PLOT: 3 /5

Food & Beverage industry is an employee’s dream industry.

With all those delicious dishes and mouth-watering delicacies surrounding you all day, it surely makes for an interesting job profile.

But what will happen if, by an unlucky chance, all you have to do is tediously answer monotonous calls all day; that too from rude and impolite customers who are eternally displeased because of the unavailable bookings at your restaurant.

Or worst, get promoted when all you are expected to do is nothing but follow your boss around and be perpetually prepared to get scoffed at all the time.

Becca Stone or simply Stone, as her celebrity boss and owner of 12 flagship restaurants all over London addresses her, is a twenty-nine something girl, who is as confused about her life as anyone could possibly be.

On the verge of thirty, she has nothing figured out about her life, and without life, without a guy and with a job that eternally sucks.

But when Becca finds out that soon she will be moving away from her ‘monotonous all day answering phone calls’ job to step into the shoes of Abigail, who is Damien’s (the celebrity chef) personal assistant, she is all happy about the prospects of a better job profile and a supposed increment.

To top it all, there is the interesting looking guy Aaron and an interested friend Dean. This along with the fact that the next few months will be spent in Turkey and Italy is surely like an icing on the cake.

But what Becca doesn’t know is the fact that all that glitters is not gold and the all that seem plausible will soon become unbelievable.

So what will Becca do? Will she be able to cope with the uncertainties that seem to haunt her immediate future? Who will she choose to date – Aaron or Dean? Or rather the question should be will they choose to date, Becca? How will her new job end up? Will Damien really drive her nuts as he does to his other immediate juniors?

To know this and much more about this zealous young lady and her life, go grab a copy of this book today.

Moving onto the other nitty-gritty, what I liked about Yes, Chef! was its plot, it was quite simple and yet unbelievably interesting.

The frequent change of locations from London to Turkey to London to Italy and back to London is definitely an added bonus. Reading about this industry and the glamorous world of celebrity chefs was also quite fascinating.

The character of Becca is remarkable, and though soon she is going to be thirty, she is as full of life as a young teenager. The other ladies of the house (Becca’s work friends, mother, close friends, Damien’s wife Molly and other ladies) also make for a quite alluring read.

In the end, I would rate Yes, Chef! three and a half out of five stars and suggest it to all chick-lit lovers.