PLOT: 4/5

Durjoy Dutta doesn’t need any introduction. He is India’s bestselling romance author, and his books never fail to disappoint. They are full of entertainment, emotions, and drama, and always leave you satisfied. So, it is understood why one would go back to his books over and over again. And that’s exactly what happened to me.

The author’s latest title, When I am With You combines two very interesting themes – cricket and romance and mixes them with a crazy quirky MC, all pointing to a fun read.

The plot summary of When I am With You

Aishwarya, at twenty-eight years old, wants to be a single mother rather than fit into a traditional family structure. It’s not that she hasn’t tried but just so far it hasn’t seemed to work for her. Smart, highly intelligent, and equally ambitious, she has her eyes on two goals, both of which she wants to achieve at all costs. Her new start-up venture is all about revolutionizing the way young working women have their childcare needs taken care of.

As much as she loves children, she is also passionate about cricket and has been hoping that her ex-boyfriend Akshay would be able to offer some help or assistance to her. He is just the perfect man for the job. But her only qualm – Akshay doesn’t seem interested in any of this. At least, not yet.

Enter Dhiren who takes up the 1st floor of Aishwarya’s building. He is hiding from his past and prefers to stay that way. He has also made a lot of money in cryptocurrency and lost it. A chance coincidence forces them to work closely with each other until a dreadful accident ruins everything that they have done so far.

Then there is also the question of Aishwarya’s two best friends who constantly warn her against Dhiren. They have a hunch that he is hiding something and when things begin to take an unexpected turn, they all are headed toward a disaster.

The only thing that can possibly save them is the thing that none of them want – love.

Can they move on from their pasts for a better future ahead?

How will they ride this roller coaster out?

My thoughts

Durjoy Dutta does it once again. He doesn’t disappoint in this wholesome “masala” entertainer. The book starts off on a fantastic note. Dhiren with his witty dialogues and truckloads of charm is a delight to read about. He is a complex character with severe anxiety issues, and it is this energy that he channelizes by cooking something different each time. He is caring in his own way but afraid to show it. He is hiding in the literal sense and if he is exposed there are bound to be severe consequences.

Aishwarya is a gutsy woman. She loves passionately and is obsessed with children and cricket. She has her best friends who mean more to her than her real family. Her two best friends are her sounding board and they are always there beside her in times of need. They will do anything to protect Aishwarya and will go to any lengths for the same.

As I said, the start of the book is amazing. I breezed past through the first half, after which it got slightly boring and felt dragged, before again picking up in the end, which then I binge-read finishing the book in under 24 hours. Now, this is exactly what I love in some books – the promise of a binge-read, and in that department, When I am With You is a sure-shot success.

The side characters of Neeraj and Adil are hilarious, giving the necessary push to our MCs. And if you think about it, most of the characters are layered and complex, compelling me to give the highest rating on that front.

Engaging, slow-burn-ishly romantic, emotional, and dramatic, there is a bit of something and everything that one looks for in a book. In the overall entertainment quotient, this one doesn’t disappoint.

Can’t wait to read it? Buy your copy of When I am With You.