by positive energy. This connection rewards them with a varied set of outlooks on life and, also lead to terrifying events that ultimately, requires an astral intervention.

What is this connection with the Universe? How do the positive and negative energies impact the characters? And, how the horrifying consequences of their actions lead to an astral intervention?

All these questions are answered in the book.

First Impression

Although I can see the meaning behind the ‘Green Flame’ and appreciate the font used for the title, I cannot say the same for the overall cover of the book.

The title is a depiction of the overall force in this book. The blurb is short but does create a level of curiosity.

My Review

The story narrates the lives of the siblings, Ron, and Catherine coming of age. We follow them as they grow up and discover the different stages of life from being curious teenagers to completing their graduation and holding jobs to being in relationships.

Ron busies himself with experiments for the welfare of humanity and Catherine believes in care and the finest treatment for her patients. In the midst of all this, certain energy impresses on their lives based on their decisions and ‘Karma’ but this energy goes unobserved until it is explained by their mother after a shocking experience.

This book is relevant and also, realistic in the sense that it touches on man’s tendency to challenge and dominate the elements of Nature, the presence of competition for supremacy and recognition between human beings and advancement in technologies and information for path-breaking discoveries that may have dire consequences as well. In a way, at times, I felt a Frankenstein like vibe while reading the book.

Overall, ‘The Astral Surge’ is a realization and exploration of the relationship between the Awareness and the Unknown. Well researched and also, thrilling at times, the book ponders on the amalgamation of nature and artificial intelligence, on mutation and formation of Super Humans and, on the impact of such a development on the whole of Creation.

What I love the most?

I love the themes discussed in the book whether it be the romantic expression of science in nature or the scenes of appalling experiments or the connection of living beings with the Universe

Moreover, I appreciate the author probing into the multifarious concepts in genetic engineering and mutation as well as on his treatment of the reaction of the supernatural realm on such artificial developments.

Would I recommend this book?

Yes, I would recommend “The Astral Surge” to anyone interested in the genre of science fiction or on subjects of the occult phenomenon, mutation and overall effects of scientific developments on nature and nature’s comeback.

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