PLOT: 4.5/5

“My mother used to say that houses have a soul, and if that is true, the soul of Verity Crawford’s house is as dark as they come.”
– Colleen Hoover, Verity

My Musings

Often, a lot of my readers ask me to pick up books by Colleen Hoover. But somehow it just never happened that I actually got around to read one.

Recently, while I was browsing through the Kindle Unlimited section on Amazon, I came across this book which seemed both mysterious and sinister.

Psychological thriller is one genre that I am easily drawn to and that’s how I decided to give Verity by Colleen Hoover a read.

Read on to know more about my thoughts on this book.

What to expect?

It is a haunting tale that explores the darkest and the murkiest depths of a human mind.

Expect a fast-paced book that is mysterious, borderline spooky, sinister and scandalous.

Also, expect a book that has just the right dose of forbidden romance in it.

Who can read?

The book is written in a rather simple and easy to understand language and hence can be easily picked up by beginner level readers.

At the same time, it will also appeal to regular and voracious readers because of an intriguing story and a narration that is racy and compelling.

Let’s talk about the storyline

Lowen Ashleigh is a writer on the brink of financial ruin. She is talented but over the years, looking after her dying mom has demanded both her money and time.

Just as she is coming to terms with her rapidly increasing debts and a fast depleting bank balance, an opportunity of a lifetime comes her way. She is approached to complete a bestselling series as a co-author; a series penned by the very famous Verity Crawford.

Verity Crawford is an immensely successful author who, because of her recent medical condition, is unable to complete the series that has been loved by millions of readers all over the world.

It is then that Verity’s husband, Jeremy along with her publishing agent approaches Lowen to write the series as a co-author.

In order to realign her thinking with Verity’s original plans for the books, Jeremy invites Lowen to his house so that she can get full access to all of Verity’s files, notes, drafts etc. She is hesitant at first but when she finally arrives at the huge mansion, something just does not feel right.

Slowly and steadily Lowen starts realizing that not everything is as it seems in the Crawford Mansion and there are secrets that if revealed will spell doom for all of them. She also realizes that the deaths of two of Verity’s children weren’t mere freak accidents.

But just as she is getting increasingly suspicious of Verity, she cannot help falling in love with the guy whom Verity is married to.

This is the tale of a forbidden romance in the backdrop of a dark and sinister plot; a plot that will forever change their lives.

How good are the characters?

The characters of Verity are as intriguing as the rest of the book.

Jeremy assumes a persona that vows as well as scares the reader. Verity’s personality is as complicated and complex as her books.

Lowen is a simple girl who can’t help but fall for the mysterious man while battling with an indecisive mind and a crazy heart.

Almost all the characters have a certain kind of pull that makes it important for the reader to be invested in their lives.

Let’s talk about the writing style

Colleen takes us into a world that is so compelling that it is difficult to think of anything else while reading the book.

The opening of the book is as engrossing as the rest of it. Even though the book borders on the gloomier side, it doesn’t take away from the pace of the book.

I also enjoyed how Colleen teases the reader with a variety of possibilities before revealing the mysteries that she meticulously builds layer by layer.

What I absolutely loved?

What I absolutely loved in the book was how the author is able to hook the reader right from the very beginning. If truth be told, there isn’t a single dull moment in the book.

Is the climax good enough?

The climax is conclusive and maybe a tad unpredictable but it does have a lot of loose ends for the reader to tie up.

A major question that looms large throughout the course of the book is left unanswered and that is something I always detest as a reader.

I don’t like books that require the reader in me to conclude stories. I want books that have a decisive, written-in-stone kind of end.

So, for me, the climax was a little disappointing.

It all boils down to the entertainment quotient

Verity is a book that doesn’t let the reader be in peace until they get to the very end of it.

With some very mysterious and dynamic characters, a tantalizing storyline, racy narration, some really dark and sinister undertones and the promise of a scandalously forbidden romance – the book has just everything to make the reader in you go wow.

So, if there’s only one thing that you can be sure of, it is this – the book has no dearth of entertainment.

Pick the book

Skip the book

  • If you don’t enjoy psychological thrillers.

Can’t wait to read it? Buy your copy of Verity by Colleen Hoover.