PLOT: 2.5/5


What got me in?

I was looking for short Kindle reads for some light nighttime reading when I came across “You are My Reason to Smile”.

The title is one of those cheesy ones which are meant to capture and captivate but honestly, over the last couple of years, I have grown weary of such titles.

They are just there to sell; the context or meaning doesn’t matter. So, it was not the title which drew me but the cover.

Even being a book reviewer and reading almost a hundred books every year, I still find it difficult to resist the charms of a good book cover.

Thus, having been seduced, I sat down to read “You are My Reason to Smile”.

The story as it goes…

The book tells us the story of Ranbir, a young talented writer who wants to be a best-selling author one day and his girlfriend Adah, who seems like an uninterested but clingy girlfriend.

Ranbir loves Adah dearly and sacrifices everything to make her happy but is it sufficient for Adah?

While Ranbir is busy working hard, Adah goes back to her ex and secretly starts meeting up with him.

Meanwhile, even after much resistance from Adah, Ranbir manages to publish his first book.

So, what happens later? Will Adah and Ranbir part ways? Will Adah forget her ex and come back to Ranbir? And what role do Rehaan and Pihu play?

To know this and much more, read this book yourself.

An ordinary plot

The plot offers nothing extraordinary. It’s just a simple love story with a simple plot.

Though there are a couple of subplots in the book which manage to keep the reader’s interest on, there is still a lot to be desired.

There are multiple loose ends and the plot lacks finishing touches.

A little more effort, I believe, would have done wonders to the book overall.

Characters do it for me

The main characters of the book are interesting to read about.

I hated Adah and pitied Ranbir and this according to me is a measure of how good a book’s characters are.

If a character is able to evoke feelings in you, then it has done its job.

There were again certain things which could have been better.

(Caution: Spoilers Ahead) Like Adah’s metamorphosis from the dictating girlfriend to the needy one was a little abrupt. Ranbir and Lakshya were good though and I enjoyed reading about them.

How does the book read?

I did not enjoy the author’s writing style. It clearly needs a lot more polishing.

There were many instances when the narration seemed off, abrupt and even at times, rushed. There were grammatical errors and editing mistakes which could have been avoided but were not.

“You are My Reason to Smile” lacks a good narration style.

Was the end worth it?

There were times when I just wanted to quit reading the book because it sounded quite mediocre for my taste but I am just glad that I didn’t because the climax was totally worth sticking around.

I am glad that I got through it because there is a surprise element which I bet no reader would be able to predict.

Entertaining, eh?

The book is a decent read in the end and I rate it 3 out of 5 stars in the entertainment quotient. It is definitely not worth the hype but people looking for simple reads can give it a try.

Who should read?

People who are looking for simple reads, an easy story and easy language can read it.

Also, people who are just starting to get into English literature can read this book.

People fond of love stories can also give it a try.

Who should avoid?

If you are a seasoned reader, “You are My Reason to Smile” is not for you.

Can’t wait to read it? Buy your copy from the link below.