Serial Killer

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In ‘Madam Nurse,’ the shadow of a sinister serial killer looms over Ganga Shyam Hospital. Inspired by real events, this gripping mystery unfolds as Nurse Lata Nair joins the ranks of dedicated healthcare professionals. However, when a wave of infant deaths strikes, panic ensues, and famed detective Suraj Kumar and his unorthodox partner, Zen, are called in to unravel the chilling secrets concealed within the hospital’s walls. Can they unmask the baby serial killer before more lives are claimed?

2 Min Read

Kitty Collins is a famous influencer with over a million followers on Instagram, who absolutely adore her lifestyle and her vegan ways of living. One night after a party, she accidentally kills a man. She thought she would be caught, but when it appears that she has gotten away with it – the thrill, the glow she feels in her body is exhilarating and that’s where the addiction begins for Kitty.

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