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Vision An Insightful Way Towards Life by Shyna

I am often on the lookout for short and crisp self-help reads. Books that may not necessarily teach me new things, but books that would certainly reinforce my earlier learnings, and thus help drive the message deeper into my subconscious mind.

In Vision: An Insightful Way Towards Life, author Shyna brings a book that attempts to break the illusion of ‘forged time’ and ‘forced affirmative ambiances’ that have become the new normal in our world. It is a book that helps you break through the clutter of useless stimulations, and never-ending provocations, by emphasizing the importance of having a vision.

Because, as the book tells us, it is only through creating a distinct vision that we can sieve out the distractions, clear out our mental traps, and focus on what is real, and truly worth pursuing.

Written in a practical and no-nonsense manner, the book is divided into 8 distinct chapters. These include – 1) See the Invisible, 2) Too Much Optimism, 3) Found the Passion a 100 times, 4) You are the Antidote, 5) Quit Mediocrity and Adopt Mastery, 6) The Real Wealth, 7) The Three Worlds, and 8) A Reminder Each Day.

The chapters are short, and the messages are crisp and clear. Along with the usual and oft-repeated concepts, the book delves into some novel and less explored territories. For example, it talks about the problem of too much positivity, and how suppressing our deeper, darker, and negative thoughts might actually lead to toxic positivity.

A positive mind, the author tells us, “is rather misunderstood by living in a gleaming optimistic world where we are filled with the stereotypical ideals of remaining in the ‘good vibes only’ zone and where the person who shares his problems and seeks help is often labeled as a buzz killer.”

In many instances, the author gives us relevant examples of how many people across the world, have braved their challenges and circumstances to emerge victoriously. A few whose stories are narrated include Colonel Harland David Sanders (of the KFC fame), the 32nd American President Franklin D. Roosevelt, famous actor and comedian Jim Carrey, the founder of Buddhism Lord Buddha, and bestselling children’s author Dr. Seuss, amongst many others.

At the end of each chapter is a succinct key (typically a sentence long) that reinforces the concepts and helps drive the message further.

Another important lesson that the book teaches is the relationship with self. It elucidates how very essential it is to develop this bond with the self, and how self-reflection is an integral part of our development and well-being.

This isn’t a book meant for voracious readers who are looking to delve into the depths of such subjects but it’s a book I would recommend to two categories of readers – 1) beginners or non-regular readers, and 2) those who read self-help regularly but believe in the concept of reinforcement through repetition.

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  1. The review is very precise, giving a deep understanding that the book provides about life. In these times where everyone needs to stay positive, this book helps with the same.


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