SMUT: 2/5

“Resentment breeds disdain, and that’s an ugly, toxic element in a relationship. It is the opposite of respect – the two things simply cannot exist in the same space.”

 ― Kelly Rimmer, When I Lost You

I am a huge sucker for angsty, sad, and realistic romances. And I have known since my school days that Kelly Rimmer writes poignant romance, and since that age, I had her on my ‘To-Be-Read’ list. Alas! Back then, her books were unaffordable for me, so I was just waiting for the right time.

But THIS BOOK caught my attention like a thunderstorm and I finally decided to take the long-awaited plunge and went for an eBook instead.

And now, I am at loss for words after reading it because it gave me too much to feel and so much to think, all at once. I finished it within 2 days and I never wanted it to end. Read on to know more about Kelly Rimmer’s When I Lost You.

Recommended for the fans of – Colleen Hoover, Nicholas sparks, Jojo Moyes, and Nora Roberts.

Book Summary

What is love and what does marriage mean? Is it all beautiful sky, flowers, and a long trip in the middle of nowhere? Is it deeper and more complicated than what we daily see on Instagram and YouTube and simp over?

Leo was a war journalist, from an Aboriginal background and Molly was a daughter of a famous business tycoon. They fall in love while confiding in each other about their past grief and married each other despite their differences.

Molly was waiting at the hospital for Leo to recover from a coma so that they can settle on what they wanted for their future and move their separate ways. When Leo woke up, he didn’t remember their marriage or what caused their strong bond to break over in pieces.

Molly decided to help Leo in fitting the lost pieces of his memory. But she was scared of the result, she was hiding something that would be revealed once Leo will gain his memory and will step over their dreams all over again.

They both came from different cultures, and different backgrounds yet they believed their love could overcome anything. What will happen when they will have to go through the worst side of marriage and relationship, will their love for each other will be enough?

Favourite Quotes from When I Lost You –

“This interchange feels strange but it’s familiar, because at the beginning that was exactly how Leo was: attentive, sensitive, thoughtful. But it’s also unfamiliar because this year he’s been so distant. I had almost forgotten how cared for I felt in the beginning.”

“‘I want us to have one life, not two that meet up now and again. And we could try this now and put every single thing we have within ourselves into it and we could still fail. But I promise you that this time around, I’m not going to give up on us unless we’ve given it everything we’ve got and there’s nothing left to try. Will you promise me that too?”

My Review

It is the most sentimental, captivating, and intense book I have read in a long time. It is a medium paced but the narrative method was fascinating and held me till the end of the book. I couldn’t stop my tears over some scenes and couldn’t wait to know what the future held for the two characters.

The narrator decides to tell the story from two points of view, switching between the present and past effortlessly without losing the attention and intertest of the readers. There are fewer sex-explicit scenes and more subjective scenes that caught the beauty of writing and perspective here.

Rimmer deals with realistic and common problems that occur during marriage and relationships and how one deals with them. I for one, firmly believe that it should be read by more people of this generation so that they understand the importance of lifelong bonds.

Altogether it is an emotionally intense and gripping read, written with an absolutely practical approach toward connection and relation so that you won’t feel disconnected even for a page.

Can’t wait to read it? Buy your copy of When I Lost You by Kelly Rimmers using the link below.