SUBJECT: 4.5/5
OVERALL: 4.5/5

“Man’s relationship with technology is complex. We always invent technology, but then technology comes back and reinvents us” – Atul Jalan, Where Will Man Take Us?

My musings

There are certain books that make you richer and
knowledgeable in a matter of a few hundred pages. You don’t come across such
books every week or even every month but when you do, it’s like hitting a

Where Will Man Take Us? was one such book for me, a
book that not just changed the way I think but also changed the way I look at
everyday technology. Read on to know more about my thoughts on the pandora box
of information that is the book, Where Will Man Take Us?

What to expect?

Expect a book that is all about science and technology.
Expect a book that delves deeper into how technology is changing us and will
continue to change us in the coming years. Finally, also expect a book that
talks about both the pros and cons of such technology.

What is the book all about?

The book is divided into many broader sections which shed light on a wide variety of interesting topics such as artificial intelligence, genetics, robotics, nanotechnology, bitcoins, role of maths in technology, role of technology in astrology, and the ever-increasing influence of technology on some very humanely aspects such as sex, love and dating.

It also takes us a step forward and delves into the
philosophical aspects of technology. Some of the things that it talks about are

  • how technology is changing and will continue to change religion.
  • how technology needs to imbibe and define ethics and ethical behavior.
  • do we need laws for technology too?
  • how artificial intelligence can end up beating the very purpose it was created for, if the creator’s bias seeps into its programming.
  • how technology has the power to turn us into a different species; one which can finally conquer disease and death.
  • how while creating AI we are unsure if we are creating an angel or a monster that has the power to annihilate us.

How good is the writing style?

Author Atul Jalan reads like a researcher and explains like a layman and that is where the beauty of Where Will Man Take Us? lies.

This book; a little over 250 pages contains such vast reserves of information that it will take an ordinary reader like you or me years to assimilate and process such information.

A detailed bibliography at the end also tells us where the
author takes his references from and where additional information on the topics
can be gained.

With just the right sprinkle of interesting tidbits, fun facts, historical information, and some serious ponderings, Atul Jalan takes non-fictional writing to a whole new level.

In the end

In the end, Where Will Man Take Us? is a book that I think has great potential for just every kind of reader – for those looking to broaden their horizons, for those wanting to delve deeper into what science and technology can offer us in the coming years, for those looking for research-level information and for those looking for a well-written non-fiction on technology.

My Final Verdict

Do read it!

Pick the book if

  • You enjoy reading about science and technology.
  • You enjoy reading books that make you a learned person.
  • You are somebody who loves to read and learn about the latest developments in various fields.

Skip the book

  • If the subject of science and technology doesn’t excite you.
  • If a lot of information overwhelms you.
  • If topics such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and bio robotics don’t excite your interest.
  • If you are looking for a purely academic read.

Can’t wait to read it? Buy your copy of Where Will Man Take Us? using the link below.