Japanese Literature

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Strange Weather in Tokyo follows Tsukiko’s unexpected encounter with her former high school teacher at a sake bar. Their meetings persist, marked by conversations, edamame, cold beer, and a remarkable trip to the mountains for wild mushrooms. As seasons shift, their connection transcends companionship. Amidst spring and autumn, Tsukiko realizes the profound and meaningful solace she finds in Sensei’s company, leading to an evolving bond that defies expectations.

3 Min Read

Breasts and Eggs offers a compelling depiction of the modern female experience in Japan, delving into the personal odysseys of three women as they navigate societal pressures and confront their own inner struggles in pursuit of genuine contentment and self-determined destinies. The narrative revolves around Natsu, a thirty-year-old woman, her elder sister Makiko, and Makiko’s daughter, Midoriko.

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