Who doesn’t enjoy a leisurely scroll through Instagram? It’s a portal to the modern world, offering glimpses into the lives and choices of people from all walks of life. But what does it mean for us book enthusiasts? Well, it grants us access to the enchanting universe of literature, unveiling the latest releases, hidden gems, and the best-kept secrets of the literary world.

This online community of bibliophiles and literature enthusiasts is aptly known as “bookstagram.” In India, the bookstagram phenomenon has been on the rise, with dedicated reader communities flourishing and building a dynamic, engaged audience.

Although the terms ‘bookstagram,’ ‘bookstagrammers,’ and ‘book influencers’ have been circulating since Instagram’s inception, it is only now that they are stepping into the spotlight in the Indian literary landscape.

In this compilation, we present a handpicked selection of the best Indian bookstagrammers— communities, and individuals who have wholeheartedly dedicated their Instagram accounts to the service and adoration of books. Join us on a journey through the vibrant world of literature lovers from India.

Indian Bookstagrammers: Capturing Words, Creating Worlds


Padmaja’s account is like a tantalizing fusion of cultures, blending the best of both worlds, from contemporary global reads to timeless Indian classics. Whether you crave Japanese, Korean, or regional literature, she’s got it all. Her reviews and recommendations are eagerly anticipated, and you’re bound to unearth hidden treasures from Indian literary gems in her feed. Dive into historical epics, global translations, and themed book picks like family sagas and mother-daughter tales. Padmaja’s account is a literary feast for the soul! And one of the top ones in our list of best Indian Bookstagrammers.


Sankalpita’s account is a kaleidoscope of her multi-faceted world, blending her roles as a passionate book aficionado, a blogger, a YouTuber, and a devoted family woman. Dive into her enchanting feed, where the latest in Indian literature mingles with hidden gems, sprinkled with a touch of children’s tales as she unravels her daughter’s literary adventures. Her heart resonates with the spiritual, and her tastes in spiritual and Indic books are a treasure trove for seekers. Whether your heart races for thrillers, mysteries, horrors, regional tales, or children’s reads, her account is your one-stop literary carnival.


Mridula’s account is a vibrant tapestry weaving together the worlds of books, mental well-being, the art of journaling, and the pursuit of productivity. Mridula is more than just a bibliophile; she’s a resolute artist and a self-proclaimed wordsmith, giving life to creativity in wonderfully chaotic ways. Her heart beats for Historical Fiction, Rom-coms, K-Drama, the sunny charm of Sunflowers, and the art of daydreaming. Wander through her enchanting, esthetically pleasing account, and you’ll discover that her feed is as enchanting as the stories she shares.


Why wouldn’t you adore this account? It’s the official Instagram handle of India’s premier bookish hub, bookgeeks.in! Dive into a treasure trove of literary delights, from book recommendations to sparkling reviews, charming bookish quotes, and oodles of reading inspo.

But there’s more – bask in the allure of author interviews, quirky bookish trivia, and laugh-out-loud bookish humor. Lost in their captivating aesthetic feed, you’ll stumble upon timeless authors like Roald Dahl, Agatha Christie, and Jane Austen, alongside modern wordsmiths such as Alka Joshi, Manav Kaul, and Emily Henry. From Indian gems to global literary treasures, from English classics to regional marvels, and from blockbuster hits to hidden gems, this account is your ultimate one-stop-shop for all things bookish!


Step into the enchanting world of Arpita, a connoisseur of vintage children’s tales and classic narratives. Hailing from the vibrant city of Kolkata, India, she’s your guide to the heart and soul of stories. Through her eyes, maps transform into literary landscapes, where every place has its own tale to tell. From North America’s Anne of Green Gables to the English Lake District’s Arthur Ransome, she paints the world with stories. And when she gazes upon her beloved Kolkata, it’s Tagore’s poetry that calls her home.

@ pretty_little_bibliophile

Enter Nayanika’s world, where Delhi’s bookstores become a playground for this passionate book lover. Her Instagram account brims with book reviews and recommendations spanning literary fiction, romance, and fantasy. But Nayanika’s story doesn’t stop at reading; she’s a creative content creator with her own BookTube channel, adding depth to her literary passion. Nayanika’s unique twist on fashion, inspired by her beloved books, is a standout feature. She also focuses on North East Indian literature, making her account a must-follow for those seeking literary inspiration.


Introducing the Hungry Reader, the perpetual page-turner, the one who can’t resist a good book. Vivek Tejuja, the accidental writer, thrives on literary adventures. In addition to his love for swimming through a sea of books, he’s a passionate foodie and cat enthusiast. Dive into his vibrant feed, where you’ll discover exclusive insights into partition literature, Taylor Swift-inspired book recommendations that hit all the right notes, thrilling Booker Prize reading marathons, and delectable dialogues with today’s top authors. Vivek Tejuja’s world is a delightful fusion of books, food, and feline charm.


Meet Mugdha Mahajan, the bookish maven from vibrant Punjab, India! At 26, she’s not only acing Chartered Accountancy but also conquering the world of books. Her heart beats for Fantasy, Thriller, and Horror genres. Dive into her world for snappy and insightful reviews of the latest Indian literary gems, chuckle at her quirky bookish humor reels, and admire her artistic character-driven pictures. Mugdha’s got it all – from wit to creativity, and a love for stories that knows no bounds! Don’t miss this book lover’s vibrant journey.

And there you have it, our curated selection of must-follow, top-tier, best Indian Bookstagrammers! It’s time to embark on an enchanting journey through the world of literature and discover the myriad facets of bookish delights they have to offer.

So, don’t wait another second—dive into their captivating feeds, let their passion for books ignite your own, and watch as your Instagram world transforms into a haven of literary inspiration. Happy scrolling, and may your reading adventures be as boundless as the pages they explore!

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